Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You're grounded!

Yep, she did it. Got herself grounded. Miss Chloe decided she did not wish to listen to momma and momma blew. Hey I don't have red hair for nothing. She would not get out of her bed to go to a dentist appointment, and combined with some blatant ignoring of mom the previous evening, mother was NOT going to let this go. Hard to remember sometimes with her so small in size that she is still a teenager in that little frame.

So after she finally got her teenage tushie out to my van and to the appointment just a little late, we got the BAD news about her teeth and came home. She immediately went to her room and turned on the TV. Mom went to room, said "Chloe you no good for momma, you must be good for momma. No TV today, no TV tomorrow." She pouted but complied.

Later when Baba and I were about to call her down from her room and try to explain to her, her friend Lily called and saved our butts- oops I mean, helped out:) I told her Chloe would not listen to me and she needed to tell me she was sorry.

So in her wonderful, almost magical way, Lily told Chloe something and within minutes, Chloe was telling me "sorry" and gave me a hug and kiss. I told Chloe I loved her, cause I do no matter if she flares my red haired temper. I still love her and it hurt that she was pushing me by not listening. But then we all got over it.

BTW, there's obviously more than ONE redhead with attitude in this house, just see picture:) Guess I have to take the heat for that one as well- ha ha.

She's testing the waters, where does she fit in, what is her place. I totally understand this. So I showed her she will not tell me she isn't going to do things I need her to do. Learning to be a daughter- it's tough sometimes but she is seeing that we love her no matter what. We are here for the long haul:)No scaring us away girl- no way, no how.

The bad dental news? WELL- she "apparently fell hard" when she was 8 or 9 and hit all 3 of her front teeth. One needs a root canal done, it's completely calcified and root is closed off. The other 2 need to have the canals treated for infection, packed with some type of antibiotic stuff for months to try to heal them into a normal root that adheres normally to the gums. If not root canals will need to be done on them as well. It will be a process of treatment for about a year to try to save these 3 front teeth. Of course we have no dental insurance, but this is necessary for her to have any chance to save her teeth.

In other news, our wonderful bloggy friends are going to China soon for their daughter, Shu Li, a gorgeous, almost 14 year old girl. We are sooooo happy for them, but they also need help with their roadblock, the funds to get to their girl. Lori is having a raffle of handmade items- I am totally jealous as I can't sew except to mend a seam:( Sewing machines and I have never gotten along. But go on over, check her out and help if you can. Every dollar counts, we learned that well:)


Lori said...

Thanks so much for your kind words and plug about my fundraiser!

I'm so sorry about Chloe's teeth. And no insurance. Ouch. My son had to have a root canal after a diving board wasn't all that bad of an experience for him getting the dental work done but yep, it was pricey. We didn't have insurance then either.

I will be praying for God's provision.

Loved the Chloe story...I know it was no fun for you but you are helping me prepare for Shu Li and what's to come!

Angie said...

We are just through with our homestudy and adopting a 12 year old girl. Enjoy your blog because our girl does not speak English, etc.

bbmomof2boys said...

Glad to hear things are going so well!! I'm praying that you will be able to adopt both boys. When will you find out?