Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Baba Day

Happy Baba Day to all the wonderful Baba's, ours included! I personally lost my dad when I was 10 and before that he worked away and was only home on weekends and I always have felt I lost something crucial in my life growing up without a dad.

Seeing how Baba is such a stable and strong, silent type ( goes well with my big mouth) has given me an insight as to how special it is to have a dad. I am so glad our children can grow up with such a wonderful, caring dad. He's the rock of our foundation.

We started his day with cards and gifts. Chloe was wondering "why Chance and Chase on dad's card but no me." Silly girl, I told her to look at card, it was from " the boys" and another was from the "girls" that she signed. She said " oh, I got it" :) I think she was jealous the brothers were on the card and not her!

Dad got lots of hugs and kisses, that Miss Kitty LOVES her Baba, she must tell him 10 times a day, along with kisses, she says " I love you, kiss, kiss" and has to have kisses, as if she can't go another minute without telling you or having a kiss. Such a sweet girl.

Baba took Cam and Chloe on a bike ride the other evening, where Chloe found TREASURE. Aka, marbles. Not really, glass balls, but about quarter sized. She brought them home in her bike's backpack and was sooooo excited, it's just funny to see her so happy about such small things. She was NOT happy when these " marbles" broke as they are flawed and she cut her leg on one. So Baba took her and the others to the flea market today to get real marbles for them to play.

Cam planted a kiss on her this morning, she promptly wiped it off and said " get off my face." We laughed and said "good English". She said "what- you say- get off my chair" and she's right, I do. I have a favorite chair, guilty as charged:) Cam said " her English is really good, huh?" I said " yeah, just don't push it."

As for Baba's hair, he did NOT cut it off for Chloe, he shaved for her but he has wanted a crew cut for some time and wanted to try it with summer here. He likes it. I'm glad it's just hair and will grow back. That's all I'm saying.
I am all alone in the house, just me the dog and the cat for a bit. What am I doing on the computer??????


bbmomof2boys said...

Hey - just saw your email from the CCAI yahoo list. I'm so happy that things are moving along for Chance. Hopefull they will continue for Chase too. CCAI is a wonderful agency. We went through them for our Little T. It seems that Chloe is doing well!


angelchica said...

Bless you for having and adopting all your children! Best of luck with your family and especially with bringing the boys home. Just a thought, if China won't let you bring the older brother home. Legally when he is an adult he can come here on a student visa to "study." You would be able to help him then and acclimate him into your family then.

I will continue to pray for your family =) Jackie