Monday, August 31, 2009

We did it!

We made it through the first day of school. Although I have to say I am a bit more gray after sitting and waiting for Chloe's bus and seeing her go by in ANOTHER bus, yep, right past me! I was more scared than her apparently, she got off at the next stop and WALKED home, as I am frantically calling the school -who is trying to call the driver of the bus I saw her on.

She told me she looked for the "money store" better known as a bank- and found her way home from there. PHEWW, I am glad she figured that out. I am going to need the hair dye early this time. Man- she freaked me out. I thought she'd be sitting on that bus crying and afraid to tell anyone where she belonged. And then there she comes, with no problem getting home.
I told her I will be there tomorrow, please GET OFF the bus!
I thought the kids all all looked really sharp for the first day, although I did have to finally break it to Chloe that American girls do not wear their socks on the outside of the leggings:) She fixed them and was ready to go.

Kat ran to the bus without looking back, but came home and said she didn't like it. Ohh, well it's not a try out little one, it's for good. Hopefully she will have a better time tomorrow.

I guess I really should have freshened Chloe up on the whole name thing, yet again she argued about her new last name and that she could not spell it. Sorry, but it's all of ours and we are honored to share it with her. She came home with the required bucket load of paperwork, laughing as each child came home and pulled out another folder of "homework for mom."
Glad it amused her, cause my arm is now aching, I can hardly move for the pain in my wrist, but every last one of those rotten forms are DONE> so there School District, you got 'em.

Baba stayed home today to share the fun of seeing all those little sweeties off to school. So what did we do after they left, probably NOT what you'd think---- okay, get your mind out of the gutter----
I did 4 loads of laundry and hung them out to dry. Baba went on a bike trail he has been dying to hit. We did go to breakfast, but learned something, every old couple in our area goes to McD's for breakfast, and they can't smell their own flowery perfume. Also, you HAVE to admit you live in a hick town when you go to eat and someone walks in wearing a NIGHTGOWN with a sweater over it. I don't care HOW old I am, not going to be going there.

Also going to be really snotty here as well, if you go to Walm*rt, don't ya know no one else wants to see your jammie pants? Please lazy folks, I am all for jammie pants, in my own home, in my own yard, but please do not inflict your comfort on my shopping day. I hate to see that. I've even seen slippers. Unless you are limping from an injury that forces you to wear slippers, I don't care to see your bedtime footwear either. Please get dressed before you leave home.

Now- no hate mail if you dress this way. You have the freedom to do so, I'm just telling you how I feel it looks. I'm not going to argue that world hunger is more important, OF COURSE it is. If you are there in your jammies to buy food for the food bank, I'll smile and move on. But I'm still gonna be thinking "please get dressed before leaving home."

What else I did today, well we got back from breakfast and was I ever nervous, we had 3 messages on the machine. Of course, I am thinking it has to be the school, something must have happened. But no, it was the dentist- appointment reminder, the neighbor- come get all the cherry tomatoes you want, they are going bad, and a telemarketer. Another PHEWWW moment.

I pulled weeds, and tried to nap, as none of us slept well. Chloe said she was up 12:30, 3:30, 5:30 and she didn't need up till 6:30. Here's the thing, I couldn't nap. I figured out why, it was TOO quiet. How's that for nuts. I think they got me, I can't handle the quiet.

They won after all, I'm totally losing it (SIGH)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Min Sisters

Rissa's folks traveled very far, from Massachusetts, to visit us here in PA. We were so happy they made us a stop on their vacation route. We plan to head their direction when we ever stop ending up "vacationing aka adopting" in China!

It's simply amazing that although it's years that our little girls have been home, that Rissa and Kat see each other and immediately feel the bond that they have shared from the start. Kat and Rissa BOTH recall they were crib mates, for their ages that almost seems impossible, but there is no doubt they DO recall it. They remember clinging to each other, sharing their little blanket.

It's such a joy for the girls to see each other, to see the love our families have for them, to know this very important "buddy" has a family full of love and are growing up happy. Now they cling to one another for fun, not for comfort. They never need share a blanket again, or feel the lack of a mother's love if they need us. Ruthie and I have a special bond as the moms to these 2 lovely and fun girls. They keep us hopping.
Craig enjoyed the girls, including Chloe, she had a blast with him swinging her and running under her as she swung high. BTW CRAIG- Kat's just fine, even with dumping her off her swing:) You big boy you! I'm so glad we were able to get together and we had a lovely afternoon with you:)

Our boys including our 2 Cams had a ball too. It was a fun play date for all. Too short, but we will be sure to make it longer next time.

