Thursday, July 9, 2009


Last night I had to tell hubby I was "PROUD of him." Just had to. "Cause he did something HUGE. We were tight on funds with Chloe's adoption, but feeling she was totally worth it, hubby offered to sell a BIG thing to him. His NASC*R collection. He asked around, but couldn't get anyone who was interested. We ended up traveling much later than we anticipated due to the hold up with the Hague Rules of MISERY for adoptive parents. BUT this allowed us to have our income tax return to use to have the fees to go get our girl. So the timing was right.

We are doing all we can to come up with the funds for the boys' to come home, even as unexpected as this journey was to us. So we were happy when hubby gathered all the stuff up and someone called right away and wanted it. The guy came last night and even though he offered us less than we had hoped, hubby did it. He sold it. For our boys to come home, he gave this up. I know it was hard for him, he's such a wonderful hubby and dad.

With this journey we are REALLY tight on funds. There just isn't any extra. It's HARD, real hard, to hear your kid say "we can't 'cause we need the $$ to get our brothers." They have offered to give up allowance. They have held lemon"aide" stands, they are the best group of kids and we are so proud of them.
They have given up so much, at times we worry they have given up too much to allow us to adopt for this 3rd time. They did super with Kat's adoption, then when things got pretty tight for Chloe, they again, rallied and were great. But truthfully, there is mumbling and grumbling, of no summer vacation trip, not even a family pool pass this year. Oh, the guilt.

But it all comes down to them loving Chloe, and they do! They all do. And they understand her love of her brothers and want to have them here with her. They too feel it's not right to leave them behind. So we hope we are raising children that all of us may not have been to Disn*y, or the ocean yet, BUT they get the importance of F-A-M-I-L-Y. We think they will be loving and giving children and later as adults, not willing to look at another person's need and walk on by.

I filled out grant applications this week. Any and all I could find. We need them. To ask is hard, but to get the boys we will NEED help. The economy is so bad right now, it's terrible for everyone, it's hard to ask for help. We understand this. The raffle is in less than 2 weeks and it's not going so well. Chances to win are SUPER, ticket sales in our rural area are not good. People just don't have it to spend.

We just keep plugging away, we know for certain we are doing the right thing, God showed us the boys, then overcame the fees we needed to begin the adoption process, we know He will not leave us hanging, unable to afford to go get the boys.

I think of the day we will reunite these precious children, and introduce them to their new siblings as well, and we know for certain this will be worth it all. Of God's plan for their lives, we have no doubts. Won't that day be priceless? We think so.


Sue said...

I have enjoyed your blog. we too are attempting to raise money for our 5th daughter (she is 12), we haven't put in for her yet until we know we have the money...I wish you all the luck and will pray for you

zsjmom said...

I am hoping that God will do something amazing here- so sorry your husband had to sell something so special to him. I know how hard it is. We applied for a grant to bring home our son, and it never materialized because one letter of reference never got submitted. The last year has brought fees beyond our expectations, and as school gets ready to start, and everyone needs supplies and uniforms, it is easy for me to get worried, but God does promise to provide, and I rest in that.

Sarah said...

I love following your story. My girls (both from China, of course) and I will gladly give up our "dinner out after payday" tonight to make a donation to your family. How can I join your raffle? Might as well try for a new electronic toy! Good luck!

ronvic7 said...

Just click on the Chip In button and every $10 gives you a chance in the pot. THANK YOU!!

Duchess of Lanier said...

Checking in on your fingerprint progress and *not* laughing at your sunburn. Hope your pink more peachy today. Love the plate- how sweet!
Happy July!