Friday, October 30, 2009

Back to School

48 hours of no fever, no vomiting, but still coughing. But off she went. Kat cried yesterday when she still couldn't go to school. I didn't want her to get sick at school, she was coughing so much she threw up. So I waited till today to send her. I did note as all the kids gathered at the bus stop that every single one of them was coughing:(

No guessing WHERE she got sick from, huh?

She missed trick or treat, as well as the parade. BUT, Chloe and Cam were sweet enough to share the bounty they got:) Such great sibs she has.

Speaking of sibs, the older ones stopped by to prepared for a costume party tonight, I just told my son to "watch his nails they are still wet" then got really freaked out for having to say that to a SON..... weird.

I did draw the line at applying make up, call me a party pooper, I don't care, I'm just not gonna go there with sons, it's just too crazy.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Flu

The flu is running rampant through the schools and now our home:( It could have bypassed us, really, we would not have minded skipping this.

Chloe was sick yesterday, Cam is coughing and Kat is down for the count. She had a 104.8 temp last night, is vomiting and coughing. Her temp is lower tonight, a mere 103.1. She is sleeping and didn't even fuss when everyone but her and I went off to the Halloween Parade:(

It's so bad that when we realized we had no more children's fever reducer last night and I sent hubby to the store ---they had NONE- nothing but empty shelves in the whole children's medicine section! After he headed to another store and found some the cashier saw the juice and fever reducer for kids. She said "let me guess, fever, cough, vomiting" hitting the nail right on the head.

I was mean enough to take a pic of the sick one, actually she didn't care. She looked sicker than I have ever seen her, look at those red cheeks---- Poor girl.

Friday, October 23, 2009


LOG IN DATE or LID is OCTOBER 20, MY birthday. I'll take that gift thank you very much. The countdown begins from here.

3 days down. We are looking at about 90 days till Letter Of Approval (LOA) meaning China accepts us to be parents of Chloe's bro!!

Oh yeah, uh huh, wow weeee yippee, we are happy here tonight & I needed some JOY.

My mother's husband (not gonna pretend we were close) died suddenly Wed night. Please people I'm gonna say two things- let your family know where your important papers are, and HAVE A WILL.

Hubby and I celebrated our wedding anniversary today, I was too drained to go out so we had pizza with our kiddos and enjoyed a quiet evening at home. We are so thankful we have one another, we feel deeply blessed.

Isn't our guy just too cute for words??

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chloe's Plan

You know that Chloe has a wonderful sense of humor. She is really funny. She has hounded me for weeks now, when will the brothers come- 11 (November) "NO", 12 December, "NO" and so on. I think about March, a little over a year from her adoption. She says "ahh man, you kiddin' me?"

Uhh, no dear. I am not. I can not force anyone to hurry this up. I wish I had that magical power and I would use it for more than just her brothers. So many more children waiting to come home. Wanting to be a part of a family so badly.

One other point of contention for her. Are we taking her along? Well, yes, of course we would LOVE to, BUT if it comes down to the issue of $$$$$ then we may not be able to. She came up with a solution. She went to her biggest brother at home and said "Donobin, you no eat so we have money for me to go to China?"

He came a hurrying to me pretty fast saying "what is she saying to me?" Yeah, his food is pretty important to him:) He tells her " are you speaking English?"when he doesn't like something she may be telling him. Like I don't know what he is pulling. Really can you think of much ANY kid could pull on me that someone else hasn't pulled or that I did when young. Oops, telling secrets there-- shhhh.

Chloe was NOT thrilled with her field trip this week, it was to the waste water treatment plant. She called it "Stink water" and said she is not going back.

Kat is asking how much more school she has to go to- uhhh, only about 150 more days there hon. She said everyone "talks too much" she doesn't like it. Just a little prissy there, even being adorable each day is not helping her feel better:)

Chloe is looking forward to Halloween, we have a fun parade we always go to. It's hard to make her understand what it is, but I can assure you she has gotten the whole "Santa" deal and is making a list already. I explained to her it is Jesus birthday but she gets gifts as all kids get gifts and she said " nuuu uhhh." She liked that idea.

