Saturday, August 29, 2009

Say what?

I am wondering if I will ever be immune to the revelations of Chloe. As we talked about time, since there are many birthdays coming up, Cam's first. Then Mal's then Kat's. Chloe asked "how long we know Kat?" I told her we go to China for Kat, she was 3. Now she is going to be 6 so that means 3 years home. So then she says " how long you know me?" Okay, well, 11 months from finding her till we go to China. She thinks on this and then says " how long you know Chase and Chance."

I was puzzled about this, thinking, wow- did she NOT see my shock on her Adoption Day? So I said " momma come for you, think you are like Kat, 1 girl, find out you have 2 brothers, Chase and Chance!" So we go back for them. She said " you don't know them?" I said "NO, we did not know you had brothers." Now we know and we want your brothers home. She says "OH." Yeah, OHHH!
Meaning to me, she thought we KNEW. She thought we didn't WANT her brothers. I sent pictures, did the siblings look at them and think, oh, they have 5 sons, they must not want more? It makes me realize all the more how brave she was on Adoption Day, how sweet she was, so willing, thinking we wanted her, but not her brothers! Then to accept us and even dare to be excited that we talk of the brothers, we showed her papers and say we are going back. She was able to piece it together when she had enough English to ask us, that we didn't know of them, we didn't TRY to take her from them, WE DIDN'T KNOW. We are trying to fix this horrible error done to these children through no fault of hers or ours.

All I can say is Chloe is my hero. She is the most loving and wonderful child even with such burdens on her heart she trusts us, she loves us. She is slowly allowing us to take those burdens for her, handing them over to her parents, asking the questions she hurts over. We will gladly take those burdens, precious child. We are so thankful for her, that God gave us this fantastic daughter and are allowing us to actually watch her grow, blossom and bloom. We are able to give her what she needs so badly, her childhood back. It's an incredible honor and blessing to be her parents.

Our worries about the getting the brothers home, the money to get to China for them, none of this is greater than God.

I have to say all of my children are my heroes, each has had their own special journey in this life and God has given me the honor of sharing them, each amazing and precious in their own ways.

In other news of us, we started soccer games this AM, bright and early, okay, so maybe fogging and early, our team lost, Cam was NOT happy about that, but he played well. I had a hard time seeing Cam, he was always the only red head, easy to spot, this year, there are 3 of them on the team! No fair:)

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Tim said...

I hope you are never immune to those things Chloe wishes to share. I agree what a brave girl.

Praying that the reunion of the siblings comes soon. What a joyous time to look forward to. I know the parting for the older brother of the younger brother will be hard, so then our prayers will turn towards him.