Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pot pie

Last evening I cooked supper for a crowd, okay so it was us and a few others, we make up most of any crowd:) I made potpie, I think it's a Pennsylvania thing, it's not a PIE like most think of, but actually flour dough cooked in ham broth. Ohhh yummy. One of the all time fave meals at home, so I made it for my bro.

Kat said " but I don't like your potpie, what will I eat??" Yeah, skinny girl, like I'd let her starve. We also had ham, of course, which she LOVES, glazed carrots, also a good thing for her to eat, and homemade Amish bread. (she won't eat) Oohhh, let me tell you, is there anything like the smell of fresh baked bread? I had to smell it in the car the WHOLE way home, while I dreamed of having butter on me to tear into that bread:) I even bribed son #1 to babysit ALL the children to go alone, to get the bread, his pay?? A loaf of the bread and homemade jelly:)
Momma knows the way to con a sitter.

I told wonderful family we needed a picture for a grant application, they groan and moan but we got one fairly quick although Kat and Chloe aren't looking too thrilled, like thanks girls, don't look too happy that you got US as your family-ahhh. Elderly lady sweetly agreed to take picture so we were all in it, although she couldn't really work the camera well so we only got 2 pics and Cam was looking down in the other one so we are stuck with the stone faced girls pic. Oh well.

The kiddos begged to go to McD's, they found out they have those little stuffed animals right now and just HAD to go. I told them it was up to Baba, thinking he told them "no" pretty easily to wanting a kitten at the Sunday picnic, he could handle this one, but we realized we had NEVER once taken Chloe to McD's since coming home with her- hey, we are into saving, saving saving. We have a big necessary trip to China to go on! But we did take them so they aren't neglected children.
It ended up we had to trade the Panda Cam got to Chloe, the bear Chloe got to Kat and the Skunk Kat got for a Penguin for Cam- did you follow that- yeah, another great mother skill, when young teen workers with no sense give family with 3 younger kids all different stuffed animals. What were they thinking?? We even ate in- so they witnessed the madness of the "trading till all is happy" scene. I think they were even laughing at us-- rotten teenagers.

Someday they will have kids and then they will get their paybacks--------- so the laugh is on them. I wish them lots and lots of little Hap*y Meal eaters. Ha ha. HA

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