Thursday, August 6, 2009

5 months home

Can anyone believe we have been home 5 months now with our wonderful Miss Chloe?
I sure can't. It seems in some ways as if she has been here so much longer, we know her so well. Yet in other ways it seems so short a time since we were walking in that door, bombarded by the family wanting to know what we brought them, besides a new sis:)
What progress we have with our girl. She has bloomed, just as her name means. I thought about her last night, as we did our 6 month post placement meeting with the SW, since our official 6 months is August 24 and the report must be in before that.

As I pointed out what her progress has been I thought, how do I explain the deep, binding love I have for this child. That I never want to see her hurt, I never want to cause her pain. That I am still in AWE of the pure strength of this child, as she left her brothers. It still blows my mind. She's incredible to me.

She's not real comfortable with the "I love you"- that is- coming from her to us, she's cool with it from me to her, 'cause that's just how I am. But as she snuggled beside me this morning on "my" chair (see I do share my chair) she grabbed my face and planted me a kiss, I am gifted with this at least once a day, usually a few times and I'm feeling the love :)

She's a happy girl. She's still very shy, but she's a joy. Now remind me of all this mushiness when she is bossing everyone:)

What gains we have seen-

Understanding that us looking at her is "okay" we care, we are parents, that's what we do. It was an issue I am sure due to "attention" at the orphanage meant "in trouble." Not so here- just keeping an eye on her happiness, her life, watching her grow:) We do it OFTEN.

The "eat everything in sight" has slowed down after gaining 15 pounds, that she obviously needed, she was painfully thin. Now she looks healthy, she knows food is always available. She grown over 3 inches. She is 4 ft 11 inches and a whopping 85 lbs. Still wearing 10/12 girl clothes but heading to size 14/16 girls, at least for shirts.

She is reading simple stuff, she is writing sentences. Her handwriting is beautiful, so neat. Language skills are super, she is learning new words every day and understanding one word can have different spelling and meaning, she is sounding out words:) Very quick to pick up things, she is bright.

She loves to be outside playing, she is active and fun loving. She is curious about the tomato plants and wants them to turn yellow and red NOW, so she and Kat can eat them :) She wants to know what everything is. She has learned to slow down some, thus she is not so rough on everything and everyone.

She says "HOOP," for Who- it's very cute. Also "sank you" for thank you and she is very polite. She is a chatterbox at home, till anyone strange is around:) She told SW, yes, she like us, yes she happy here. She "Like" America. That's it. She wanted the "WHY the SW was coming- this was the explanation "China checking to see you like momma and baba, like America, no go back, just check on you." Answer "oh. I got it."

She's still uncomfortable being told she is pretty, beautiful. She doesn't like her smile with her chipped tooth. We told her it will be fixed once we can see if they can save her tooth, the treatment will take months first. She just started it. She hates the dentist after he gave her 2 shots in her upper lip and she was sure her face was deformed. Even though she knows now it will not be, she is counting the days till the next treatment and says " I no like dentist- you go."

We can't help but tell her she is pretty, her hair is amazing to us. Kat's is quite long and thin, pretty on her, but Chloe's is this mass of hair that's so full and thick, I tried to braid it into one braid and it's not even possible. Even her hair strands are about 3 times the size of mine. It's also got a slight curl to it. She has asked me to fix her hair for her, also a progress for her.

She is preparing for school, she knows how to shave her legs now, after much laughing and silliness. She is wearing her "needed undergarments" that she wasn't too thrilled about needing (get used to it, momma hates bras too babe)

She doesn't get the whole idea of Jesus and the religion we hope for her to understand eventually, but she has a start. She knows we had a foster baby and he died and went to Jesus, in the sky. She knows "church" and likes it, but that's mostly due to the toys they hand out at children's church:(

Each month as she grows is truly a joy, but also bittersweet, as we wait for the boys to come home. It's a long time for her to be without them for the first time in their lives and we caused it. Unknowingly and we are trying to fix it, but we did cause it. Thankfully she doesn't see it that way, she is impatient but happy we are going back for her brothers. She understands the time it takes, not that she LIKES it.

At least she likes it here and is able to tell her brothers where they are coming, what we are like, so they will know---- or is that a good thing????? I'm not so sure- she might tell them we are nuts. And how would we know if she did? Oh dear. Guess we'll just have to see if they look at us like we have 2 heads then we'll know, huh?
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Holly said...

What a beautiful post!! What a sweet tribute to your beautiful girl. :) It sounds like she is doing so well! I am continually amazed at how God is working it out that you will get to adopt those brothers!! What a dream come true! I know that Chloe will come to know Jesus. It's evident that He is showing such tender love and care to her through your family. I will be praying for her to come to know Him quickly!

Donna said...

Five month? Really? Geesh... time really flies so fast! I wish there was some way to bottle it up and save it!

Your family is lovely, as always!

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