Tuesday, August 11, 2009


One more thing to check off. Fingerprints DONE:) Yeah! We hope to have our approval soon, no reject letters-pray we get none, just an approval please.

It's kinda funny that everything else we can do from home, post office, around home, but we have traveled nearly 3 hours one way, 3 times now, not that our fingers have changed or we have committed any crimes. But to prove again, our commitment to these boys, off we went. It wasn't super quick (10 minutes in and out) like last time, but neither was it over 4 hours and a nightmare of us taking sick kids, a new puppy and getting lost like the first time:)

It took about 2 hours since there were 3 of us, Mal will be 18 before the boys come home so instead of hauling the trip twice we went ahead and had her printed now. One machine was down but once we did get in it was as painless as ever.

We enjoyed the scenic route home, ran into some bad T-storms we waited out one that was just too bad to see in to drive safely. Oldest son was again bribed to babysit, noticing a theme here? Our kids are really not terrible but I must bribe each time to get older sons to babysit?? Anyway, he got a free haircut for sitting the babies, even though Chloe takes that literally and protests terribly that she is NOT a baby to be sat:)

We had a fun time this weekend with a family reunion, Baba's side of the family. Gotta tell you what that funny Donobin said- only a super 15 year old with HUGE attitude could come off with this. G-ma said to him " you are eating only sweets, that's not good for you." Donobin's priceless response?
"I'm 207 pounds of sweet, so what's wrong with a little more." Yeah, we are still laughing over that one. Laughing WITH you Donobin, not at you:) Gotta love those teens, we seem destined to have many of them, so we are thankful they give us wonderful reasons to laugh.
No pictures of all that sweetness since everytime I get my camera out his hand goes up in front of his face. HMMM.... guess he's too sweet for me:)

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Annie said...

Glad the fingerprints are done and you can cross it off the list!! Don't you just love being able to cross things off like that!! Good feeling. Anyway, yours is such an amazing journey and I have really enjoyed following along! Thank you:)