Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I went to a meeting last night, and was given rubber bracelets that say "Diversity." Chloe said "what that?" I said "Diversity- it means white, yellow, brown (skin), black hair, red hair, yellow hair, all different- nice, very nice." She said "ohh, why you no say black?" I said "Okay black, pink, purple..." she says " huh?? pink, no pink". Then we laughed when I said "momma still pink." Sunburn pink that is.

It amazes me at 4 months since I met this child, I am able to explain "Diversity" to her and she "got it." IN ENGLISH. No translation book help. She is one smart cookie, and beautiful to boot.

She also understood when her and Cam bickered their morning away when I said " is it time for school yet?" She said "No school" in a huff. I sent them to their rooms (first time for her) 'cause they couldn't play nice. Yep, it's summer.

Today is biggest brother's birthday, that calls for Chinese food, he LOVES Chinese food and the "girls" never turn down Chinese food. No way.

The frogs live on, named Mike and Mikey, healthy competition going between Cam and Chloe about who has the "better" frog?? I'm not sure if they determine that by which one eats more crickets, but just glad Baba has taken over that whole project, buying the crickets and all. EISHH.... that's all momma can say.

Got our receipt letter from immigration about Chance, should have a fingerprint notice soon. Glad my goof up of not sending the CHECK for fees along with the application didn't slow us down, took my brain 6 nights to register not writing the check, then I was able to send it off with a note of my error and it got cashed so they aren't sending application back for non payment of fees. It was almost midnight, I was lying in bed, saying my prayers, when it hit me out of the blue, YOU SENT THE APPLICATION WITHOUT THE CHECK. I laid there a few minutes racking my tired brain, did I remember writing that check. NO. Up I go to ask hubby ( yeah, he's the night owl, early riser kinda dude)and he says "No". AHHHHH.
I am so human it's hard to bear some days :)
It's storming and cool today, so no trip to the park, although we got to go on Saturday to give the kids some time to play. Always good to wear them out.........I mean, let them run some energy off so they sleep well, yeah, that's what I meant ha ha.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

She loves me:)

I have to say I am tickled pink. I got the BEST gift from Chloe, in the form of a foam plate. She etched " I love you mom" on it:) I wonder if she'd think I was totally weird if I framed it? It's been 4 months since I met her and it only gets better.

I have encouraged her to say "mom" when she thanks me for something, at first it was kind of forced and hard for her, then it seemed to get easier, just thrown out there, like it was nothing. Just like the other kids. But the "I love you's" are different, I make sure I don't over do the " love you's" with her, it made her really uncomfortable at first as Chinese parents don't normally tell their children that. (Can you imagine??)

I do not just casually throw it out there, it's really important that I tell her I love her and she knows I mean it. And obviously I have been returned the feeling, she has told me in a way that is cute, was easy for her to give me the plate and I feel her love for me. She is happy I am her mom. I feel so blessed by her spirit and spunk, that she is my daughter to enjoy.

Now if I can just hold that mushy loving feeling when she comes and tells me what Kat, Cam and Donobin are doing for the 30th time.....................
Yesterday she actually brought a bar stool from the kitchen upstairs to SHOW me that Kat had picked it up and banged it down. Okay then. The tattling has to stop. They making me crazy and wanting to drink. (Don't worry- I don't drink- I'm afraid if I start I may never stop) NOT going there.

We called Big Bro Jay last night and sang to him Happy Birthday- he SAID he was too old for that but then when Miss Kitty said " Oh Jay, I love you" I do believe he was okay with us calling and singing, he is really close to baby girl.

Speaking of .... when Kat slammed the stool and I asked her what the issue was and it was some petty thing, I said "girlfriend, you better knock it off with the attitude". Totally confusing Chloe who was in my face with this -" what girlfriend- she no you girlfriend, she you daughter- Cafe ( Kathy) you girlfriend" Poor child - I better watch the slang use, huh?

The girls went with Mal to swim on Thursday- only one day after the big burn and Cam stayed back with lobster mom and we went to the library and bought crickets for the frogs to eat (as Chloe says EISHHH). Lobster mom is still red and suffering, The sun screen seemed to miss my arms right by the armpits and my back so no way of laying down is any form of comfortable:( All I can say is OUCH. Cam was covered better and is a mild pink now, lucky boy.

I'm off to hang out clothes, and see what I can get into today, I am sure I will encounter a kid or two that will ask "what's for lunch"- I swear they are eating their way through summer...........

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun in the Sun and Blame

Mom is a bit PINK now that the sun has set as we were invited to relax by the pool of a friend today. Bring the kids, no cooking, no cleaning, just a scenic drive to get there. Chloe said " what all this grass, China no big grass" and mom said "America- BIG, beautiful."

The kids had a ball and of course, had to find 2 gray tree frogs in the pool and haul them on home. They are chirping on the porch as I type. I keep thinking GERMS, dirty, dirty germs. The kids think they are so CUTE.

I pretty much knew when I had kids that there would be many things I would be blamed for. It's just how it is. They are yours, you can't win. This is also one of those things you suck up and say " yep, I did it." No matter what they are blaming you for. I thought I had heard it all.

Yesterday I was blamed by Cam for making him WHITE- yeah, like I am so sorry. He was seriously upset that he can not be like his sisters and be Brown. Then today when we turned PINK together, I was to blame for that too. I'm really sorry I can not make him brown, nor can I make Chloe understand why she doesn't turn pink. AHHHHH!

Both the girls darken incredibly fast, they have tan lines with one afternoon of sun. I understand Cam's jealousy, I am envious as well:) And yes, we all used sunscreen, can't blame me for that, at least.