1 more sleep till school- I think I'm gonna make it SANE:) Ha ha kiddies, I win, I win.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Say what?

I am wondering if I will ever be immune to the revelations of Chloe. As we talked about time, since there are many birthdays coming up, Cam's first. Then Mal's then Kat's. Chloe asked "how long we know Kat?" I told her we go to China for Kat, she was 3. Now she is going to be 6 so that means 3 years home. So then she says " how long you know me?" Okay, well, 11 months from finding her till we go to China. She thinks on this and then says " how long you know Chase and Chance."

I was puzzled about this, thinking, wow- did she NOT see my shock on her Adoption Day? So I said " momma come for you, think you are like Kat, 1 girl, find out you have 2 brothers, Chase and Chance!" So we go back for them. She said " you don't know them?" I said "NO, we did not know you had brothers." Now we know and we want your brothers home. She says "OH." Yeah, OHHH!
Meaning to me, she thought we KNEW. She thought we didn't WANT her brothers. I sent pictures, did the siblings look at them and think, oh, they have 5 sons, they must not want more? It makes me realize all the more how brave she was on Adoption Day, how sweet she was, so willing, thinking we wanted her, but not her brothers! Then to accept us and even dare to be excited that we talk of the brothers, we showed her papers and say we are going back. She was able to piece it together when she had enough English to ask us, that we didn't know of them, we didn't TRY to take her from them, WE DIDN'T KNOW. We are trying to fix this horrible error done to these children through no fault of hers or ours.

All I can say is Chloe is my hero. She is the most loving and wonderful child even with such burdens on her heart she trusts us, she loves us. She is slowly allowing us to take those burdens for her, handing them over to her parents, asking the questions she hurts over. We will gladly take those burdens, precious child. We are so thankful for her, that God gave us this fantastic daughter and are allowing us to actually watch her grow, blossom and bloom. We are able to give her what she needs so badly, her childhood back. It's an incredible honor and blessing to be her parents.

Our worries about the getting the brothers home, the money to get to China for them, none of this is greater than God.

I have to say all of my children are my heroes, each has had their own special journey in this life and God has given me the honor of sharing them, each amazing and precious in their own ways.

In other news of us, we started soccer games this AM, bright and early, okay, so maybe fogging and early, our team lost, Cam was NOT happy about that, but he played well. I had a hard time seeing Cam, he was always the only red head, easy to spot, this year, there are 3 of them on the team! No fair:)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

4 days till school

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They are in full force today, bickering is at an all time high. I think they have plotted to relieve me of my sanity before they head off to school. Cam and Chloe are going at it like the siblings they are, they will be just fine in school, time away from each other.

I got news for them, I am bigger than them. I WILL stay sane, they will not win.

4 days my precious little ones, just 4 more days.............

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ready for school?

I hope so 'cause they are going. Every last one of them.

I'm soo jealous of these home schooling moms, you know the ones that adore their children and have the patience to provide the perfect environment for their wonderful children, to give them an education and expose them to only what they want in this big bad world.

This is NOT me. I am counting the days. I cannot WAIT to NOT worry about what's for lunch, at 10 am when they start plotting their lunch time and I hear this question about 100 times until noon, when we really do eat lunch. I may get giddy. I may eventually cry, but somehow I doubt it. I'm going pee alone. Just me and the dog, wow.

At some point I will get sick of school and wish it to be over, thinking that just maybe I should home school our children for the best outcome for them and then I wake up and realize it was just a bad dream and I don't need prescription medication. HA HA- now don't be sending me nasty e-mails MOM how terrible that is to write.

I need the break even though they are all trying to send me to work the second they board the bus, they seem to think I do not have enough to do with them all gone that I should hop right on over into my other life of working for their needs and wants. They are so loving, I can hardly stand it.

We did the Middle School orientation night, so Chloe now knows where most of her classes are, how to get to the office and cafeteria, all important to her! I'm afraid she will miss eating all day long. Not to mention the lunch options. Yikes. Anyway, we have been able to pair her up with a girl in all her classes and homeroom.

