Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Autumn ramblings

Although fall has always been my favorite season, it's arrival seems to make me reflect more than any other season. Maybe it has something to do with that birthday heading my way again, or that 30+ years ago today my dad died.

Or that we are coming up to the 1 year mark of losing our precious baby Tristan. 1 year already. WoW. I can say it was better to have known him, loved him, cherished him for the short time we had him than to never have had him at all. We are such better people having been blessed by that little man:)
Missing my dad is odd, in a way, I was really young when he died and he worked away all week when he was alive. When a mole that turned black tested out as malignant melanoma and he was gone within a year, it seemed surreal. I never really realized how much I missed out having a dad till I met hubby and experienced his wonderful relationship with our girls. He is their rock, they lean on him. Kat must tell him 50 times a day " oh daddy, I love you" just as if he can't make it another minute without her letting him know that:) Chloe is even learning to lean :)

The leaves are turning lovely colors, my favorite part of autumn, oranges, reds, yellows, it's amazing. I'm so thankful to live somewhere that I get to see this happen each year. Hubby hates the raking part, but hey, we have a ton of kids, shouldn't they be good for something? Ha ha.
I've been trying to be supportive to a family going through a disruption. Yep, I said it, a disruption. They have a family for the child they need to disrupt, it's just the pain they are having over this decision. They are worried about others, that they will be discouraged to adopt older, that they will be slammed for this. I have a few things to say about it.

Firstly no one goes into adoption looking to disrupt. It's like going to get married planning on being divorced- just doesn't make sense right? SO when faced with an older child who has come home, is learning the language slowly but looking to BLAME someone for all that has happened to them in the past, what can happen? Well, the child can mistakenly turn their anger, grief, frustrations out on the closest people to them- their NEW family.

After many months of therapy, issues not being resolved, more issues arising, you find yourself drained, your other children suffering. What choices are there? Let me tell you, SLIM to no help is out there. At times, it has actually worked out for another family to step in and the child is able to grasp how family works, how to start over and can find their way with a new family.

I feel the big need to insert my opinions here and this is my blog so I'm gonna do it. Mainly that I am NOT naming this family due to their right to privacy, they are NOT ashamed, they are in pain.

Disruption is NOT a disease. It will not infect your family. Families that choose to disrupt do not need the added burden of being slammed. I can't know what they have lived with entirely, it's not my place to know. I do know that they brought home this child of God's, have given child a chance to have a good life, and if that means helping this child move forward in a new family setting then I am going to be praying for both families, the child and NOT making snap judgement upon anyone.

God doesn't call us to judge- just 'cause I have adopted kids. I have an older child, she pushes us, she likes to say "you did it" and I have to firmly tell her " I didn't know you then Chloe" and basically "pull rank" on her. If she had a different personality I can see her hanging on to anger she has over some things that happened to her in the past.
We are blessed she is easy going and able to get past this. It has nothing to do with "how good of parents we are, or aren't." God put each of His chosen children, the orphans, where He wishes them to be. He makes no mistakes. So everything this family has experienced was for a reason, just as us having our baby Tristan was for a reason and it changed us.

Did I think a year ago it was okay to watch my baby die? No, honestly I wanted to scream, just scream, at the total unfairness of his broken body to begin with, then to have to watch him die. I asked to go in his place, I wanted him to survive but I could also see how he was hurting as well, and he needed to go. It was the MOST painful thing I have ever had to do, to hand him back to his Heavenly Father.

For this family a dream has died, they have experienced enough heartache without anyone adding to it. I know our hardest memories of having Tristan were the rude people who judged him by his odd looks, the doctor who said to me "why are you bothering". It's not right to think you "know best" and can make comments like that. To us, that baby boy was our world, for the other family this adoption has been their LIFE. They have given all, just as we gave our little man. It's not meant to be, per God's will, as much as may wish it different.

Now that I got that off my chest, I have been busy with the kids, we did Open House for the little ones school this week, we kinda figured out where the whole diva thing may be coming from for Miss Kat. (BTW her frock is from As we traveled down the hall to Kat's class we heard a number of kids say "oh, there's Kat".
Then we heard a little boy say " there's Kat, she's so cute"---sigh. I was thinking if he was about 10 years older daddy may have decked him right there but it's tough to do that to a thigh-high little dude. She's obviously quite popular- teacher said she is "very loving, so sweet." I'm thinking we are in BIG trouble when she is a little older.....

