Monday, July 20, 2009


This little cutie, Miss Kat, measures all events in "sleeps," to understand how many days till something is coming. She asked if her birthday (in October) is 70 sleeps. Not sure about that, I'm not counting out that far. If I would then each day would be a count down I would forget and have to recount for her---- ahhhh. Just another way to drive mother nuts.

Anyway, it's just 1 sleep till Uncle Roy comes..... ohhhh. The kids are so excited, even Chloe said "1 sleep till Uncle Roy, he your brother?" Yep, my favorite. Coming all the way from Japan with his family. The dog is even bathed and groomed today, by me, so we are ready!

We have just 2 sleeps to the BIG Day, Chloe, Chance and Chase's birthdays and the RAFFLE ends. I want everyone to win, I know, I know-----so do you!

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