Saturday, June 27, 2009

She loves me:)

I have to say I am tickled pink. I got the BEST gift from Chloe, in the form of a foam plate. She etched " I love you mom" on it:) I wonder if she'd think I was totally weird if I framed it? It's been 4 months since I met her and it only gets better.

I have encouraged her to say "mom" when she thanks me for something, at first it was kind of forced and hard for her, then it seemed to get easier, just thrown out there, like it was nothing. Just like the other kids. But the "I love you's" are different, I make sure I don't over do the " love you's" with her, it made her really uncomfortable at first as Chinese parents don't normally tell their children that. (Can you imagine??)

I do not just casually throw it out there, it's really important that I tell her I love her and she knows I mean it. And obviously I have been returned the feeling, she has told me in a way that is cute, was easy for her to give me the plate and I feel her love for me. She is happy I am her mom. I feel so blessed by her spirit and spunk, that she is my daughter to enjoy.

Now if I can just hold that mushy loving feeling when she comes and tells me what Kat, Cam and Donobin are doing for the 30th time.....................
Yesterday she actually brought a bar stool from the kitchen upstairs to SHOW me that Kat had picked it up and banged it down. Okay then. The tattling has to stop. They making me crazy and wanting to drink. (Don't worry- I don't drink- I'm afraid if I start I may never stop) NOT going there.

We called Big Bro Jay last night and sang to him Happy Birthday- he SAID he was too old for that but then when Miss Kitty said " Oh Jay, I love you" I do believe he was okay with us calling and singing, he is really close to baby girl.

Speaking of .... when Kat slammed the stool and I asked her what the issue was and it was some petty thing, I said "girlfriend, you better knock it off with the attitude". Totally confusing Chloe who was in my face with this -" what girlfriend- she no you girlfriend, she you daughter- Cafe ( Kathy) you girlfriend" Poor child - I better watch the slang use, huh?

The girls went with Mal to swim on Thursday- only one day after the big burn and Cam stayed back with lobster mom and we went to the library and bought crickets for the frogs to eat (as Chloe says EISHHH). Lobster mom is still red and suffering, The sun screen seemed to miss my arms right by the armpits and my back so no way of laying down is any form of comfortable:( All I can say is OUCH. Cam was covered better and is a mild pink now, lucky boy.

I'm off to hang out clothes, and see what I can get into today, I am sure I will encounter a kid or two that will ask "what's for lunch"- I swear they are eating their way through summer...........

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Lori Lynn said...

Keep the updates coming. Chloe is really looking pretty, especially with her hair down. That last picture is great.