As I explained this "buddy" to Chloe and told her she would meet her in the lobby the first day and get her where she needed to go, Chloe says " how will she know me?" I had to laugh, it was just too cute. Sorry sweetie, you are no longer in China, you will be the only Chinese girl around. She's gonna know it's you, no problem.

Chloe is going back and forth, today she said she didn't want to go to school most of the day, then she got her schedule and put it in her backpack and said she was ready for tomorrow to go to school. Monday's coming fast enough:) BTW, she was amazed at the size of the library, but not one Chinese book to be found in there- bummer.

Kat also had her orientation day and she is very ready to go to school. Her outfit is picked and hanging ready for the big day. Her teacher seems very nice and is happy to have Miss Kitty in her class. Hope she is okay with Kat asking if she "brushed her teeth today too!"

I got both the girls set up for juice with their lunches, Kat can not tolerate dairy at all, Chloe a little but the choice of only milk with lunches really stinks. So after a note from the doc stating their lactose intolerant state, they will be able to get juice.

I got Kat's emergency forms to fill out early as I only have a trillion forms to fill out and sign after the very first day of school. You know, those ones that everyone of them freaks out if they aren't done and ready to go back the very next day, like they will have detention or something.
Baba turned a year older yesterday, he had a carrot cake, his fave and he got showered with many gifts and sung to, all the kids just adore him. He is so patient and good with all our kiddos. Another year older hubby and still older than me- ha ha. Love ya tons.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

More China girls

Our wonderful friends, Dean and Lisa stopped by with their little ones this weekend and we had a fun time visiting. Their family includes two more China girls, Em and Evie, Evie being their new little one, she is the cutest little bug.

Chloe was thrilled, even if they were much younger than her, Evie took to her right away, it's quite obvious Chloe has helped out with a baby or two in her life:) Later, Vita stopped in too, and we were over run by China girls. Such sweethearts, all our girls are.

Cam was hurt that Evie didn't seem to care for him, she didn't seem to care too much for me either, for that matter, but then he found out he could chase her and she would run laughing, that made it better for him. I got to watch her playing and having a blast.

Chloe was talking to me last night about how long till brothers, something we talk of often :) She said, someone told her that it was "too long" that we "didn't want her." After I was able to tame the flames rolling off my red hair, I explained to her that if it had taken 3 years I wanted to be her momma, that she was my girl and I would waited and STILL came for her.

It blows my mind how cruel someone could be to tell her that. I would imagine for the older children, of which not many have gotten adopted from her orphanage, getting a family would be, to them, like hitting the lottery. So as she built up hope that she would be getting us, that we would be there before she turned 14, when she would age out forever, that she was told we didn't want her 'cause it was "taking too long?" Did she not sit there and wait and hope and dream of a family? Did we not sit here wishing and hoping and dreaming of getting HER? To imply we are so fickle that we would give up if it took too long?

No wonder it's a long road of trust building, she is very trusting of us, and I am glad that she was able to ask me about this, she trusted me enough to bring it up. And I can tell you, I assured her that we wanted her, that she is our daughter, that we would go through whatever it took for her. This also allows her to understand our commitment to her brothers, we will go for them, we will get them home. No matter the paperwork, no matter the $$, no matter the time.

We feel that even learning about the boys was totally out of our hands, God's Hands has been on these children for years, watching over them, holding them safe till we could join them and give them a family, all 3 of them. We do not question this, as we can't. It's too obvious this was meant to be. It just makes me ache for all the children waiting and hoping and being told " you are not worth the wait."

Everyone here has 8 days till school!! Yeah, I will have all the munchkins going off to school. As Chloe and I were talking she found out she would need to catch her bus at 7:20 am, she is NOT too thrilled by this and asked " you yell at me?" I said' uh, no. I don't yell at you?" She said "no, no, you yell at me, get me up?" I guess she thinks she will not be able to get up so early, so I am to yell at her to get her up. She totally cracks me up. She has her outfit picked out already and she declared the other day she was ready to go, she wants to have some friends!

I think she will be just fine, we have kept her home much since she got here, partly due to her shyness and also to build a good strong bond with her as her family. She seems to have the foundation she needs.
About our Friendship students- if you live near any college, call them, ask for the International Students Office and ask if they have a program set up to match local families with a new incoming student. Our students have been a wonderful blessing, they stop in, we take them to the store, one celebrated Thanksgiving with us. It's a neat relationship. It helps their English skills and shows them American culture, gives them a local family to back them. It gives us someone to translate if needed, someone to cook the girls real Chinese food and another child for life- they really become like one of our own.

