Sunday, September 13, 2009

Teacher Kat

Miss Kitty decided she was going to "teach" her teddies today, talk about too cute. Apparently something about school is cool, not that she is letting on......

Last week Kat started Monday out crying, you want to know why? I am ashamed to tell you, I don't know who this child is I am sending off each day. She wasn't "beautiful enough"???? Now she had on the cutest little dress with chenille and leggings to match, her hair was put up with a cute butterfly bow, yet she was crying for this reason.

I'm not sure how to break it to her that she is there to learn, not to grace everyone in her beauty! She sure is something, this week will be fun as we are to wear certain colors each day as they work on learning their colors. This is something she already knows so let's hope she is "accepting" of the colored outfit for each day. Girl needs to get real!

Chloe has been doing great socially in school, she is so happy, the kids all "love her" from what I hear, they love her accent and how she can laugh when she mistakes something. This past week it was "soap" for "soup" and she had "chicken puzzle" instead of "chicken patty". She is so much fun, she tells me each day what she is going to wear, then asks if it's okay:)

She has many friends, Hannah, Emily, Brandon, Hunter, yeah, BOYS, I told her boys friends, no Boyfriends- kissy kissy, she says "Boyfriends EISH" Which means "stinky:)" That's my girl. Just stay that way for about 10 more years please.

She is learning so well the workings of family- I had to laugh when she told on Donobin for eating ice cream for breakfast then said to me "don't tell him I tell you." Smart girl. Then when Kat did something and she came to tell me (yeah, she's something of a tattletail:( she said "your daughter did this!" I said "why would you do that daughter?" to HER- she says "ahhh, no, your little daughter" meaning Kat. I just think it's so funny she can't just say "Kat did this." I have to tease her a little. She tells me she is my "middle daughter" when I say, "what are you?"

Cam is feeling better and off to school tomorrow, a "Late start day" some new way to count a day but get in an inservice for teachers, they go 1 1/2 hours later than normal. I'm all for that, it's called- sleeping IN!!

We got word the dossier paperwork made it to our agency, they take some time to review the whole thing and then translate, hope they hurry up and get it sent, these kids are waiting, every day is one more day apart for the 3 sibs, apart 6 months now for the first time ever in their lives- hard for all 3 of them, I am sure.

We did send a package last week, Chloe sent a letter and told the brothers things about us, I told her to write that we love them, that we can't wait for them to be home. She wasn't sure what else to write so I told her to tell them something about our home, she told them how many TV's we have. I guess she thinks they will be impressed with that? I can just see them now, getting here and going around counting TV's. Too funny!

It's those little things we all take for granted, sure is eye opening when you think about how much it thrills them. Even buying Chloe noodles she likes, she hugs me and kisses my cheek and thanks me. Sure makes me appreciate the little things that we have been blessed with:)

Even that little one who thinks she is a DIVA:)


Annie said...

Very cute!!!

Adrian Roberta said...

So hoping a miracle happens and you are able to briing Chloe's Big brothers home!