Sunday, August 16, 2009

School Clothes

It's done. School clothes bought and ready, everyone has a new outfit for the first day and more. We did really well budget wise too, we are so thankful to have G-Brothers to get name brand stuff cheap:) I got 8 pairs of jeans, unders for all the boys, socks for all the boys, a new shirt for everyone and new shoes for one for the grand total of under $200! WOW! We were happy to accomplish that so easily.

Chloe wanted to know if the store meant buying gift for my brother, since it was G- BROTHERS store. She is too funny, she also was asking why so much shopping, I told her she learning to be good American, go shopping, buy much- ha ha.

The best deals to buy are the clearance then put them away for the next season, as long as you don't forget where you put them:) I've bought that way for YEARS, allowing my kiddos to look sharp but not cost us so much to clothe them. That's how we only needed a little to top off what I had put back from last season. I had gotten shoes and outfits, along with backpacks for mere dollars off season.

I had someone pose one of the MANY adoption questions to me about our lovely daughters. "Are they sisters," as they looked over the girls. I answered "they are now." and smiled. I was glad that's all it took. People can be quite odd when it comes to the comments, anyone who has adopted knows what I mean, someone said to me once, (nodding at Cam) "he's the one that's YOURS, right?" Well, "NO, those are my daughters, I replied." I like my friend's reply (single mom) to the "is she Chinese- Asian, blah blah, "well, it was dark, I was drunk, I think he was foreign-----" too funny.

Chloe has tried to convince me that I needed clothing for school as well, as I laughed and told her I did my time in school I was not going to school, she doesn't like that answer. She keeps asking what I will be doing while everyone in school- ha ha if she only knew. I think she's jealous:) She doesn't need to be, laundry will be my big feat of each day! Sometimes I think we have 50 kids for the amount of clothes I wash.

We have a student coming today we are hosting for a week for her orientation for the local college. The girls can hardly wait as she is from China, of course. They have been asking every ten minutes when will she get here. She is going by Vita, since for some reason her English name is Vita Vicki and I'm the only Vickie around here :)

Mal starts Field Hockey practice tomorrow and Cam soccer. Our summer is winding down, it's gone by incredibly fast, I can't seem to keep up.


Lori Lynn said...

Great job on the shopping. I am so glad you were able to do it so smartly. I am looking forward to seeing the kiddos go off to school.

Anonymous said...

I know all about school clothes shopping! Girl you did great! I think I am in trouble though, I have a girl now and really didn't realize how much they like shopping vs. boys. lol
I love reading about your kids. I so wish we could adopt again! But since we can't I can just enjoy reading about others.
Becky in TX