I'm mulling over the next fundraising plan, I'll let you all know when I've decided what to tackle this time:)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Our girls

That Chloe girl of ours is so happy this week. She has a buddy, she calls her "Wee- dah." Vita is our student we were to have for just 5 days to allow her to acclimate to the local college with an American family as she is from China. Let's just say, Vita and Chloe are like sisters, they hit it off really well.

So well, if fact, we asked to keep Vita as our friendship student, we are considered her "American family" for good and we are here for her to lean on when she needs us. We already have done this for 2 young men from China, but one is doing an internship in China and not returning till next year so we are happy we will be able to help Vita by being her "family" as well. She is so sweet, an only child so we feared she would be overwhelmed by all of our children, at the least:)

Not so at all. She is patient and kind, the kids are fighting over her. She is just like one of our kids! We are going to miss her being here. Chloe is loving being able to speak Chinese with her, she even came to me and said "Can I have whoo-aug-wahh and I guessed it was cucumber, the latest love of Chloe's tastes. She doesn't ever want to use her Chinese with me, so I was amazed.
In news of our sons- we got back our dossier documents in 4 days from the State sealing them, I was totally impressed by that. 4 days! Way to go State of PA! Now they are at the Consulate to be authenticated and we are DONE. 2nd agency fee, dossier fee and dossier will go off to agency for translation and then off to China. WOOO HOOO.

Our timeline for Chloe is so very close to this time for Chance, we logged in our dossier to China for Chloe on Sept 4, 2008. One step at a time and another one done.........

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Adoption Steps

Okay you blond who requested this- :)
We met Chloe Feb 23, adopted Feb 24, got home March 6, 2009

For Chance-
Applied to agency with his file 3-20-09
Approved by agency with his file 3-26-09
Applied for Pre Approval (PA) for him 4-8-09

Was also working on Home Study (HS) to be updated - this required new medicals, Childline, Police and FBI clearances, ordered birth certificates, marriage license, local police clearance letter for each parent

Given Pre Approval from China for Chance 5-11-09

HS done, sent to immigration 6-11-09
Fingerprints done 8-13-09
Immigration Approval 8-17-09

Sealing documents now, depends on State first to certify, then off to Consulate to authenticate, we expect a few weeks total, then we send off everything to agency with second fee and dossier fee for them to translate and send to China-(document packet is called a dossier)

Once they do this, we will receive a Log In Date (LID)
We waited 136 days for Letter of Approval (LOA) for Chloe after LID

Once we have LOA then we must fill out another immigration form and my understanding there is a new fun and exciting (NOT) step in there after LOA, of waiting for a cable or something till Travel Approval (TA) can be issued

But once TA is approved, then we travel as soon as a few weeks

What does this mean to us? Well, as I see it- unless the time frames have sped up we expect to travel early next year :( This is a long time for Chloe and the boys to wait but we have no control over this. For the other question posed, as far as Chase goes, yes, our goal is to bring them both at the same time.

Firstly it just makes more sense, secondly we really doubt there is going to ever be enough funds to go twice, we need to do this in one shot. That's the skinny of it friends and we hope you all stay tuned to enjoy the happy ending we want for these super sibs :)

I added a picture from my garden to distract from the ugliness of all that paperwork:)

Monday, August 17, 2009


I got the mail today and saw a big yellow envelope from USCIS. Couldn't believe my eyes. WAS it, could it be???? our approval.

Less than a week after fingerprinting, 2 months from sending it in- we are

APPROVED by US immigration

Way to go US Government!! We are thrilled it did not take the 90+ days it took for Chloe's to get approved AND better yet, NO rejection letters at ALL.....

I'm gonna go kiss the SW, the dog, my girls, anyone in reach!! Watch out world:) Doing the Approval Dance here today!!!
We sent last week, basically a LOI (Letter Of Intent) for Chase, we were told this would be the first step in getting him here :) To officially inform China of our intent for him.
Off to the notary then all paperwork will be mailed to the State for certification.
Hang in there Chance and Chase, your parents are working on coming as fast as we can!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

School Clothes

It's done. School clothes bought and ready, everyone has a new outfit for the first day and more. We did really well budget wise too, we are so thankful to have G-Brothers to get name brand stuff cheap:) I got 8 pairs of jeans, unders for all the boys, socks for all the boys, a new shirt for everyone and new shoes for one for the grand total of under $200! WOW! We were happy to accomplish that so easily.

