Friday, October 30, 2009

Back to School

48 hours of no fever, no vomiting, but still coughing. But off she went. Kat cried yesterday when she still couldn't go to school. I didn't want her to get sick at school, she was coughing so much she threw up. So I waited till today to send her. I did note as all the kids gathered at the bus stop that every single one of them was coughing:(

No guessing WHERE she got sick from, huh?

She missed trick or treat, as well as the parade. BUT, Chloe and Cam were sweet enough to share the bounty they got:) Such great sibs she has.

Speaking of sibs, the older ones stopped by to prepared for a costume party tonight, I just told my son to "watch his nails they are still wet" then got really freaked out for having to say that to a SON..... weird.

I did draw the line at applying make up, call me a party pooper, I don't care, I'm just not gonna go there with sons, it's just too crazy.


Annie said...

Glad she is feeling better!!

Tamara said...

Glad to hear that she is feeling better- and that her brother and sister were nice enough to share their candy. I had to promise Logan a bag of candy if he wouldn't go trick or treating - I told him at some point he has to stop- and since he is bigger than most of the people handing out candy- this was the year.