Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's Saturday

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Yep, it's Saturday and Baba is home. The kiddos call it "Cartoon Saturday" something they picked up from the foster boys:) Mom calls it "sleep in day!" Ha ha.

Summer is here and we are off to enjoy the day. Pics of Kitty, in her jammies, just as sassy and sweet as can be. The girl is a kissy, loving little bug, she is forever hugging us and telling us how much she loves us.

Our goal this weekend? Sneak past Miss Know-it-all-Chloe to get her a b-day present she wants, all part of good parenting 101:)

Don't forget to enter the raffle, it's over in just 4 days!!! Odds are super to win... so get in the fun and help the boys come home!

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