Chloe wanted to know if the store meant buying gift for my brother, since it was G- BROTHERS store. She is too funny, she also was asking why so much shopping, I told her she learning to be good American, go shopping, buy much- ha ha.

The best deals to buy are the clearance then put them away for the next season, as long as you don't forget where you put them:) I've bought that way for YEARS, allowing my kiddos to look sharp but not cost us so much to clothe them. That's how we only needed a little to top off what I had put back from last season. I had gotten shoes and outfits, along with backpacks for mere dollars off season.

I had someone pose one of the MANY adoption questions to me about our lovely daughters. "Are they sisters," as they looked over the girls. I answered "they are now." and smiled. I was glad that's all it took. People can be quite odd when it comes to the comments, anyone who has adopted knows what I mean, someone said to me once, (nodding at Cam) "he's the one that's YOURS, right?" Well, "NO, those are my daughters, I replied." I like my friend's reply (single mom) to the "is she Chinese- Asian, blah blah, "well, it was dark, I was drunk, I think he was foreign-----" too funny.

Chloe has tried to convince me that I needed clothing for school as well, as I laughed and told her I did my time in school I was not going to school, she doesn't like that answer. She keeps asking what I will be doing while everyone in school- ha ha if she only knew. I think she's jealous:) She doesn't need to be, laundry will be my big feat of each day! Sometimes I think we have 50 kids for the amount of clothes I wash.

We have a student coming today we are hosting for a week for her orientation for the local college. The girls can hardly wait as she is from China, of course. They have been asking every ten minutes when will she get here. She is going by Vita, since for some reason her English name is Vita Vicki and I'm the only Vickie around here :)

Mal starts Field Hockey practice tomorrow and Cam soccer. Our summer is winding down, it's gone by incredibly fast, I can't seem to keep up.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Amusement Day

Off we went to an amusement park yesterday, a special day for foster families. All the kids had a blast. First we hit the rides, then we ate, then we did the water park. The kids all did well till S and H were at the water area, it was fun until they started to get overloaded and both had to sit out of the water for a time. Pretty typical for autistic children, we've learned to watch for it and nip it in the bud. It was toward the end of the day so it wasn't too bad.

I learned something too, I am too old for rides- I know- GASP. I went on the Scrambler with Kat, that wasn't too bad, a bit of dizziness I chalked up to not eating yet. But when at the end of the day we hopped on the swings, those innocent looking chairs that I had to embarrassingly squash my ample tushie into I was feeling quite nauseated. I had fingernail marks in my palms, and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to calmly exit ride at end and not embarrass myself further. AHHHH- I'm OLD. I really hope this doesn't mean I gotta act my age 'cause that just isn't happening.

The girls' went today and got hair trims, it's not really even noticeable, Chloe was fretting something terrible and I said just a trim, but as I was watching Kat get hers done, the girl took Chloe on the other side of me and before Kat was even done Chloe was "done". Now I found this quite amazing considering the thickness of Chloe's hair, and I saw very little on the floor but honestly I just let it go. I figure if she got through it feeling like it was nothing then we could manage to do more if needed in the future. She actually laughed that I paid for that haircut. Yeah, yeah, common theme, laugh at mother. Whatever.

We are getting ready for school, everyone will be going to school, YOU READ IT RIGHT -everyone. All of them. I will be alone in the house for the first time in 24 years!!@!! I am not sure what I am going to do with myself, but as for the kids, they are all ready. Miss Kitty was my biggest concern and she told me she can't wait to go, she is counting the "sleeps" and told me if I miss her I can take a nap with her blanket. Alrighty then, guess I better be okay with that, huh?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


One more thing to check off. Fingerprints DONE:) Yeah! We hope to have our approval soon, no reject letters-pray we get none, just an approval please.

It's kinda funny that everything else we can do from home, post office, around home, but we have traveled nearly 3 hours one way, 3 times now, not that our fingers have changed or we have committed any crimes. But to prove again, our commitment to these boys, off we went. It wasn't super quick (10 minutes in and out) like last time, but neither was it over 4 hours and a nightmare of us taking sick kids, a new puppy and getting lost like the first time:)

It took about 2 hours since there were 3 of us, Mal will be 18 before the boys come home so instead of hauling the trip twice we went ahead and had her printed now. One machine was down but once we did get in it was as painless as ever.

