Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's your stop

Chloe made it off the bus today:) YEAH! We had her paired with a buddy to get her on the right bus and the driver knew she was to get off the bus at our stop or not to go on.
Next issue, trying to figure out how the school intends to teach her, it's not clear and I am getting no good answers quickly. I did speak to the ESL teacher today who continues to say how bright Chloe is and then comment that she should be in 8th grade. Whatever. Her opinion, I do not believe so but whatever.

ESL teacher started out working with her "1 day a week for an hour" now it's bumped up to every other day for 3 periods. They are also working to get our wonderful "girl" Vita, to come from the college to help her with translation and learning, not sure how often this will occur yet.

But as we get her homework and it's a regular 6th grader's homework we are struggling to understand what they expect of her. Why are we focusing on cause and effect of sciences when the child can't read beyond a kindergarten level?

Here's hoping the e-mail and note I sent, along with Open House on Thursday Evening can shed some light on what they are going to do to get her the basic foundation she needs for learning. It's hard to look at her and realize she has only been home almost 6 months now, she is doing so well, but it has been only 6 months. Not 6 years. The joys of school.
Kat has not decided she likes school any better on Day 2, Her Royal Highness says all her class has is "a kitchen, blocks, books and seats." What are they thinking? No throne for the Princess? Yeah, she's got issues.
BTW didn't she look adorable today- hey if you gotta act like the Princess ya might as well be cute, right? Don't leave me comments about the leggings- where I got them, CHINA- they are one of the many layers of clothes they use to bundle the kids there. Since our little princess is still hovering at 32 lbs at nearly age 6, she is always cold, no fat on her, and I got these when we traveled for Chloe to put on under Kat's jeans this winter to keep her warm enough.
Today was my first real day alone, I did another 4 loads of laundry and hung it out. I took Chloe to the dentist, we had our final treatment for her front teeth, a new procedure to try to save the front 3 teeth. We will know in 6 months if it worked and we will then bond them and fix the chip that she hates so much. She has been so brave to endure the shots every time, in her upper lip then the packing of antibiotics into her teeth to clear the terrible abscesses she had. So far it looks to be working.

I came home after dropping her off to school, I cleaned house and read some of a book. I am going stir crazy, I am trying to think of this quiet as a good thing, but so far it's just freaking me out. Even the dog is getting skittish, he is barking at nothing. I can't see me doing this day after day. I have to get busy doing something or I am going to get myself in trouble. Not only that, what will I blog about?
NOW I know, this is a crisis!! Nothing to blog about, day after day, of quiet, me and the dog and laundry.........................ahhhh help, I'm looking for trouble.......................................


Andi68 said...

You are a trip. I know what you mean though. If Steve has the kids out without me, I keep looking out the window for them to come home, instead of enjoying the quiet. Of course after we had loads of people here for Kyle's b-day party/get-together, I was looking forward to the noise of just my two kids.:-)
Hey, we are coming up your way this weekend. Could we get together?

Nancy said...

I use to teach ESL, and sometimes we would have the older kids go to the 1st or 2nd grade room for reading. It seemed to help; however, you need to see if it will hurt Chloe by meaning with younger kids. Just an idea...

Angie said...

You are too funny! What will you do with all that quiet time and nothing to blog? Hmmmmm....this is a crisis! As for Kat, can't believe the poor girl doesn't have a throne. Don't all girly-girls need one?

Chad and Kristy said...

Anna Li would go to the 3rd grade class for an hour a day to sit it on their phonics lessons. She really learned a lot from it. Also, they made us put Anna Li is 6th grade but she was listed as non-grade placement so that way she didn't get grades and she could just work on learning the language. I don't know if that option was because she is with special education but it may be something to look into. That first year is such a tough one. Chloe is getting more ELL than Anna Li got. A.L. only had 20 min. for 3 days... not a lot of help.
Chloe is an amazing girl!! I know she will do great.

Leah said...

Hello. I found your blog through Lori's! I now had to back up to read your amazing family's story. God bless you for going back after the boys. We are adopting a 13 year old from Luoyang. I loved reading all your advice and experience. Can't wait to follow along!!