Sunday, August 23, 2009

More China girls

Our wonderful friends, Dean and Lisa stopped by with their little ones this weekend and we had a fun time visiting. Their family includes two more China girls, Em and Evie, Evie being their new little one, she is the cutest little bug.

Chloe was thrilled, even if they were much younger than her, Evie took to her right away, it's quite obvious Chloe has helped out with a baby or two in her life:) Later, Vita stopped in too, and we were over run by China girls. Such sweethearts, all our girls are.

Cam was hurt that Evie didn't seem to care for him, she didn't seem to care too much for me either, for that matter, but then he found out he could chase her and she would run laughing, that made it better for him. I got to watch her playing and having a blast.

Chloe was talking to me last night about how long till brothers, something we talk of often :) She said, someone told her that it was "too long" that we "didn't want her." After I was able to tame the flames rolling off my red hair, I explained to her that if it had taken 3 years I wanted to be her momma, that she was my girl and I would waited and STILL came for her.

It blows my mind how cruel someone could be to tell her that. I would imagine for the older children, of which not many have gotten adopted from her orphanage, getting a family would be, to them, like hitting the lottery. So as she built up hope that she would be getting us, that we would be there before she turned 14, when she would age out forever, that she was told we didn't want her 'cause it was "taking too long?" Did she not sit there and wait and hope and dream of a family? Did we not sit here wishing and hoping and dreaming of getting HER? To imply we are so fickle that we would give up if it took too long?

No wonder it's a long road of trust building, she is very trusting of us, and I am glad that she was able to ask me about this, she trusted me enough to bring it up. And I can tell you, I assured her that we wanted her, that she is our daughter, that we would go through whatever it took for her. This also allows her to understand our commitment to her brothers, we will go for them, we will get them home. No matter the paperwork, no matter the $$, no matter the time.

We feel that even learning about the boys was totally out of our hands, God's Hands has been on these children for years, watching over them, holding them safe till we could join them and give them a family, all 3 of them. We do not question this, as we can't. It's too obvious this was meant to be. It just makes me ache for all the children waiting and hoping and being told " you are not worth the wait."

Everyone here has 8 days till school!! Yeah, I will have all the munchkins going off to school. As Chloe and I were talking she found out she would need to catch her bus at 7:20 am, she is NOT too thrilled by this and asked " you yell at me?" I said' uh, no. I don't yell at you?" She said "no, no, you yell at me, get me up?" I guess she thinks she will not be able to get up so early, so I am to yell at her to get her up. She totally cracks me up. She has her outfit picked out already and she declared the other day she was ready to go, she wants to have some friends!

I think she will be just fine, we have kept her home much since she got here, partly due to her shyness and also to build a good strong bond with her as her family. She seems to have the foundation she needs.
About our Friendship students- if you live near any college, call them, ask for the International Students Office and ask if they have a program set up to match local families with a new incoming student. Our students have been a wonderful blessing, they stop in, we take them to the store, one celebrated Thanksgiving with us. It's a neat relationship. It helps their English skills and shows them American culture, gives them a local family to back them. It gives us someone to translate if needed, someone to cook the girls real Chinese food and another child for life- they really become like one of our own.

I'm mulling over the next fundraising plan, I'll let you all know when I've decided what to tackle this time:)

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Sherri said...

I love reading your posts. They are always so thoughtful.

Chloe sounds like she is trusting you already. I'm happy for you.