Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun in the Sun and Blame

Mom is a bit PINK now that the sun has set as we were invited to relax by the pool of a friend today. Bring the kids, no cooking, no cleaning, just a scenic drive to get there. Chloe said " what all this grass, China no big grass" and mom said "America- BIG, beautiful."

The kids had a ball and of course, had to find 2 gray tree frogs in the pool and haul them on home. They are chirping on the porch as I type. I keep thinking GERMS, dirty, dirty germs. The kids think they are so CUTE.

I pretty much knew when I had kids that there would be many things I would be blamed for. It's just how it is. They are yours, you can't win. This is also one of those things you suck up and say " yep, I did it." No matter what they are blaming you for. I thought I had heard it all.

Yesterday I was blamed by Cam for making him WHITE- yeah, like I am so sorry. He was seriously upset that he can not be like his sisters and be Brown. Then today when we turned PINK together, I was to blame for that too. I'm really sorry I can not make him brown, nor can I make Chloe understand why she doesn't turn pink. AHHHHH!

Both the girls darken incredibly fast, they have tan lines with one afternoon of sun. I understand Cam's jealousy, I am envious as well:) And yes, we all used sunscreen, can't blame me for that, at least.

Chloe gave me a good laugh at how quickly she learned the "I want vs. I need" issue. She noticed that Mal had 5 pairs of shorts in her laundry pile, she only had 3. She said " I NEED more shorts- you buy me more shorts?" I explained Mal wore shorts for bed, Chloe has 3 shorts she likes to wear (she owns more than 3) and 2 PJ shorts. That makes 5! So she quickly said "oh, sorry". So cute, but telling:) She's keeping count on me.
I'm glad we had a day of sun, fun and swimming. We're all tired now, and will have to try to find a comfortable way to lay down with our burns. Ouch.........

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