Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's Done

Done, completed, finished, over... you get the drift, right? Sooooo what is IT? WELL, here's a picture, can you guess? Yep, it's that HUGE dossier, stamped, sealed notarized, certified and authenticated. Off to the agency it went, with the fees required- again THANK YOU to everyone who helped us make this happen!!! I am so incredibly glad to see these paper GO- now we sit and wait, of course.

So what else is DONE?? The painting! YEAH. Although I do not like it. Yep, I said it, I do NOT like it. After 3, mind you, THREE coats to cover the colors and I broke a picture that I have to replace. I am now looking at it as a difference and hoping it grows on me. It looks cleaner, more modern- I just loved my blue, it was so neat looking. But only 6 years or so and I get my way again- ha ha.

I didn't have a choice but to replace the curtains, the white ones looked terrible (they screamed - "no no, we don't match ahhh") with the new paint colors but I was thrilled to find some on clearance for an amazing price and they look much better. I love a bargain. Now I am working on accessories to match the new look, dressing up and painting my "old" stuff to match.

I'll let you all decide which you prefer.

Cam had his birthday party last night, I managed to get all the painting done except the ceiling, so he was happy. He is 9 on 9-9-09 guess he should have a lucky day- all those nines?
Today he is feverish and not feeling well- poor guy. He's still the cutest redheaded nine year old we know of:)
Now I'm done posting, at least for today.....


Doreen said...

I like the new look!

Keisha said...

WOOoooooo HOOOOooooo!!!
Congrats on finishing all that PAPERWORK!!!!

Happy B-day to Cam!!! He's so cute!! That strawberry blonde hair.. I love it!!!!

&.. I love the new color! Very clean & Crisp!!
Great job!

Christine said...

Congrats on finishing your dossier! May you get a speedy LID.

I really like the new more modern look. I hope it does grow on you.