Sunday, July 5, 2009


What a nice weekend we had. Friday night we had fireworks. I got some amazing pics of them with the American flag below the fireworks and we were able to watch the show from nearby. Cool.
Chloe wanted to know why I "no buy these in China, bring here"-hummm "momma go to jail" was my answer. She got it. She didn't like that answer but she got it. She was also quite proud to say " I Chinese American." Yes, our girl, you are:)
Saturday we were all playing in the yard, Kat was sweeping up the yard with the broom.then pretending to fly away on it. she thought she was really funny- see devilish face in picture, I caught it on film, then she nearly knocked out me, then Baba and we weren't so amused at her little antics and nonsense.

Speaking of nonsense, we watched some TV, I saw a movie, I know, big deal, but I so rarely watch TV that it was something. I LOVED the movie "The Notebo*k- wow, was that sad. Too bad I couldn't get past that the older "Noah" had brown eyes and the younger one blue, same for the girl, Alli. Why did this matter to me?? I don't know.

The other shows I saw in all their glory, Clean H*use, Messiest House in the Country 1, 2 and 3. WOW. Is all I can say. Do people REALLY live like that?? Can't even see the floor? I think what bothered me the most was that all 3 families were grown people, able bodied people, with excuses like you wouldn't believe. I mean people want to have a baby, yet they have 15 INCHES of cat poo in a closet and the cat died 3 years prior?????? That's just beyond gross. Can you imagine them with a baby? WHOA! And you can't even pick up a garbage bag and throw away rotting food?

I can't imagine living like that- I have a TON of kids and you may find a messy closet, a messy drawer, but I thank God I have the ability to clean my house and keep the kids stuff in order enough that I am not ashamed to have anyone over, pretty much any time, what a sad thing for those folks and the worse thing of it was they didn't even seem all that grateful to have been given complete home makeovers. I felt sad, really sad for these people. Maybe Kat can ride the broom on over and help them out, or knock them out- who knows??

I guess it seemed so bad to me since we are hoping to add a bedroom in the attic for the "China boys" and we are not sure how we will afford to do it. We NEED the room, we do not just WANT it. I want to redo my kitchen and bathroom, we NEED a bedroom for them. So we are praying about it and hoping we will be able to manage somehow to make it before they come home. Our grown son is willing to do the actual work, which is a HUGE help. Chloe keeps asking where we are putting the brothers, and why we have not started on building the room. I can't explain to her except to say- "brothers no here now". She gets that.

We heard this weekend from a family in China now, that the boxes we were able to send with them as they adopted their girl from Chloe's orphanage, they delivered for us for the boys :) Bigger than we could afford to send by mail for the boys' birthdays. Thanks again Ron & Beth, we are so thankful you were willing and able to do this for our boys. And congratulations on your girl, she is adorable.

As Chloe, Chance and Chase all have the SAME birthday July 22, I imagine it will be hard for Chloe, as this year will be the first she has spent without the brothers. Hopefully my brother and family coming in from Japan for their yearly family visit will take the edge off the birthday issue. Yep, you read right, my fave bro is coming !!! It's been 5 years and 2 girls since I got to go to Japan and fell in LOVE (sorry Baba) with Asian culture and food and everything. It was a HUGE factor in us looking at Asian adoption when we were led to adopting. I hope to be blessed to go back to visit, not adopting, just visiting again someday:)

Freedom. I used my freedom of speech to write my post. I am so proud to be free to do that, we really appreciate all the men and women who fight to keep this the land of the free.
One proud to be an American FAMILY.

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Michelle said...

Hi Vicki,
Just boxed up the clothes and sending them this week. Love to see PA pics. I read your brother lives in Japan. Military? we are military too and we lived in Okinawa, Japan for 3 years. I loved living there, love the Asian culture too! Kat and Chloe are beautiful.