My kitchen is now a lovely shade of blue, with a white ceiling. Ironically it's blue, what I painted over in the DR? Hummm. Anyway, I like it:) It turned out super, and it looks better than the yellow did. I'm working on a stencil for above the sink, something to do with birds, since it's mainly birdhouse themed. I think I am going to use a saying like " Birds of a feather flock together". Unless anyone out there has a better one for us, nothing dirty -mind you!

Can't leave you without funny Chloe story of the week, she is one neat kid. Dad and I were discussing our upcoming anniversary when I said " do I still make you happy after all this time?" Funny Chloe pipes in " sometimes vary happy, sometimes not so happy." We all busted up laughing and I said to her "am I married to you?"
I was so glad to think about it afterwards, another step, she is able to be honest with us, it's not all a bed of roses here, I'm sure there are times she isn't at all happy. It's real life, not happily ever after:)
Chloe is wearing one of my favorite shirts, she likes it so I gave it to her to wear for a bed shirt. My two favorite things, chocolate and my hubby- my very first love. Loved him, lost him, we married others, had kids, divorced, and found one another again, blended our family, added many in. So if you want a happily ever after-- there it is:)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

What is a Princess-a-bowl?

Miss Kat has taught us something new this past week. When "Nick" in her class got in trouble he had to go see the "Princess- a bowl." Baba and I looked at one another and said "huh?" Then it clicked ( PRINCIPAL) and we howled with laughter. Frankly I nearly peed my pants, but then I've birthed a lot of kids, one being over 9 lbs and caused me many an issue----yeah, I know--- TMI!

Anyway, the Principal was REALLY amused when I called to tell her that she had a new title, I figured she could use a laugh at this point of the year. I think said daughter has Princess addiction or something. She asked me today if she wore a pretty enough dress would everyone say she is a "Princess'" I don't know, does a dress make a girl? I think not.

She also has the cutest way of saying "tomorrow" it sounds like "to- mario?" And she refers to that to figure out how many days off school for the weekend. I think our schools have gotten bizarre in that they are giving the kids days off, late starts, early dismissals about every 2 weeks this year. As we LOVE regular schedules, this really throws off the kids. They had Friday off so they have had 3 lovely (NOT) days off together while it poured rain. They are SICK of each other.

This morning Chloe tried to pull a funny fast one on me. I was talking to her about how short she is with her sibs when talking to them, that she could talk nicer. If they are nasty she can tell them or come to me, not be nasty back. She proceeded to say something nasty about Camden and I told her she needs to treat him nice, be an example as she is older than him. She comes off with this " I don't know, I Chinese, he American, he need to teach me." Ha Ha girlfriend. NOT buying that excuse.

She can quite easily figure out how this family works, and that excuse isn't cutting it. Here if you are older, you are counted on to be a GOOD example for the younger ones. She pouted as she didn't like my answer.

She got over it pretty fast when she found out I was making rice and her favorite rolls for lunch, the girl is ALL about food:)

Yesterday I insanely decided to paint the kitchen, yeah, not sure what I was thinking with the rain and kids home, but it's not yellow anymore. It's blue. Yep, that color I just painted over in the dining room, it's in the kitchen now. One good thing, I got to recycle those curtains that screamed they didn't belong in the DR, to the new blue kitchen where they look super. I have one more coat to go on the ceiling, I was going for the blue on it as well to cover the yellow, but decided that was too much blue so a 3rd coat to cover the part yellow, part blue ceiling and I will be done. I like it too:) It's really crisp and clean looking.

Now Chloe wants to paint her room blue, although it will be Mal and her room as I am moving them in together, Kat needs to be in her room playing and not scared to get anything out. Plus Chloe and Mal go to school at the same time, Kat doesn't have to get up till later, yet Chloe wakes her up being in the same room with Kat now. Might do that transfer next weekend, not painting anything else soon though. At least I say that now.

