Monday, August 31, 2009

We did it!

We made it through the first day of school. Although I have to say I am a bit more gray after sitting and waiting for Chloe's bus and seeing her go by in ANOTHER bus, yep, right past me! I was more scared than her apparently, she got off at the next stop and WALKED home, as I am frantically calling the school -who is trying to call the driver of the bus I saw her on.

She told me she looked for the "money store" better known as a bank- and found her way home from there. PHEWW, I am glad she figured that out. I am going to need the hair dye early this time. Man- she freaked me out. I thought she'd be sitting on that bus crying and afraid to tell anyone where she belonged. And then there she comes, with no problem getting home.
I told her I will be there tomorrow, please GET OFF the bus!
I thought the kids all all looked really sharp for the first day, although I did have to finally break it to Chloe that American girls do not wear their socks on the outside of the leggings:) She fixed them and was ready to go.

Kat ran to the bus without looking back, but came home and said she didn't like it. Ohh, well it's not a try out little one, it's for good. Hopefully she will have a better time tomorrow.

I guess I really should have freshened Chloe up on the whole name thing, yet again she argued about her new last name and that she could not spell it. Sorry, but it's all of ours and we are honored to share it with her. She came home with the required bucket load of paperwork, laughing as each child came home and pulled out another folder of "homework for mom."
Glad it amused her, cause my arm is now aching, I can hardly move for the pain in my wrist, but every last one of those rotten forms are DONE> so there School District, you got 'em.

Baba stayed home today to share the fun of seeing all those little sweeties off to school. So what did we do after they left, probably NOT what you'd think---- okay, get your mind out of the gutter----
I did 4 loads of laundry and hung them out to dry. Baba went on a bike trail he has been dying to hit. We did go to breakfast, but learned something, every old couple in our area goes to McD's for breakfast, and they can't smell their own flowery perfume. Also, you HAVE to admit you live in a hick town when you go to eat and someone walks in wearing a NIGHTGOWN with a sweater over it. I don't care HOW old I am, not going to be going there.

Also going to be really snotty here as well, if you go to Walm*rt, don't ya know no one else wants to see your jammie pants? Please lazy folks, I am all for jammie pants, in my own home, in my own yard, but please do not inflict your comfort on my shopping day. I hate to see that. I've even seen slippers. Unless you are limping from an injury that forces you to wear slippers, I don't care to see your bedtime footwear either. Please get dressed before you leave home.

Now- no hate mail if you dress this way. You have the freedom to do so, I'm just telling you how I feel it looks. I'm not going to argue that world hunger is more important, OF COURSE it is. If you are there in your jammies to buy food for the food bank, I'll smile and move on. But I'm still gonna be thinking "please get dressed before leaving home."

What else I did today, well we got back from breakfast and was I ever nervous, we had 3 messages on the machine. Of course, I am thinking it has to be the school, something must have happened. But no, it was the dentist- appointment reminder, the neighbor- come get all the cherry tomatoes you want, they are going bad, and a telemarketer. Another PHEWWW moment.

I pulled weeds, and tried to nap, as none of us slept well. Chloe said she was up 12:30, 3:30, 5:30 and she didn't need up till 6:30. Here's the thing, I couldn't nap. I figured out why, it was TOO quiet. How's that for nuts. I think they got me, I can't handle the quiet.

They won after all, I'm totally losing it (SIGH)


Chad and Kristy said...

Great post! Glad Chloe made it home safely!! I would have died!

The kids looked beautiful on their first day of school:)

trina said...

Once again, you totally crack me up. So glad Chloe had a good day. Wow, 4 loads..I'm impressed. :)

Tamara said...

Glad that school went well- the kids looked great!!!!
I am all for the "please put on some clothing before you leave the house"- It's bad enough that teens/college kids wear the jammie bottoms out- but for adults/sr's- please.

sarahkate60120 said...

We live in a somewhat small town and see the pj's out at the store as well. It doesn't help that we live next to a college town and the students feel that it is appropriate to wear pj's anywhere and everywhere.

But what I consider a worse fashion trend is when grown women wear itty bitty bikini tops to the zoo or shopping. (And let me tell you, it was not a big enough top.)

I've been following your story for some time now and can't wait for the brothers to come home.

Keisha said...

I have LOL.. at your post here!! I totally agree on the whole "jammies are for home" thing! Why people do this is beyond me & YOU KNOW THEY PROBABLY STILL HAVE STINK BREATH!! LOL!

My house is quite too.. just me and my girl.. She is LOVING it!!

Have a Wonderful day!