Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Funny girls

The "girls" have been quite entertaining this week so far. Yesterday when Kat sat on Chloe's leg and was hurting her she said " Kat, get off my chicken". We all looked at her and said " get off my chicken? Do you mean leg?" And we LAUGHED like a bunch of nuts. It was just too funny.

It's just such a joy to hear girly giggles, I think God saved the girly giggles for me when I was older and would take time to enjoy them:) Mal was such a serious and quiet tomboy, she really fit in with all the boys we had when hubby and I blended our family. Now she is still serious, but has also grown into a lovely young woman.

Writing of growing- Donobin turned 15 yesterday, nice to see it did not change him in his innocence too much. He played with the B*rbie cash register with all the younger kids, taking orders, handing out "cash." He got a Sponge B*b cake, which he loved and we all sang to him.

Lots of people are wishing for updates in the whole adoption process, us included! Here's the thing, nothing with adoption happens FAST, other than us falling in love. With such a recent adoption of Chance's sister, most everyone thinks we can reuse her paperwork and go for him right away. Us included, we thought some paperwork could be reused. Here's the reality. NOT ONE single paper can be reused. NOT one single FEE is less, except the agency's reduced fees for a returning family. We will be going for fingerprints for the THIRD time. Paid the fee for that all over again- as if our prints have changed- NOT. It's all part of the adoption process. No choice, we can think it's as dumb as can be, but to bring home child, you do the "process".

I personally have an opinion on the whole thing, not printable. ( Let's not forget I am a red head) What is printable is that if you go through this whole process then you surely WANT this child to come home BAD, you are not a quitter. You have stamina, staying power, the grit, whatever you call it.

You will be able to recall when they are driving you INSANE, how badly you wanted this child, thus giving you renewed patience with said child:) Also if the whole "process" drives you insane you don't qualify for adoption ( from China) anymore, so I guess if you make it through you are considered "up to snuff".

So here's where we are, I called immigration this week as I needed to find out why we have no fingerprint appointment yet. I figured it was due to my goof of not sending the check WITH the application and I was right. They originally said there was an appointment for the 23rd, I thought, WOW, that's next week! Well, I soon got a return call saying they had goofed-(guess they owed me one) and that was LAST year's appointment for Chloe:(

Then they tell us we are the very first "returning family" to do the new immigration process for the second time. Oh yeah. Not really feeling honored here, just wading unknown waters which I personally HATE. Talk about outside your comfort zone. I forget what a comfort zone IS.

Anyway, they "put aside" our file when fee was not with application. Then when fee came, there was no trouble cashing check, placing check with file, but no one bothered to then log in the file to be processes, thus no fingerprint appt had been made, nor was our application going anywhere. AHH.

So now that I have goofed, they have goofed and we are self proclaimed goof balls, let's hope the goofing around is done, at least adoption wise and we can MOVE on.

We are off for a swim day at Cafe's (Kathy's) and are enjoying the fantastic summer weather here.

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Todd & Nichole said...

Don't feel bad I did the exact same thing with the check. I realized a day later for some weird reason, that I forgot to send the check. They had to send it back to me and I resent it but all I could think of was that it pushed us back a whole week! Like a week in the big picture really adds up to much! :)

Good luck in your process for bringing the boys home. I hope it speeds up for you!