So far she wants Ninte*do DS- like the one she sadly left behind in China somehow. I think some hotel maid is playing that pink thing like mad and I hope they enjoyed it:( Chloe still blames Kat for leaving it, it was Chloe's but she claims since Kat played it more it was her fault it got left on our trip. I'm still trying to figure out how that worked????
Not much else going on here, Donobin just informed me he has a 100.5 temp, he has been trying to convince me he has swine flu for days, I think he is a goof. Yesterday his temp (he's checking it every day) was 99.5 after eating something hot. And he wanted a "professional opinion" of his temp. I reminded him that his mother happens to be a nurse, aka PROFESSIONAL and I thought he was a hypochondriac. Let him stew on that awhile...........

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's my birthday

Yep, I'm 42, oops, I mean 37. I have to say I am happier now than I was in my twenties, I just didn't take time to enjoy my life and my family like I do now. I was so busy raising the boys I am sure I missed many opportunities to ENJOY them :( But they will always be my kids and dear to my heart- at least till they come eat all my food and ask for money- LOL.

I am glad that they still call me "mom" not - "the old lady, old woman, ancient," etc. Guess they know better, my foot can still reach all of their tushies.

So far it's been a quiet day, I cleaned out the bathroom drawers, a big to-do on my list of things to accomplish with my free time while everyone is in school:)

I got some great gifts with a puzzling card. It says "you deserve the best then has an added - "ME" on there. No self confidence issues for my hubby. I'll include a picture of this "best man" for you all to see and feel jealous that I have "the best" there is. At least he thinks so, huh? I just laughed at that, since he really is the BEST:) At least for me:)

Isn't he just too cute??

No big plans for my day, I'm too big to expect a fuss, and really a quiet day is right up my alley:)

I want lots and lots of travel money for the boys for MY birthday gifts:) It's really all I need, to go get these brothers and get them home asap. Our costs are covered till travel time, we have been working on selling some things to help get as much money saved as possible.

There now you all know what to get me, ha ha!! I even started the new "Chip In" I forgot today was the end date for it so I had to start a new one. I know these boys will be as big a blessing as the rest. At least I know by my next birthday we will have them home:) YIPPEEEEE!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birthday weekend

The girls are nearly partied out:)
After Mal turned 18 yesterday to a pumpkin pie celebration (her preference) we then had chinese lunch today and cake for Kat who is 6 years old today. Is there anything better than a pile of gifts when you are 6 years old?? She got many Tinkerb*ll items, she is into that right now:)

Big brothers got her a backpack (she complained about the square one but it seemed smaller for her size) and a sleeping bag, she LOVES to snuggle into. She is one happy girl today. She decided on a Care Be*rs cake, it was just adorable, much like her.

I told her today that I was glad her Chinese birth mommy had her in her belly and I get to have her as my daughter. Her answer to that- "uh- huh."

Next is MY birthday, I will be turning 37 of course, as my older sons insist I am losing years, but I wonder firstly -- what do they want from me? And secondly, do they realize before too long we will both be 30? Euhhhh. Too bizarre for me.

I got one birthday gift early, good thing this is a CLEAN, non swearing, flame less, don't go there with me you dirty dirty dog, blog. Brother of mine, a gym membership? I think this was given in love, making me feel you want me healthy and living forever, otherwise I have to glue your --------------beeeeeep------------ to your -----beep---------------- next time I catch you napping in my house.

I want to believe the best since I KNOW I am your fave sis, but really, you are asking me to go FAR outside my comfort zone----- exercise to me is walking, biking, walking, NOT the gym with bodybuilders who I will slap senseless with my arm fluff. I am not sure I can do this. The gym may just suffer a collapse if I walk in, or maybe I will. Darn, sure wish you missed me sitting down on that old glider at our uncle's and it snapping, did you see my hubby was already on that glider?? It wasn't just me, did that snap crackle and pop say GYM to you?? It said "blame hubby for tooting FAST" to me, I didn't hear the slightest suggestion of GYM-- or maybe you were hearing things and someone introduced "JIM?"