Chloe was invited to her friend Hannah's (in the blue shirt) house yesterday, she took Kat along for her comfort and Hannah's 9 year old brother got stuck, oh I mean, got the pleasure of entertaining Kat:) Chloe thinks it's silly we have a daughter named Kat and they have a son named Fox:) The girls liked the "animal house."

I thought they meant our house till Hannah told me that's what Chloe was calling the "barn". LOL. It was the first time Chloe has gone to a "friend's house" and she really had fun, she wants Hannah to come here next. She made it clear Hannah can stay here but she is not staying overnight there. She's not ready- which is just fine with us.

Hannah's whole family is super with Chloe, they love watching her learn things. She was setting up her character on Wii, as was Kat and when Kat wanted a person with blue eyes, Chloe told her "no, you not American BLUE eyes, you Chinese, brown eyes." They got a good laugh over that, as they all are blue eyed:)

Chloe's story has inspired a family that is now, as I write considering an older child. They met Chloe in China with me and followed the whole story of the brothers. Please pray for them as they follow God's Will for their lives, I am so tickled to know that our story has helped another child be considered by a family. It's such a blessing, if anyone else is thinking about it, you feel that pull in your heart, go for it.

Even with the paperwork aggravation, the waiting, the unknowns, I'd do again and again for our girls, they are SO special and wonderful, as I am sure our new sons will be as well. I mean look a the Princesses we got:) I guess the boys will be our Princes:)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Dossier troubles

I sometimes wonder why anyone would put themselves through all the paperwork it takes to adopt. Then I look at my girls.
Good thing too, that I have them to look at. Honestly this 3rd dossier has not been fun. It's not been lovingly put together and sent with hope and wishes it move along fast. Nope.
And it has nothing to do with the child at the end of this road. It's just the harsh reality of knowing nothing goes easy for us with adoptions. It's our "lot" in life and we have LOTS of it:)

Apparently the pictures which agency requires to have BOTH parents in (not concerned about all the kids in there) are major when it comes to dossier.
Now, having done this 2 times previously I happen to know this is an AGENCY requirement not CC*A. I find this quite annoying to be frank. As long as it's a good representation of our family, and they have the required "couples" pictures, why are you holding up our dossier to insist we BOTH be in the photos, even with one kid, various kids, whatever. Just not the dog.

I mean, really, do they think we still LIKE each other enough to do this? Ha ha. It's usually an issue of TIME, Baba doesn't want pics in his work clothes, till he changes, I am headed out the door and so it goes. ANYWAY, they are done and will be sent today.
They also had to have HS agency license- check your dates on those, ours expired recently and that's not acceptable either, so SW sent it to me and I can send it along with the new and fun pictures of me and Baba.
Yet again, the girls are somber faced, as if they are totally unhappy in our family. Thanks GIRLS. I am putting up pics of them with my niece ( see that family resemblance?) and the girls really are able to smile in pictures with others, apparently just not with mom and Baba.
Then again I could send the picture of Chloe goofing off at a Picnic for our college students, she name tagged us all in English and Chinese, then tagged her mouth shut, not sure if she threw her hands and face up to the craziness of our family or if she was praying to God? Either way, I'm thinking they wouldn't accept them as funny?
Oh well, off to the mail.........

Monday, September 21, 2009


I forgot that every time these kids start a new school year the germs they trudge home with multiply so rapidly that we all get to share them equally, no one yelling "no fair" about this one.

So far we have 6 with colds. Not severe, just starts with a headache and then your nose does this embarrassing dripping thing when you least expect it to. Some sneezing required, you know, to share the love, and then coughing and it seems to move on. I'm whining 'cause they shared it with ME:(

Chloe has not been sick since coming home, and strangely she has grumbled about this before. "Why so and so- sick and not me"- much to our puzzled looks at her. So it was pretty funny when she came to me and declared "something" was wrong with her nose. I said " you mean it's running, you have a cold?" To this she says " I not cold, what "have a cold?"

I said "you have a cold when you are sick, not you are cold, like brrrr, cold outside." OHHHH- is the reply, like, yeah I knew that so why are you telling me- even though it's obvious she didn't know. Don't make mom out to be smart or a nurse, or the mother of many children with some prior experience. Sure doesn't take long to see the whole "my parents are obviously really dumb" teen opinion, nor does it take much language- this must bridge many cultures and come across the same.

