Thursday, June 18, 2009

SS card accomplished

The dreaded day, worse than the WHOLE adoption process.

Remember back when it took me 2 trips and a total of 6 hours, waiting in a small cramped office with 10 chairs and Kat was really awful to get her a SS card?

WELL, I did not forget that trauma and have been avoiding going again, but to get a passport for Miss Chloe girl, had to have a SS number. So off we went today. Miss Kat stayed home with Mal. Took Donobin, Chloe and Cam, said "everyone take a book". Thought, we can do this, they are old enough to know how to behave. It only took an hour this time and one trip ( YEAH!) BUT.......

Cam and Chloe were terrible, just terrible:

You know your kids are being terrible when------

Old folks say " wow, they have a lot of energy, don't they?"

People are giving up their turns to let you go sooner, stating it's "OKAY", they have nothing better to do today.

The security guard is looking for ways to leave the building.

Their own brother says " Man you two are annoying, I'm never having kids."

Someone asks how many of the joyful ones are "mine" and and do I run a group home? (That's a new one- never been asked that before)

So now we are home after they talked me into eating at a place with many c's in their name and SAID there was salad and soup for me, not just crappy pizza--as Chloe says "eeeish." It was terrible. I ended up eating cinnamon rolls for lunch- yum. Guess it could have been worse.

It's been a week since school let out and we are getting used to everyone being home all the time now. We've had a few days of rain and not much to do, although enjoying some of the things Chloe says is always good entertainment. She thinks "family" is proceeded by ABC- as in the TV channel! So when she talks of family she says "ABC family?" Also we have a V-smile game of Kat's. Chloe was trying to get the dog to "v-smile"!

She wanted to know why her nails were darker than mine----shhh don't tell her they won't get any lighter, 'cause I showed her my nice white nails and said "lots of dishes":) Ha ha. She actually did a load of dishes, her first ever. Guess we aren't overworking her, huh?

Chloe did tell me Chance and Chase like to do dishes, somehow I am betting they "HAVE" to do dishes, it's not a matter of them "liking it". We'll see, she has always said "no sank you" when we motion to washing dishes.

She laughed when I picked up socks for her big brothers' birthdays this month and I told her birthday gift, she said "my birthday, no socks for me, sank you please". I laughed and said " you don't want socks for your birthday??"

I'm off to hit the aspirin for the whopper headache their bad behavior today gave me. At least there is a card on the way, no second trip, I'm very glad for that!


Chad and Kristy said...

Cute, cute pictures of Chloe. Her sayings crack me up. I am so glad to see her so happy:)

Lori Lynn said...

Well, you just made my life seem simple. The best part of it all is that it is now behind you. Here's to better days!

Great story (since I didn't have to live it).


Sherri said...

Hahahahaha! Do you run a group home? That is a good one!

There is something about the Social Security Office that begs kids to misbehave. Maybe it's the slow pace....the taking a number....I don't know, but ours is horrible too. I hated going there after our adoptions. At least that's done and you can focus on the next step.

Tamara said...

When we were still fostering I had my two nieces, Logan, and my two foster daughters with me at Wal Mart- they were active that day as well- the lady behind me looked at me and with that nasty attitude asked "are they all yours?"- Yes they are- but I have no idea who their fathers are!
No one has ever asked me if I run a group home- (Yes-for the criminally insane - you should hear what that one did!)