Giving you the benefit of the HUGE DOUBT here, 'cause I love ya, tons. Even if you are a skinny, rotten a----------------------------------------------------feel the love????
Happy Birthday to our wonderful girls!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sister hair

Our dossier was accepted Monday and we should have a Log In Date(LID) this week. YEAHHH! Then the countdown starts. As if it already hasn't been ongoing in this house:) Doesn't it seem to be going sooooo slow?

Kat and Chloe both seem to be feeling better, they slept for the better part of the weekend. Chloe woke up a crab on Monday, they did not have school, yet again, and she complained wanting to be there. And to think I worried if she was ready?? She said China school not have so many "no school"days and she wants to go to China school. I told her that would be kind of hard to manage since she is an American now and we all laughed.

Even with no school for 3 days and illness, the girls did manage to entertain themselves with Chloe wanting to pull Kat around by the hair- oops, I mean, style Kat's hair for her and this was the end result ?? Yikes, not seeing a hairdresser career in Chloe's future:)

Chloe was being really nasty to Kat then when I asked her to talk nicer to sister she started on ME! I put a stop to her right then and there. I told her in NO way will she speak to me that way- it is unacceptable. She grudgingly apologized but then she did snap out of it. The joy of teenage girls and all their "moods."

She was hesitant about changing rooms to share with Mal but now that I painted (of course) hung new curtains and we changed the layout it really turned out well and they seem to be settling in better. Before it was like she had a small corner of Mal's room, now it's THEIR room. Today I am painting the places in the wall of the boys' room that one of the foster children had picked a hole in the wall and I had to spackle and wait for it to dry. NOT the first time I've had to fix it due to him either------grrrrr.

Funny Chloe story of the week- I realized the other day Chloe always says " I open TV"- Baba looked at her and said "open?- you mean turn ON?" She said " yeah- open!" Like he was wrong- ha haha. She's such a goof and even feeling comfortable enough to push her momma, it's all part of being a family member. And she is, part of this nutty crew alright, we claim her, she's one of us:)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

3 years ago

3 years ago today a tiny little girl with a shaved head that was throwing a fit was handed to us, telling us she needed to pee, in Cantonese. Hummm, did we "get it'? Nope, us silly people, calling ourselves momma and baba sang to her, new big brother Cam was trying to ply her with M&M's as we walked and walked the hall, then outside pacing under a pavilion and we still didn't get it, till we got to the hotel:(

It was a dream come true. I said as a young girl "I want to go to China and adopt one of those orphaned girls." And didn't God hear me? Didn't He give me 5 sons to make my desire for that girl strong enough to withstand the roller coaster of adoption? He sure did. He also gave us the perfect child for us. So sweet and loving we said only 2 short years later, "we gotta go back for another older one." And so became Chloe and then her sibs to follow. Kat has opened up an amazing door for our family :)

Our blessings continue to grow. She taught us open mindedness toward fostering, as she had been fostered and SOO loved. Thus we started fostering as well.

How to describe her best? LOVE- she is the most loving, kissy, huggy, caring child I have ever known. She is the baby of the family, except her baby brother in Heaven, as she says, "baby Tristan." She loves being the baby girl here, getting all the attention as the baby and she has quite a few of those big brothers wrapped right around her little, adorable finger.

I've seen her biggest brother turn to mush, all 6"4' of him, along with #2 brother having a bad day to her fixing him all up with a simple hug and kiss. She was considered Special Need to China, yeah, we especially needed HER. She is the daughter of my heart, even giving us a laugh when she asks "who cut me out of your heart?"

To you Miss Kitty, I am so thankful for you, I couldn't possibly love you more, I feel so incredibly blessed to be your momma. Baba and I are so happy we "Gotcha" and that you opened doors for us in so many ways. You are a super special little girl and we cherish and adore you.

A special thank you and lots of love sent to your Po Po and Gong Gong as well, grandma and grandpa in China, the foster parents that love you and cared for you so well in China while you waited for us to come. They are super special to Kat and us, we will always love them as part of our family, they have become ours :)

We will never forget this day, October 10, the sweetest day of our lives. Changes since then??
Then 23 3/4 lbs- Now 32 lbs- still a tiny bug.

Then 35 inches- Now 45 inches!

