Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

Labor Day is past but I spent it laboring. That is working, not having a child, so no frantic calls (MOM) that I have hid a pregnancy in my fluff for 9 months. No, my years of that is long gone, you gotta worry about us when we go on a trip. Seems we come back with more kids each "vacation" we take:)

Anyway, I started the painting. Yeah. I am not thrilled. Normally I love to paint. BUT.... this is a chore. I am covering up the lovely blue sponged paint that I personally did about 5 years ago, to me it looks like clouds. But it is more "country" than the rest of the house has gotten so I understand hubby saying " let's change it." Sigh.....

I am less than thrilled with HIS choices of paint here. Needless to say, antique white over blue on textured walls= a pain in my butt- oops I mean, many coats to cover. Then we go with chocolate brown (one of the kids' commented on eating it and Chloe pretended to lick the wall) over the white wainscoating. Brilliant Baba, thanks a mil for your color choices- NOT.

Cam's b-day is tomorrow, he is 9, he says I need to be done for his birthday, no pressure or anything, I am doubting I can do it without painting till I drop, not my idea of fun.

We spent a quiet holiday weekend home, had a cookout, Chloe was fussing about her glasses, we are having to make her wear them, she doesn't like them at all, but she really does need them and she tends to "lose" them if we allow her to take them off for any period of time. So mean mom that I am, she is wearing them all the time- she get to take them off at bedtime only. Didn't stop us from having some fun with Baba's glasses, my reading glasses, etc. Chloe looks good in her glasses, as does her Baba in his, Kat in Baba's glasses? I don't think so:)

Kat's shirt says "Daddy thinks I'm awesome" What does Kat say when asked what it says "I rock says Daddy" too cute Miss Kitty, your Baba misses all those lunchtime hugs and kisses from his baby girl.

School meeting today they booted me from, not literally, but somehow it was decided that it would be the teachers and ESL, not ME- I didn't take this well, but we will be meeting with them next. I want them to get on the ball and teach my child, they seem so clueless and even silly, we had issue with the school not wanting to point her out as the "Chinese girl"- ahh, hello, she IS Chinese. Call her what she is, I do not find that offensive nor does SHE. If she needs help, and you need to point her out to cafeteria workers, to get her juice instead of NO drink, says "the NEW Chinese American girl." The Chinese girl. The "girl with the black hair" ain't gonna do it.

How we could be offended that they call her what she is seems goofy to me?? All I know is when I went to school we called a spade a spade, all this political correctness has gotten out of hand when you can't call my child what she is proud to be, a Chinese American. And a lovely one at that.

Back to my painting I go..................................

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Holly said...

So...let me get this straight. They think being Chinese is offensive? Hmmmmm. Seems like THEY have the problem.