It's rainy today and perfect nap weather, no news on the adoption front yet, hoping to hear the review and translation is done and that dossier is off to China this week. That would be cool. Cool, I said, not COLD:)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

She can dance

What a fun time Miss Chloe had at Activity Night. She didn't want me to leave and since there weren't enough chaperones for this paranoid momma's mind, I stayed. Just to keep an eye on her, mind you:)

At first she was a bit shy, not really sure of what to do, but eventually I looked over and my eyes were delighted to see her doing the "macarana!" She was laughing and having a ball. She isn't quite sure how to "dance" but she can follow steps really well.

At one point as I looked in the crowd for her, I thought about what this night meant to her. Not just that she is now loved and cherished in a family, but to come to a school- with tons of people working to teach her English. Then add in also friends- kids her "age" thinking she is "cool" and wanting to be with her. Enjoying herself like you wouldn't believe, I marveled at the change this precious child has undergone in just the few weeks school has started. How she has blossomed.

Yet, she still was happy her momma stayed around:) And as I recalled her refusal to visit her school in China, knowing those children made fun of her, of her not having a family, of her clothes, of anything that hurts, as kids seem to do. I realized that even though she is the only Chinese girl in school, she FITS here. She is "IN". I was so thankful we decided on 6th grade for her and held firm when the school pushed for 8th grade.

As we got home she said " I very very happy" coming in the door when asked if she "had fun." I was overwhelmed to near tears thinking what a gift she is to US. To witness this child's amazing progress to know of where she came from and what she has faced. It's just too sweet, we are so honored to be her parents.

Note to self here, next time go to dance with ear plugs, ears are STILL ringing and don't expect to know any more than 5 songs all night, main one being "Don't stop believing" by Journ*y, one of MY fave bands in the whole world. Amazing these kids knew this song and were singing along. I felt 14 again. Okay so not quite, but it was fun to see that.

Too bad I somehow ended up doing boys' bathroom duty, how fair is that one? And as they were trooping in there and out over 10 times (same kids) I was able to figure out a fight was taking place and had to go get a GUY to go in there and break it up. I think a kid or two called me a nasty name too, although with the amount of boys I have raised, can't say that bothered me any! I must have said "hands to yourself 50 times :(

BTW-Next time I'm heading to the other side of the room, no bathroom area for me- should have picked the pizza selling area, at least there were perks to that job!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

School success

I am quite pleased to say I went to a meeting with Chloe's teachers today and the special education coordinator and we have a good plan to get our girl an education base. I am so happy they have come around to see that the important factor here is to get this girl reading, writing and understanding English. The school will begin a special program just for her including teaching her from Chinese and English material.

I found it odd the ESL teacher didn't show up, but was glad as she tends to downplay Chloe's lack of English skills as something she will just "grasp" and take off learning, I think she needs more fundamental help than just expecting her to pick it up by being in classes. I was worried that as the admitted "first" true ESL student in our district, she would be lost in their fumbling to get her taught.

But it seems they are on the ball, they see her weaknesses and they also now understand from her mom's viewpoint some issues she may have with teachers and what we want them to be for her. This is sort of complicated- if you understand the lack of trust an older child can have after being where she has been and seen what she has seen. We have to be sure she has her bond with us as her parents, that we protect her and the teachers are supportive of her, but not giving her things she can't handle and freaking her out. She often thinks she has tests that she doesn't have to take as she can't read the English well enough to take a 6th grade test yet.

The teachers are amazed at her learning, that she has only been home 6 months. I also commented we placed her where we thought she would "fit" emotionally and one teacher said if he lined his kids up she wouldn't stand out at all, he agreed with us. I do not think he realized she is supposed to be 14 years old. She looks like the 6th graders here, 11 or 12:) She also acts like them, she made braided bracelets for her friends this week.

The principal said she walked past Chloe and she was having a conversation in English with another girl and doing just fine. Being asked if we had pets, and able to understand and answer. They are obviously watching out for her too, something I was glad to hear as well.