Then wore 18 months clothes- Now 4 and 5T mainly for the length, still can wear 24 months size around the waist

Then spoke fluent Cantonese- Now, speaks fluent English- in fact, doesn't shut up, a tiny bit of Cantonese, and some Mandarin taught by Chloe:)
Then ate like a bird, open mouth, we fed her
Now feeds self but still eats Chinese foods, rice, noodles, meats, veggies, doesn't like cheese, breads, not an easy kid to feed!
Then shaved head- Now long ,long, but still very fine hair:)
Then size 6 baby shoe, now size 10 girls shoes

Then potty trained wore tiny undies I found in China- Now, still potty trained and still wearing Chinese bought (20 pairs when adopting Chloe) undies, 2T undies too big, can't find them small enough here for her tiny tushie!

We are fighting a virus the doctor said all the kids will probably get, oh yeah, they are dropping like flies:( Some even had to stay home from school!! I know, how terrible of them to hog up my free time with their whining. And whine they do- wowwww, my boys are the BIGGEST babies when sick, Kat lays around & sleeps a lot, they cry, whine, fuss, it should embarrass them but it doesn't!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baby Tristan Day

One year ago today we sat in shock and pain as we had said goodbye to the sweetest and most precious baby we had ever had the blessing to have known.

Mr. Tristan had been born having had a stroke in utero which destroyed the frontal part of his brain leaving him with a sac of cerebralspinal fluid that kept increasing in size over the months of his short life. Officially named hydranencephaly- very rare, but reality for our boy.
After his birth, mom had been told he would not survive and she was unable to care for him. He was a tough little man, determined to live yet with his issues, he was in much pain. I "wore" him in a sling for 3 weeks to teach him a mother's healing touch. Neurologically he did not respond to "night time is for sleeping" and it took 3 weeks for us to get night nurses steadily. He thought touch was pain- having been in the hospital for a month and had surgery for his stomach button for feedings, he could not suck to eat enough, I taught him LOVE.
After being asked to take him, knowing he was going to die, but also knowing he was 4 weeks old, a precious life, we said "YES!" We determined that if he was going to have a short life, it was gonna be GOOD. He was loved upon, his needs were met first, we wasted not one minute. He learned that kisses were sweet, that mother love never ends. He would coo, he kicked his one leg in joy while he was awake. He grew, although sadly, so did his head, but we never saw that big 'ol head, we saw our baby boy, the son of our heart.

We know he came to us to give us a lesson, I was 41 and told, hold him, love him, let the laundry go, and I DID. I didn't care if the dust bunnies danced, 'cause Tristan and I were snuggling:) He smiled for me and made noises when he was happy, amazing when we were told he would be a veggie. We laughed and cried as we said the only veggie he had was a pumpkin head, said totally with LOVE. We loved every tiny toe he had, that pumpkin head, that our fantastic kids said " hey more room to kiss on." And kiss they did, his head was chapped from kisses most of his life, but that wasn't stopping us, we kissed away.

My arms ache less these days for him, it's been a year now, at first I physically felt pain when my arms were without him. We are healing. He was in our hearts and he will stay there forever. He will never be forgotten, he gave so much to so many. We are thankful he is pain free and whole now.

Today we will buy baby blue balloons, we will write him love notes on them and the kids will release them to watch them fly off to Heaven, to our precious baby boy, a Gift from God that we thank Him for. We are better people for having known you Mr T, forever our baby, thank you for sharing your life with us- I was PROUD to be one of your mommas:)
We thank you precious baby, for the 9 months and 12 days you fought to stay with us and we understand you needed to go.
PS-- I'll see you in Heaven my little man, you better be right there at the gate when I come -calling mumumumumumum, my love for you will never die.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Day of Meetings

My day started out weird. First I rescued a doggy, a really pretty pit bull that had been wandering around for 2 days or so, obviously hungry and scared. I tempted her with food while a neighbor called Animal Control and they came out about 30 minutes later and took her. I had to feed her then get her to let me pet her, then grabbed her. She was clearly terrified of men, and the neighbor was a guy. So he couldn't get her. Shame on people who ditch their animals, what do they think will happen to them??

