Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Adoption Steps

Okay you blond who requested this- :)
We met Chloe Feb 23, adopted Feb 24, got home March 6, 2009

For Chance-
Applied to agency with his file 3-20-09
Approved by agency with his file 3-26-09
Applied for Pre Approval (PA) for him 4-8-09

Was also working on Home Study (HS) to be updated - this required new medicals, Childline, Police and FBI clearances, ordered birth certificates, marriage license, local police clearance letter for each parent

Given Pre Approval from China for Chance 5-11-09

HS done, sent to immigration 6-11-09
Fingerprints done 8-13-09
Immigration Approval 8-17-09

Sealing documents now, depends on State first to certify, then off to Consulate to authenticate, we expect a few weeks total, then we send off everything to agency with second fee and dossier fee for them to translate and send to China-(document packet is called a dossier)

Once they do this, we will receive a Log In Date (LID)
We waited 136 days for Letter of Approval (LOA) for Chloe after LID

Once we have LOA then we must fill out another immigration form and my understanding there is a new fun and exciting (NOT) step in there after LOA, of waiting for a cable or something till Travel Approval (TA) can be issued

But once TA is approved, then we travel as soon as a few weeks

What does this mean to us? Well, as I see it- unless the time frames have sped up we expect to travel early next year :( This is a long time for Chloe and the boys to wait but we have no control over this. For the other question posed, as far as Chase goes, yes, our goal is to bring them both at the same time.

Firstly it just makes more sense, secondly we really doubt there is going to ever be enough funds to go twice, we need to do this in one shot. That's the skinny of it friends and we hope you all stay tuned to enjoy the happy ending we want for these super sibs :)

I added a picture from my garden to distract from the ugliness of all that paperwork:)


Chelley said...

Thank you so very much for taking the time to do this!!!

I know have a much better understanding!!!

I hope that the times of things will go quicker for everyones sake!!

big hugz!

Ladyblog said...

Your family rocks! I wish you the best. Are you going to do another fundraiser?