Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I went to a meeting last night, and was given rubber bracelets that say "Diversity." Chloe said "what that?" I said "Diversity- it means white, yellow, brown (skin), black hair, red hair, yellow hair, all different- nice, very nice." She said "ohh, why you no say black?" I said "Okay black, pink, purple..." she says " huh?? pink, no pink". Then we laughed when I said "momma still pink." Sunburn pink that is.

It amazes me at 4 months since I met this child, I am able to explain "Diversity" to her and she "got it." IN ENGLISH. No translation book help. She is one smart cookie, and beautiful to boot.

She also understood when her and Cam bickered their morning away when I said " is it time for school yet?" She said "No school" in a huff. I sent them to their rooms (first time for her) 'cause they couldn't play nice. Yep, it's summer.

Today is biggest brother's birthday, that calls for Chinese food, he LOVES Chinese food and the "girls" never turn down Chinese food. No way.

The frogs live on, named Mike and Mikey, healthy competition going between Cam and Chloe about who has the "better" frog?? I'm not sure if they determine that by which one eats more crickets, but just glad Baba has taken over that whole project, buying the crickets and all. EISHH.... that's all momma can say.

Got our receipt letter from immigration about Chance, should have a fingerprint notice soon. Glad my goof up of not sending the CHECK for fees along with the application didn't slow us down, took my brain 6 nights to register not writing the check, then I was able to send it off with a note of my error and it got cashed so they aren't sending application back for non payment of fees. It was almost midnight, I was lying in bed, saying my prayers, when it hit me out of the blue, YOU SENT THE APPLICATION WITHOUT THE CHECK. I laid there a few minutes racking my tired brain, did I remember writing that check. NO. Up I go to ask hubby ( yeah, he's the night owl, early riser kinda dude)and he says "No". AHHHHH.
I am so human it's hard to bear some days :)
It's storming and cool today, so no trip to the park, although we got to go on Saturday to give the kids some time to play. Always good to wear them out.........I mean, let them run some energy off so they sleep well, yeah, that's what I meant ha ha.

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Shelley said...

Your Chloe girl IS beautiful!! The transformation since March is amazing, isn't it? I think of you guys often and can't wait to see Chance come home.