Saturday, September 19, 2009

She can dance

What a fun time Miss Chloe had at Activity Night. She didn't want me to leave and since there weren't enough chaperones for this paranoid momma's mind, I stayed. Just to keep an eye on her, mind you:)

At first she was a bit shy, not really sure of what to do, but eventually I looked over and my eyes were delighted to see her doing the "macarana!" She was laughing and having a ball. She isn't quite sure how to "dance" but she can follow steps really well.

At one point as I looked in the crowd for her, I thought about what this night meant to her. Not just that she is now loved and cherished in a family, but to come to a school- with tons of people working to teach her English. Then add in also friends- kids her "age" thinking she is "cool" and wanting to be with her. Enjoying herself like you wouldn't believe, I marveled at the change this precious child has undergone in just the few weeks school has started. How she has blossomed.

Yet, she still was happy her momma stayed around:) And as I recalled her refusal to visit her school in China, knowing those children made fun of her, of her not having a family, of her clothes, of anything that hurts, as kids seem to do. I realized that even though she is the only Chinese girl in school, she FITS here. She is "IN". I was so thankful we decided on 6th grade for her and held firm when the school pushed for 8th grade.

As we got home she said " I very very happy" coming in the door when asked if she "had fun." I was overwhelmed to near tears thinking what a gift she is to US. To witness this child's amazing progress to know of where she came from and what she has faced. It's just too sweet, we are so honored to be her parents.

Note to self here, next time go to dance with ear plugs, ears are STILL ringing and don't expect to know any more than 5 songs all night, main one being "Don't stop believing" by Journ*y, one of MY fave bands in the whole world. Amazing these kids knew this song and were singing along. I felt 14 again. Okay so not quite, but it was fun to see that.

Too bad I somehow ended up doing boys' bathroom duty, how fair is that one? And as they were trooping in there and out over 10 times (same kids) I was able to figure out a fight was taking place and had to go get a GUY to go in there and break it up. I think a kid or two called me a nasty name too, although with the amount of boys I have raised, can't say that bothered me any! I must have said "hands to yourself 50 times :(

BTW-Next time I'm heading to the other side of the room, no bathroom area for me- should have picked the pizza selling area, at least there were perks to that job!!


Angie said...

Yeah, Chloe! Sounds like she had a blast, and yes,'ll be at more dances by the way it looks!

April said...

Our son was there, too. First activity night for him as well. I'm so glad she is enjoying school!