Sunday, August 30, 2009

Min Sisters

Rissa's folks traveled very far, from Massachusetts, to visit us here in PA. We were so happy they made us a stop on their vacation route. We plan to head their direction when we ever stop ending up "vacationing aka adopting" in China!

It's simply amazing that although it's years that our little girls have been home, that Rissa and Kat see each other and immediately feel the bond that they have shared from the start. Kat and Rissa BOTH recall they were crib mates, for their ages that almost seems impossible, but there is no doubt they DO recall it. They remember clinging to each other, sharing their little blanket.

It's such a joy for the girls to see each other, to see the love our families have for them, to know this very important "buddy" has a family full of love and are growing up happy. Now they cling to one another for fun, not for comfort. They never need share a blanket again, or feel the lack of a mother's love if they need us. Ruthie and I have a special bond as the moms to these 2 lovely and fun girls. They keep us hopping.
Craig enjoyed the girls, including Chloe, she had a blast with him swinging her and running under her as she swung high. BTW CRAIG- Kat's just fine, even with dumping her off her swing:) You big boy you! I'm so glad we were able to get together and we had a lovely afternoon with you:)

Our boys including our 2 Cams had a ball too. It was a fun play date for all. Too short, but we will be sure to make it longer next time.

1 more sleep till school- I think I'm gonna make it SANE:) Ha ha kiddies, I win, I win.

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