Chloe is excited for Friday, her first Activity Night, the school is opened up for a dance, basketball and computer fun. She has her outfit picked even though she doesn't quite understand what Activity Night is:)

Chloe comes home every afternoon and hits me with her homework book, drives me nuts until we "do the homework". We had a friend here today to watch the kids while Kat went for a vaccination and she had wrangled him into her homework by the time I got back. She was trying to make him "take turns" what a turd she is, thinking she could get away with doing half the work if he did half:)

The kids in school all just love Chloe. They have her teaching them simple Chinese words and writing them on their books, in Chinese. They told her she is "cool" she doesn't understand why they are American and want to learn Chinese. I told her it's really cool she can read, write and speak Chinese, we all think that's cool and wish we could! She tells me it's very hard for me, as English is hard for her. Although I doubt I would be as capable in Chinese in 6 months as she is in English!

It's just such a relief to feel she is getting a good education, she has many people working with her and she is so happy in school. It takes a load off of my mind, that mind that is still trying to figure out what to do with self during school hours. It's not fun here folks, I really do give in. I have the dog trained to go out without a leash, I have the laundry up and done by 10 am, the dishes done, the house is clean, I cleaned the bathroom at 4 am, yeah, you read that right, 4 am one night, I couldn't sleep. I have issues.

I'm thinking of volunteer work, maybe at the local shelter or something. Today I had the meeting then went to the library, then Kat's shot appointment. Kat didn't even whimper, she's a tough girl, she giggled, and said "that didn't hurt." I think the nurse was relieved after we watched a 4 or 5 year old boy go before Kat and he screamed and slid across the floor to get out of getting his shot- that worked too, his mom took him out! I sure was glad Kat was so good getting hers, she was so proud of herself and bragged to everyone how she didn't cry.

We are up to green day for Kat tomorrow, we did red, blue, yellow. Kat just found out there is no pink day this week and wants me to tell the teacher there needs to be a pink day because she has a dress she wants to wear:) It's pink, of course. Think the boys in the class would go for that quietly???

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Teacher Kat

Miss Kitty decided she was going to "teach" her teddies today, talk about too cute. Apparently something about school is cool, not that she is letting on......

Last week Kat started Monday out crying, you want to know why? I am ashamed to tell you, I don't know who this child is I am sending off each day. She wasn't "beautiful enough"???? Now she had on the cutest little dress with chenille and leggings to match, her hair was put up with a cute butterfly bow, yet she was crying for this reason.

I'm not sure how to break it to her that she is there to learn, not to grace everyone in her beauty! She sure is something, this week will be fun as we are to wear certain colors each day as they work on learning their colors. This is something she already knows so let's hope she is "accepting" of the colored outfit for each day. Girl needs to get real!

Chloe has been doing great socially in school, she is so happy, the kids all "love her" from what I hear, they love her accent and how she can laugh when she mistakes something. This past week it was "soap" for "soup" and she had "chicken puzzle" instead of "chicken patty". She is so much fun, she tells me each day what she is going to wear, then asks if it's okay:)

She has many friends, Hannah, Emily, Brandon, Hunter, yeah, BOYS, I told her boys friends, no Boyfriends- kissy kissy, she says "Boyfriends EISH" Which means "stinky:)" That's my girl. Just stay that way for about 10 more years please.

She is learning so well the workings of family- I had to laugh when she told on Donobin for eating ice cream for breakfast then said to me "don't tell him I tell you." Smart girl. Then when Kat did something and she came to tell me (yeah, she's something of a tattletail:( she said "your daughter did this!" I said "why would you do that daughter?" to HER- she says "ahhh, no, your little daughter" meaning Kat. I just think it's so funny she can't just say "Kat did this." I have to tease her a little. She tells me she is my "middle daughter" when I say, "what are you?"

Cam is feeling better and off to school tomorrow, a "Late start day" some new way to count a day but get in an inservice for teachers, they go 1 1/2 hours later than normal. I'm all for that, it's called- sleeping IN!!

We got word the dossier paperwork made it to our agency, they take some time to review the whole thing and then translate, hope they hurry up and get it sent, these kids are waiting, every day is one more day apart for the 3 sibs, apart 6 months now for the first time ever in their lives- hard for all 3 of them, I am sure.