Then off I went to meeting, only to learn the teacher had mistaken me for another "Vickie" (imagine that) and scheduled us both. She wasn't prepared for me thinking the other one was coming so I left, rescheduled for next week.

Next on my list was another appointment that I waited at for 45 minutes and LEFT. Hey, my patience was running out, I wonder how much of my life is wasted on people making me wait on THEM? I probably don't want to know.
I got a call today that no parent wants to get- the school calling to say Miss Kitty was hurt. Slammed into a boy on the playground, they said she hit the concrete, she says they ran into each other:( Either way she has an impressive goose egg on her head that I had to kiss twice- to make it better.
Chloe was invited to go on a hay ride Sunday with Hannah and she came home happy and smelling like camp fire:) She said she had a good time and she went by herself!! After she got home and I told her something, she said " you kiddin me" with her accent it was just too cute.

The baby went home, I miss the little booger, he was so sweet. The kids all seem to think we need a baby now, Chloe is trying to convince me to bring home a baby when we go to China, I think she believes I can just go pick one out at the orphanage and head on home- don't we all wish it were that easy:)

Speaking of adoption, our dossier FINALLY headed off to China, thank goodness. It seems to be taking forever, I'm gonna stick this pesky girl on the phone to said agency and let them explain what is taking so long and that WE are doing all we can to get brothers HERE........
I HAD to include pictures of my goofball children. We DO really and truly buy them toys, yet what do they PLAY with?? Yes, empty food boxes. Guess you can tell what Chloe eats a ton of- I don't know how she stomachs a H*t Pocket for breakfast? All I can say is EISHHHH. Gotta love 'em, I mean what else could you do with these nuts?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Moon Festival

We were invited to celebrate the Moon Festival with our Chinese college students. They had a wonderful celebration, Vita danced and Will played his violin. We ate moon cakes and had Chinese tea. The kids snuck too many pieces of Chinese candy:)

They even had a fun game, how many marbles could you get with chopsticks into a cup from a bowl. I thought Chloe would be a pro at this, nope, she lost out to (Gasp) an "americk" (born American). Poor Kat lost as well, she got NONE, no surprise there, she was like a baby bird when we got her at age 3, we wondered why she didn't even try to feed herself, then when we went back and visited her foster parents we learned why. They held her and fed her bite by bite:)

Chloe asked me why a man ( has Chinese wife and 2 sons) could speak really good Chinese and not me. WELL- I knew one day I would have to answer for this. I am totally language impaired. English, I am good. Anything else, I butcher. I told her "you teach me, like I teach you English" and she laughed and looked at me like I had grown a second head. Yeah. Right there with ya, daughter, laughing.

I got my kitchen completed, I got the exact look I wanted for over the sink, and I went with "birds of a feather flock together" it turned out really well. If you click on the picture you can see it in bigger detail. I even hand painted the berries:)

We got a surprise baby yesterday, a former foster girl called and asked if we would keep her little guy for the weekend. I laughed when son #2 stopped in and I said "shhh, don't wake the baby" and he calmly pops off with " where'd ya get a baby already?" Ha ha- as if I just grow one out of the woodwork if I am bored? I don't think so. Guess no one is surprised that I have one, I think they all figure I will show up with one that IS ours one of these days. Can't get any grandkids out of my stubborn-still-living-it up older sons:( So it serves them right.

Chloe just adores the baby but keeps saying " here's your son" and I tell her, " he's not mine" she said " you take him, he yours" She said she likes babies, not big ones, I guess she means like that sister of hers. Mr K is an easy going little fellow, all smiles and so pleasant. As long as someone is with him he is fine, he is sleeping in the girls room, he just loves Kat being in there with him.

He was giggling so I went to see what they were doing and she was rolling him in the playpen all over the room, he was giggling like crazy, thought that was a blast.
We started switching around rooms today, we had one major meltdown from Cam, so I guess that's not too bad:( Chloe will be in with Mal, Donobin in with Cam. Kat may get to play with her toys before she is grown up now and get to sleep in on school days :)
We turned on the heat yesterday, we hold off till the last day we can't stand being chilly anymore but had to for the baby- that's the little guy not ME.......