Monday, September 21, 2009


I forgot that every time these kids start a new school year the germs they trudge home with multiply so rapidly that we all get to share them equally, no one yelling "no fair" about this one.

So far we have 6 with colds. Not severe, just starts with a headache and then your nose does this embarrassing dripping thing when you least expect it to. Some sneezing required, you know, to share the love, and then coughing and it seems to move on. I'm whining 'cause they shared it with ME:(

Chloe has not been sick since coming home, and strangely she has grumbled about this before. "Why so and so- sick and not me"- much to our puzzled looks at her. So it was pretty funny when she came to me and declared "something" was wrong with her nose. I said " you mean it's running, you have a cold?" To this she says " I not cold, what "have a cold?"

I said "you have a cold when you are sick, not you are cold, like brrrr, cold outside." OHHHH- is the reply, like, yeah I knew that so why are you telling me- even though it's obvious she didn't know. Don't make mom out to be smart or a nurse, or the mother of many children with some prior experience. Sure doesn't take long to see the whole "my parents are obviously really dumb" teen opinion, nor does it take much language- this must bridge many cultures and come across the same.

It's rainy today and perfect nap weather, no news on the adoption front yet, hoping to hear the review and translation is done and that dossier is off to China this week. That would be cool. Cool, I said, not COLD:)

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