We did send a package last week, Chloe sent a letter and told the brothers things about us, I told her to write that we love them, that we can't wait for them to be home. She wasn't sure what else to write so I told her to tell them something about our home, she told them how many TV's we have. I guess she thinks they will be impressed with that? I can just see them now, getting here and going around counting TV's. Too funny!

It's those little things we all take for granted, sure is eye opening when you think about how much it thrills them. Even buying Chloe noodles she likes, she hugs me and kisses my cheek and thanks me. Sure makes me appreciate the little things that we have been blessed with:)

Even that little one who thinks she is a DIVA:)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's Done

Done, completed, finished, over... you get the drift, right? Sooooo what is IT? WELL, here's a picture, can you guess? Yep, it's that HUGE dossier, stamped, sealed notarized, certified and authenticated. Off to the agency it went, with the fees required- again THANK YOU to everyone who helped us make this happen!!! I am so incredibly glad to see these paper GO- now we sit and wait, of course.

So what else is DONE?? The painting! YEAH. Although I do not like it. Yep, I said it, I do NOT like it. After 3, mind you, THREE coats to cover the colors and I broke a picture that I have to replace. I am now looking at it as a difference and hoping it grows on me. It looks cleaner, more modern- I just loved my blue, it was so neat looking. But only 6 years or so and I get my way again- ha ha.

I didn't have a choice but to replace the curtains, the white ones looked terrible (they screamed - "no no, we don't match ahhh") with the new paint colors but I was thrilled to find some on clearance for an amazing price and they look much better. I love a bargain. Now I am working on accessories to match the new look, dressing up and painting my "old" stuff to match.

I'll let you all decide which you prefer.

Cam had his birthday party last night, I managed to get all the painting done except the ceiling, so he was happy. He is 9 on 9-9-09 guess he should have a lucky day- all those nines?
Today he is feverish and not feeling well- poor guy. He's still the cutest redheaded nine year old we know of:)
Now I'm done posting, at least for today.....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

Labor Day is past but I spent it laboring. That is working, not having a child, so no frantic calls (MOM) that I have hid a pregnancy in my fluff for 9 months. No, my years of that is long gone, you gotta worry about us when we go on a trip. Seems we come back with more kids each "vacation" we take:)

Anyway, I started the painting. Yeah. I am not thrilled. Normally I love to paint. BUT.... this is a chore. I am covering up the lovely blue sponged paint that I personally did about 5 years ago, to me it looks like clouds. But it is more "country" than the rest of the house has gotten so I understand hubby saying " let's change it." Sigh.....

I am less than thrilled with HIS choices of paint here. Needless to say, antique white over blue on textured walls= a pain in my butt- oops I mean, many coats to cover. Then we go with chocolate brown (one of the kids' commented on eating it and Chloe pretended to lick the wall) over the white wainscoating. Brilliant Baba, thanks a mil for your color choices- NOT.

Cam's b-day is tomorrow, he is 9, he says I need to be done for his birthday, no pressure or anything, I am doubting I can do it without painting till I drop, not my idea of fun.

We spent a quiet holiday weekend home, had a cookout, Chloe was fussing about her glasses, we are having to make her wear them, she doesn't like them at all, but she really does need them and she tends to "lose" them if we allow her to take them off for any period of time. So mean mom that I am, she is wearing them all the time- she get to take them off at bedtime only. Didn't stop us from having some fun with Baba's glasses, my reading glasses, etc. Chloe looks good in her glasses, as does her Baba in his, Kat in Baba's glasses? I don't think so:)

Kat's shirt says "Daddy thinks I'm awesome" What does Kat say when asked what it says "I rock says Daddy" too cute Miss Kitty, your Baba misses all those lunchtime hugs and kisses from his baby girl.

School meeting today they booted me from, not literally, but somehow it was decided that it would be the teachers and ESL, not ME- I didn't take this well, but we will be meeting with them next. I want them to get on the ball and teach my child, they seem so clueless and even silly, we had issue with the school not wanting to point her out as the "Chinese girl"- ahh, hello, she IS Chinese. Call her what she is, I do not find that offensive nor does SHE. If she needs help, and you need to point her out to cafeteria workers, to get her juice instead of NO drink, says "the NEW Chinese American girl." The Chinese girl. The "girl with the black hair" ain't gonna do it.