We enjoyed the scenic route home, ran into some bad T-storms we waited out one that was just too bad to see in to drive safely. Oldest son was again bribed to babysit, noticing a theme here? Our kids are really not terrible but I must bribe each time to get older sons to babysit?? Anyway, he got a free haircut for sitting the babies, even though Chloe takes that literally and protests terribly that she is NOT a baby to be sat:)

We had a fun time this weekend with a family reunion, Baba's side of the family. Gotta tell you what that funny Donobin said- only a super 15 year old with HUGE attitude could come off with this. G-ma said to him " you are eating only sweets, that's not good for you." Donobin's priceless response?
"I'm 207 pounds of sweet, so what's wrong with a little more." Yeah, we are still laughing over that one. Laughing WITH you Donobin, not at you:) Gotta love those teens, we seem destined to have many of them, so we are thankful they give us wonderful reasons to laugh.
No pictures of all that sweetness since everytime I get my camera out his hand goes up in front of his face. HMMM.... guess he's too sweet for me:)

Friday, August 7, 2009

As we learn more

One of the things I think many people believe of adopting an older child is that "oh no" they come with memories. Well, really we all have history. This does not mean we take lightly that Chloe has seen, heard and been exposed to things we can't even begin to imagine. That some of it will come out and we will need to listen and comfort her as she needs to tell us these things, no matter what they are. We try very hard to make her understand we care, she can tell us anything, and if it's bad we are sorry she has seen or heard it.

Although she asked "you did it?" when I said I am sorry. I said "no, but makes momma sad Chloe see this in China." She then understands I am there to comfort her and she buries herself in my side and I am able to stroke her hair and allow her to cry if she needs to. Sometimes I cry with her. I thank God that I am able to make her feel better.

I think a big thing for her also is to understand all of China is not bad. She does not need to break her tie to China and only love America. Both countries have good and bad. She is a part of both, our hope is that she can understand it is okay to like some things of both and to dislike the wrongs of both. This is life.

She, at times, needs her link to China, mainly with her bros right now, as she worries about them, she cries for them. We called only to be told they were in bed, at 8 pm? We doubted it. But she needed to talk to someone, I could see it. So she tried her roomie and friend. Not home. So then she said she recalled an older girl's number that she wanted to call but she didn't know the international number to call and I did. So between the 2 of us, we hit pay dirt. Thank You God, just when she needed this! She talked away and called again, after nicely asking if we had enough $$ to call:) She's thoughtful like that. (We have an international calling plan so I got her covered:)

We finally got her brothers on the line-I got to speak to my boys, I was probably as happy as her!! Chase sounds so mature! I was thrilled to get confirmation he does, in fact, WANT to come here. Sounds simple but I told Chloe we could not force him to come if he did not wish to. She wasn't happy with this answer but all other contact we did not get to speak to him. So we are clear now, to move forward with every attempt we can possibly make to bring him home to be our son as well as Chance. He wants to be our son- we are very happy he wants us.

Speaking of Chance , he told Chloe he cries for her:( She told him we are coming, I am so glad she can reassure him of that. Otherwise I got to tell them both, in Chinese, hello, how are you and momma loves you. Then Chloe takes my phone away and I am sure she was telling them, "that's all she can say correctly."

I just know that these 3 siblings are truly God's precious ones and He had a plan for them all along. I am so thankful we were chosen for them, that they all 3 want to be within our family as the siblings they are.
We think our new sons are going to adore Miss Kitty, I mean who can resist her anyway? Our adorable and sweet girl took the time to "smell the roses"- as we all should in life, and she declared them, "YUMMY" smelling:)
Kat and Chloe decided to pick me flower buds, till they brought me one with a BEE in it and I screamed. I told them thank you, but no more:) They laughed like a bunch of nuts watching me trying to get rid of the flower asap. Glad to have amused you dear daughters, I'll get you back for that one!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

5 months home

Can anyone believe we have been home 5 months now with our wonderful Miss Chloe?
I sure can't. It seems in some ways as if she has been here so much longer, we know her so well. Yet in other ways it seems so short a time since we were walking in that door, bombarded by the family wanting to know what we brought them, besides a new sis:)
What progress we have with our girl. She has bloomed, just as her name means. I thought about her last night, as we did our 6 month post placement meeting with the SW, since our official 6 months is August 24 and the report must be in before that.

