Saturday, October 10, 2009

3 years ago

3 years ago today a tiny little girl with a shaved head that was throwing a fit was handed to us, telling us she needed to pee, in Cantonese. Hummm, did we "get it'? Nope, us silly people, calling ourselves momma and baba sang to her, new big brother Cam was trying to ply her with M&M's as we walked and walked the hall, then outside pacing under a pavilion and we still didn't get it, till we got to the hotel:(

It was a dream come true. I said as a young girl "I want to go to China and adopt one of those orphaned girls." And didn't God hear me? Didn't He give me 5 sons to make my desire for that girl strong enough to withstand the roller coaster of adoption? He sure did. He also gave us the perfect child for us. So sweet and loving we said only 2 short years later, "we gotta go back for another older one." And so became Chloe and then her sibs to follow. Kat has opened up an amazing door for our family :)

Our blessings continue to grow. She taught us open mindedness toward fostering, as she had been fostered and SOO loved. Thus we started fostering as well.

How to describe her best? LOVE- she is the most loving, kissy, huggy, caring child I have ever known. She is the baby of the family, except her baby brother in Heaven, as she says, "baby Tristan." She loves being the baby girl here, getting all the attention as the baby and she has quite a few of those big brothers wrapped right around her little, adorable finger.

I've seen her biggest brother turn to mush, all 6"4' of him, along with #2 brother having a bad day to her fixing him all up with a simple hug and kiss. She was considered Special Need to China, yeah, we especially needed HER. She is the daughter of my heart, even giving us a laugh when she asks "who cut me out of your heart?"

To you Miss Kitty, I am so thankful for you, I couldn't possibly love you more, I feel so incredibly blessed to be your momma. Baba and I are so happy we "Gotcha" and that you opened doors for us in so many ways. You are a super special little girl and we cherish and adore you.

A special thank you and lots of love sent to your Po Po and Gong Gong as well, grandma and grandpa in China, the foster parents that love you and cared for you so well in China while you waited for us to come. They are super special to Kat and us, we will always love them as part of our family, they have become ours :)

We will never forget this day, October 10, the sweetest day of our lives. Changes since then??
Then 23 3/4 lbs- Now 32 lbs- still a tiny bug.

Then 35 inches- Now 45 inches!

Then wore 18 months clothes- Now 4 and 5T mainly for the length, still can wear 24 months size around the waist

Then spoke fluent Cantonese- Now, speaks fluent English- in fact, doesn't shut up, a tiny bit of Cantonese, and some Mandarin taught by Chloe:)
Then ate like a bird, open mouth, we fed her
Now feeds self but still eats Chinese foods, rice, noodles, meats, veggies, doesn't like cheese, breads, not an easy kid to feed!
Then shaved head- Now long ,long, but still very fine hair:)
Then size 6 baby shoe, now size 10 girls shoes

Then potty trained wore tiny undies I found in China- Now, still potty trained and still wearing Chinese bought (20 pairs when adopting Chloe) undies, 2T undies too big, can't find them small enough here for her tiny tushie!

We are fighting a virus the doctor said all the kids will probably get, oh yeah, they are dropping like flies:( Some even had to stay home from school!! I know, how terrible of them to hog up my free time with their whining. And whine they do- wowwww, my boys are the BIGGEST babies when sick, Kat lays around & sleeps a lot, they cry, whine, fuss, it should embarrass them but it doesn't!

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