Friday, September 25, 2009

Dossier troubles

I sometimes wonder why anyone would put themselves through all the paperwork it takes to adopt. Then I look at my girls.
Good thing too, that I have them to look at. Honestly this 3rd dossier has not been fun. It's not been lovingly put together and sent with hope and wishes it move along fast. Nope.
And it has nothing to do with the child at the end of this road. It's just the harsh reality of knowing nothing goes easy for us with adoptions. It's our "lot" in life and we have LOTS of it:)

Apparently the pictures which agency requires to have BOTH parents in (not concerned about all the kids in there) are major when it comes to dossier.
Now, having done this 2 times previously I happen to know this is an AGENCY requirement not CC*A. I find this quite annoying to be frank. As long as it's a good representation of our family, and they have the required "couples" pictures, why are you holding up our dossier to insist we BOTH be in the photos, even with one kid, various kids, whatever. Just not the dog.

I mean, really, do they think we still LIKE each other enough to do this? Ha ha. It's usually an issue of TIME, Baba doesn't want pics in his work clothes, till he changes, I am headed out the door and so it goes. ANYWAY, they are done and will be sent today.
They also had to have HS agency license- check your dates on those, ours expired recently and that's not acceptable either, so SW sent it to me and I can send it along with the new and fun pictures of me and Baba.
Yet again, the girls are somber faced, as if they are totally unhappy in our family. Thanks GIRLS. I am putting up pics of them with my niece ( see that family resemblance?) and the girls really are able to smile in pictures with others, apparently just not with mom and Baba.
Then again I could send the picture of Chloe goofing off at a Picnic for our college students, she name tagged us all in English and Chinese, then tagged her mouth shut, not sure if she threw her hands and face up to the craziness of our family or if she was praying to God? Either way, I'm thinking they wouldn't accept them as funny?
Oh well, off to the mail.........

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Elissa said...

Our agency HS guidelines drove me crazy too! For our first adoption we had to have someone from the health department come and check whether our cutting boards had mold on them, or whether we had mosquito eggs growing in our hoses. (???) But yet we weren't required to take any parenting classes. I'm all for rules that make sense, but these ridiculous ones drive me up a wall!