Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our peace and quiet is over

School is out. Yeah. Oh, did that seem less than enthusiastic? Well, it was.

Sorry but they got on my very last nerve today, just HOURS out of school for the whole summer. Between them all coming in the door saying " what's for lunch???" and then, "What are we doing today"- the urge to scream like a banshee nearly overcame me.

"The girls" are less than thrilled their day time has been invaded, by all these BOYS. Chloe said " no school" tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow?" Like she was horrified. Right there with ya babe.

One good note today, our HS (Home Study) for Chance was approved, we got it back today and it is in the mail to immigration as of today. One step at a time. We are hoping and praying it does not take the 97- yup 97 days it took to get approval for Chloe's! But then we were the first family under the new Hague rules last time and this time it should go quicker. We can only hope. Anyone who knows anything about adoption, it's a hurry up and WAIT game, one round just gets you to the next Hurry up and WAIT :(

Chloe handled her grounding really well, she drew a ton of pictures and played with her sibs. Her and Cam keep getting into trouble for rough housing, they like to carry on and here it is "outside play only" for that. Knock yourselves out, just do it OUTSIDE!!

Speaking of yard, Kat told the neighbor who was tending HER tomato plants "thanks for taking care of my tomatoes," we all laughed 'cause Kat steals the neighbor's cherry tomatoes as they turn red and eats them like candy. Guess she thinks they are planted there just for her.
Another story from this week, Cam was looking through Chloe's life book I made her. He saw pics of the orphanage play area, a ball pit. As only a child can think, he says " Hey, no fair, she got to play in a ball pit every day?" I looked at him, Chloe looked at him, I said " Cam, (holding up my hands palms up to compare) play every day in ball pit, or have family> explaining many of the children there would NEVER know the love of a family. Chloe pipes up quickly with "FAMILY" then says quietly " and play everyday?" We all laughed. She is so happy here, I am so glad she is full of smiles, she knows she is wanted and loved.
Her new phrases of the week? "I win". Applying to everything, she is competitive with Cam and using some of his left over workbooks to do school work, she always says " I got it," does the work then, "I win". Another new one- " Ahhh, comm'on." Yeah, when something isn't going her way :)
She is also saying "thank you MOM" I've encouraged it - she slacked off of calling me mom for a bit and I think she needs to say it to be comfortable with it. It also is showing her to respect me as her mom, not just some woman here taking care of her.
I also have called her "daughter" in Chinese, she tells me " no Chinese, English". Not sure if that's from my severe butchering of Chinese that she can't take it or she just prefers to hear it in English. Either language, I'm happy to tell her, she's my girl.
See how great her and Cam are getting along? She is dressed in a pirate top, they were dressing up before they decided to wrestle in my room- think the plaque behind them is right?? It says " Live well, Laugh often, Love much." I think she " got it".

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