Sunday, September 27, 2009

What is a Princess-a-bowl?

Miss Kat has taught us something new this past week. When "Nick" in her class got in trouble he had to go see the "Princess- a bowl." Baba and I looked at one another and said "huh?" Then it clicked ( PRINCIPAL) and we howled with laughter. Frankly I nearly peed my pants, but then I've birthed a lot of kids, one being over 9 lbs and caused me many an issue----yeah, I know--- TMI!

Anyway, the Principal was REALLY amused when I called to tell her that she had a new title, I figured she could use a laugh at this point of the year. I think said daughter has Princess addiction or something. She asked me today if she wore a pretty enough dress would everyone say she is a "Princess'" I don't know, does a dress make a girl? I think not.

She also has the cutest way of saying "tomorrow" it sounds like "to- mario?" And she refers to that to figure out how many days off school for the weekend. I think our schools have gotten bizarre in that they are giving the kids days off, late starts, early dismissals about every 2 weeks this year. As we LOVE regular schedules, this really throws off the kids. They had Friday off so they have had 3 lovely (NOT) days off together while it poured rain. They are SICK of each other.

This morning Chloe tried to pull a funny fast one on me. I was talking to her about how short she is with her sibs when talking to them, that she could talk nicer. If they are nasty she can tell them or come to me, not be nasty back. She proceeded to say something nasty about Camden and I told her she needs to treat him nice, be an example as she is older than him. She comes off with this " I don't know, I Chinese, he American, he need to teach me." Ha Ha girlfriend. NOT buying that excuse.

She can quite easily figure out how this family works, and that excuse isn't cutting it. Here if you are older, you are counted on to be a GOOD example for the younger ones. She pouted as she didn't like my answer.

She got over it pretty fast when she found out I was making rice and her favorite rolls for lunch, the girl is ALL about food:)

Yesterday I insanely decided to paint the kitchen, yeah, not sure what I was thinking with the rain and kids home, but it's not yellow anymore. It's blue. Yep, that color I just painted over in the dining room, it's in the kitchen now. One good thing, I got to recycle those curtains that screamed they didn't belong in the DR, to the new blue kitchen where they look super. I have one more coat to go on the ceiling, I was going for the blue on it as well to cover the yellow, but decided that was too much blue so a 3rd coat to cover the part yellow, part blue ceiling and I will be done. I like it too:) It's really crisp and clean looking.

Now Chloe wants to paint her room blue, although it will be Mal and her room as I am moving them in together, Kat needs to be in her room playing and not scared to get anything out. Plus Chloe and Mal go to school at the same time, Kat doesn't have to get up till later, yet Chloe wakes her up being in the same room with Kat now. Might do that transfer next weekend, not painting anything else soon though. At least I say that now.

Chloe was invited to her friend Hannah's (in the blue shirt) house yesterday, she took Kat along for her comfort and Hannah's 9 year old brother got stuck, oh I mean, got the pleasure of entertaining Kat:) Chloe thinks it's silly we have a daughter named Kat and they have a son named Fox:) The girls liked the "animal house."

I thought they meant our house till Hannah told me that's what Chloe was calling the "barn". LOL. It was the first time Chloe has gone to a "friend's house" and she really had fun, she wants Hannah to come here next. She made it clear Hannah can stay here but she is not staying overnight there. She's not ready- which is just fine with us.

Hannah's whole family is super with Chloe, they love watching her learn things. She was setting up her character on Wii, as was Kat and when Kat wanted a person with blue eyes, Chloe told her "no, you not American BLUE eyes, you Chinese, brown eyes." They got a good laugh over that, as they all are blue eyed:)

Chloe's story has inspired a family that is now, as I write considering an older child. They met Chloe in China with me and followed the whole story of the brothers. Please pray for them as they follow God's Will for their lives, I am so tickled to know that our story has helped another child be considered by a family. It's such a blessing, if anyone else is thinking about it, you feel that pull in your heart, go for it.

Even with the paperwork aggravation, the waiting, the unknowns, I'd do again and again for our girls, they are SO special and wonderful, as I am sure our new sons will be as well. I mean look a the Princesses we got:) I guess the boys will be our Princes:)

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Keisha said...

LOL! Cute!!! I love it..
I also love Chole saying..

"you Chinese, you no blue eyes!"LOL!!! That is so funny! Sounds like your home is filled with LOVE & LAUGHTER!!
That's good for the soul!
Can't wait to see pics of your new kitchen!!