How we could be offended that they call her what she is seems goofy to me?? All I know is when I went to school we called a spade a spade, all this political correctness has gotten out of hand when you can't call my child what she is proud to be, a Chinese American. And a lovely one at that.

Back to my painting I go..................................

Friday, September 4, 2009

What's mom doing?

What in the world am I doing with all my free time? Firstly I am learning that free time goes by super fast then they are home again.

I have accomplished-
many, many loads of laundry
2 dental appointments this week for kids
grocery shopping twice
numerous calls concerning Chloe, settling her in school ( we think we are getting there!)
Open House for Chloe
soccer practice for Cam
field hockey practice for Mal
I painted my toe nails:)

Bought paint for the dining room. I personally LOVE paint, it can change a whole space so quickly yet it's the cheapest thing to do. BUT I did the dining room's blue sponged paint a few years ago and I like it. Hubby decided he is tired of it, but he doesn't PAINT. So who did he think was going to be the one to do it?? Did he think I needed a project? Does he envy my "peace and quiet" time?

Anyway it will be nice tan colors when done, with blue accents 'cause there's no way I'm replacing the blue light, the white with a tiny bit of blue curtains, the blue accessories, can't afford to. So paint it is. I'll do before and after pics for you all:) So you can see I really am keeping out of trouble :) Not really but that's a post for another day.....................
Kat's picture is for her Po Po (Chinese grandma) she gave her this shirt for school, hope you can see your big girl grandma, and know that she likes school now because she had art and got to make something for YOU- it says " I luv yu Po Po."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's your stop

Chloe made it off the bus today:) YEAH! We had her paired with a buddy to get her on the right bus and the driver knew she was to get off the bus at our stop or not to go on.
Next issue, trying to figure out how the school intends to teach her, it's not clear and I am getting no good answers quickly. I did speak to the ESL teacher today who continues to say how bright Chloe is and then comment that she should be in 8th grade. Whatever. Her opinion, I do not believe so but whatever.

ESL teacher started out working with her "1 day a week for an hour" now it's bumped up to every other day for 3 periods. They are also working to get our wonderful "girl" Vita, to come from the college to help her with translation and learning, not sure how often this will occur yet.

But as we get her homework and it's a regular 6th grader's homework we are struggling to understand what they expect of her. Why are we focusing on cause and effect of sciences when the child can't read beyond a kindergarten level?

Here's hoping the e-mail and note I sent, along with Open House on Thursday Evening can shed some light on what they are going to do to get her the basic foundation she needs for learning. It's hard to look at her and realize she has only been home almost 6 months now, she is doing so well, but it has been only 6 months. Not 6 years. The joys of school.
Kat has not decided she likes school any better on Day 2, Her Royal Highness says all her class has is "a kitchen, blocks, books and seats." What are they thinking? No throne for the Princess? Yeah, she's got issues.
BTW didn't she look adorable today- hey if you gotta act like the Princess ya might as well be cute, right? Don't leave me comments about the leggings- where I got them, CHINA- they are one of the many layers of clothes they use to bundle the kids there. Since our little princess is still hovering at 32 lbs at nearly age 6, she is always cold, no fat on her, and I got these when we traveled for Chloe to put on under Kat's jeans this winter to keep her warm enough.
Today was my first real day alone, I did another 4 loads of laundry and hung it out. I took Chloe to the dentist, we had our final treatment for her front teeth, a new procedure to try to save the front 3 teeth. We will know in 6 months if it worked and we will then bond them and fix the chip that she hates so much. She has been so brave to endure the shots every time, in her upper lip then the packing of antibiotics into her teeth to clear the terrible abscesses she had. So far it looks to be working.

I came home after dropping her off to school, I cleaned house and read some of a book. I am going stir crazy, I am trying to think of this quiet as a good thing, but so far it's just freaking me out. Even the dog is getting skittish, he is barking at nothing. I can't see me doing this day after day. I have to get busy doing something or I am going to get myself in trouble. Not only that, what will I blog about?
NOW I know, this is a crisis!! Nothing to blog about, day after day, of quiet, me and the dog and laundry.........................ahhhh help, I'm looking for trouble.......................................