Friday, September 4, 2009

What's mom doing?

What in the world am I doing with all my free time? Firstly I am learning that free time goes by super fast then they are home again.

I have accomplished-
many, many loads of laundry
2 dental appointments this week for kids
grocery shopping twice
numerous calls concerning Chloe, settling her in school ( we think we are getting there!)
Open House for Chloe
soccer practice for Cam
field hockey practice for Mal
I painted my toe nails:)

Bought paint for the dining room. I personally LOVE paint, it can change a whole space so quickly yet it's the cheapest thing to do. BUT I did the dining room's blue sponged paint a few years ago and I like it. Hubby decided he is tired of it, but he doesn't PAINT. So who did he think was going to be the one to do it?? Did he think I needed a project? Does he envy my "peace and quiet" time?

Anyway it will be nice tan colors when done, with blue accents 'cause there's no way I'm replacing the blue light, the white with a tiny bit of blue curtains, the blue accessories, can't afford to. So paint it is. I'll do before and after pics for you all:) So you can see I really am keeping out of trouble :) Not really but that's a post for another day.....................
Kat's picture is for her Po Po (Chinese grandma) she gave her this shirt for school, hope you can see your big girl grandma, and know that she likes school now because she had art and got to make something for YOU- it says " I luv yu Po Po."

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Holly said...

Hi Vickie!

I just got caught up on a bunch of your posts. I always love to read them! So glad you are able to have some peace and quiet. Even if it doesn't seem that great to you, I'm sure it does wonders for our sanity! ;) I'm still praying for you guys, and just so you know, our agency thinks we will probably be traveling to China around Oct. 14!!!