As I pointed out what her progress has been I thought, how do I explain the deep, binding love I have for this child. That I never want to see her hurt, I never want to cause her pain. That I am still in AWE of the pure strength of this child, as she left her brothers. It still blows my mind. She's incredible to me.

She's not real comfortable with the "I love you"- that is- coming from her to us, she's cool with it from me to her, 'cause that's just how I am. But as she snuggled beside me this morning on "my" chair (see I do share my chair) she grabbed my face and planted me a kiss, I am gifted with this at least once a day, usually a few times and I'm feeling the love :)

She's a happy girl. She's still very shy, but she's a joy. Now remind me of all this mushiness when she is bossing everyone:)

What gains we have seen-

Understanding that us looking at her is "okay" we care, we are parents, that's what we do. It was an issue I am sure due to "attention" at the orphanage meant "in trouble." Not so here- just keeping an eye on her happiness, her life, watching her grow:) We do it OFTEN.

The "eat everything in sight" has slowed down after gaining 15 pounds, that she obviously needed, she was painfully thin. Now she looks healthy, she knows food is always available. She grown over 3 inches. She is 4 ft 11 inches and a whopping 85 lbs. Still wearing 10/12 girl clothes but heading to size 14/16 girls, at least for shirts.

She is reading simple stuff, she is writing sentences. Her handwriting is beautiful, so neat. Language skills are super, she is learning new words every day and understanding one word can have different spelling and meaning, she is sounding out words:) Very quick to pick up things, she is bright.

She loves to be outside playing, she is active and fun loving. She is curious about the tomato plants and wants them to turn yellow and red NOW, so she and Kat can eat them :) She wants to know what everything is. She has learned to slow down some, thus she is not so rough on everything and everyone.

She says "HOOP," for Who- it's very cute. Also "sank you" for thank you and she is very polite. She is a chatterbox at home, till anyone strange is around:) She told SW, yes, she like us, yes she happy here. She "Like" America. That's it. She wanted the "WHY the SW was coming- this was the explanation "China checking to see you like momma and baba, like America, no go back, just check on you." Answer "oh. I got it."

She's still uncomfortable being told she is pretty, beautiful. She doesn't like her smile with her chipped tooth. We told her it will be fixed once we can see if they can save her tooth, the treatment will take months first. She just started it. She hates the dentist after he gave her 2 shots in her upper lip and she was sure her face was deformed. Even though she knows now it will not be, she is counting the days till the next treatment and says " I no like dentist- you go."

We can't help but tell her she is pretty, her hair is amazing to us. Kat's is quite long and thin, pretty on her, but Chloe's is this mass of hair that's so full and thick, I tried to braid it into one braid and it's not even possible. Even her hair strands are about 3 times the size of mine. It's also got a slight curl to it. She has asked me to fix her hair for her, also a progress for her.

She is preparing for school, she knows how to shave her legs now, after much laughing and silliness. She is wearing her "needed undergarments" that she wasn't too thrilled about needing (get used to it, momma hates bras too babe)

She doesn't get the whole idea of Jesus and the religion we hope for her to understand eventually, but she has a start. She knows we had a foster baby and he died and went to Jesus, in the sky. She knows "church" and likes it, but that's mostly due to the toys they hand out at children's church:(

Each month as she grows is truly a joy, but also bittersweet, as we wait for the boys to come home. It's a long time for her to be without them for the first time in their lives and we caused it. Unknowingly and we are trying to fix it, but we did cause it. Thankfully she doesn't see it that way, she is impatient but happy we are going back for her brothers. She understands the time it takes, not that she LIKES it.

At least she likes it here and is able to tell her brothers where they are coming, what we are like, so they will know---- or is that a good thing????? I'm not so sure- she might tell them we are nuts. And how would we know if she did? Oh dear. Guess we'll just have to see if they look at us like we have 2 heads then we'll know, huh?
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bye Bye Uncle Roy

Uncle Roy and family are gone. Back to Japan, arrived safely but are sadly missed already:(

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Choo Choo

Can you guess what we did today? We went on the train! The boys, meaning Dustin, Cam, Jerry, and even the daddies LOVE trains. So we traveled to hop on an old, and I mean OLD, train and then took a trolley ride as well. Doesn't it look like fun?