Chloe gave me a good laugh at how quickly she learned the "I want vs. I need" issue. She noticed that Mal had 5 pairs of shorts in her laundry pile, she only had 3. She said " I NEED more shorts- you buy me more shorts?" I explained Mal wore shorts for bed, Chloe has 3 shorts she likes to wear (she owns more than 3) and 2 PJ shorts. That makes 5! So she quickly said "oh, sorry". So cute, but telling:) She's keeping count on me.
I'm glad we had a day of sun, fun and swimming. We're all tired now, and will have to try to find a comfortable way to lay down with our burns. Ouch.........

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Baba Day

Happy Baba Day to all the wonderful Baba's, ours included! I personally lost my dad when I was 10 and before that he worked away and was only home on weekends and I always have felt I lost something crucial in my life growing up without a dad.

Seeing how Baba is such a stable and strong, silent type ( goes well with my big mouth) has given me an insight as to how special it is to have a dad. I am so glad our children can grow up with such a wonderful, caring dad. He's the rock of our foundation.

We started his day with cards and gifts. Chloe was wondering "why Chance and Chase on dad's card but no me." Silly girl, I told her to look at card, it was from " the boys" and another was from the "girls" that she signed. She said " oh, I got it" :) I think she was jealous the brothers were on the card and not her!

Dad got lots of hugs and kisses, that Miss Kitty LOVES her Baba, she must tell him 10 times a day, along with kisses, she says " I love you, kiss, kiss" and has to have kisses, as if she can't go another minute without telling you or having a kiss. Such a sweet girl.

Baba took Cam and Chloe on a bike ride the other evening, where Chloe found TREASURE. Aka, marbles. Not really, glass balls, but about quarter sized. She brought them home in her bike's backpack and was sooooo excited, it's just funny to see her so happy about such small things. She was NOT happy when these " marbles" broke as they are flawed and she cut her leg on one. So Baba took her and the others to the flea market today to get real marbles for them to play.

Cam planted a kiss on her this morning, she promptly wiped it off and said " get off my face." We laughed and said "good English". She said "what- you say- get off my chair" and she's right, I do. I have a favorite chair, guilty as charged:) Cam said " her English is really good, huh?" I said " yeah, just don't push it."

As for Baba's hair, he did NOT cut it off for Chloe, he shaved for her but he has wanted a crew cut for some time and wanted to try it with summer here. He likes it. I'm glad it's just hair and will grow back. That's all I'm saying.
I am all alone in the house, just me the dog and the cat for a bit. What am I doing on the computer??????

Thursday, June 18, 2009

SS card accomplished

The dreaded day, worse than the WHOLE adoption process.

Remember back when it took me 2 trips and a total of 6 hours, waiting in a small cramped office with 10 chairs and Kat was really awful to get her a SS card?

WELL, I did not forget that trauma and have been avoiding going again, but to get a passport for Miss Chloe girl, had to have a SS number. So off we went today. Miss Kat stayed home with Mal. Took Donobin, Chloe and Cam, said "everyone take a book". Thought, we can do this, they are old enough to know how to behave. It only took an hour this time and one trip ( YEAH!) BUT.......

Cam and Chloe were terrible, just terrible:

You know your kids are being terrible when------

Old folks say " wow, they have a lot of energy, don't they?"

People are giving up their turns to let you go sooner, stating it's "OKAY", they have nothing better to do today.

The security guard is looking for ways to leave the building.

Their own brother says " Man you two are annoying, I'm never having kids."

Someone asks how many of the joyful ones are "mine" and and do I run a group home? (That's a new one- never been asked that before)

So now we are home after they talked me into eating at a place with many c's in their name and SAID there was salad and soup for me, not just crappy pizza--as Chloe says "eeeish." It was terrible. I ended up eating cinnamon rolls for lunch- yum. Guess it could have been worse.

It's been a week since school let out and we are getting used to everyone being home all the time now. We've had a few days of rain and not much to do, although enjoying some of the things Chloe says is always good entertainment. She thinks "family" is proceeded by ABC- as in the TV channel! So when she talks of family she says "ABC family?" Also we have a V-smile game of Kat's. Chloe was trying to get the dog to "v-smile"!

She wanted to know why her nails were darker than mine----shhh don't tell her they won't get any lighter, 'cause I showed her my nice white nails and said "lots of dishes":) Ha ha. She actually did a load of dishes, her first ever. Guess we aren't overworking her, huh?

Chloe did tell me Chance and Chase like to do dishes, somehow I am betting they "HAVE" to do dishes, it's not a matter of them "liking it". We'll see, she has always said "no sank you" when we motion to washing dishes.

She laughed when I picked up socks for her big brothers' birthdays this month and I told her birthday gift, she said "my birthday, no socks for me, sank you please". I laughed and said " you don't want socks for your birthday??"

I'm off to hit the aspirin for the whopper headache their bad behavior today gave me. At least there is a card on the way, no second trip, I'm very glad for that!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our peace and quiet is over

School is out. Yeah. Oh, did that seem less than enthusiastic? Well, it was.

Sorry but they got on my very last nerve today, just HOURS out of school for the whole summer. Between them all coming in the door saying " what's for lunch???" and then, "What are we doing today"- the urge to scream like a banshee nearly overcame me.

"The girls" are less than thrilled their day time has been invaded, by all these BOYS. Chloe said " no school" tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow?" Like she was horrified. Right there with ya babe.

One good note today, our HS (Home Study) for Chance was approved, we got it back today and it is in the mail to immigration as of today. One step at a time. We are hoping and praying it does not take the 97- yup 97 days it took to get approval for Chloe's! But then we were the first family under the new Hague rules last time and this time it should go quicker. We can only hope. Anyone who knows anything about adoption, it's a hurry up and WAIT game, one round just gets you to the next Hurry up and WAIT :(

Chloe handled her grounding really well, she drew a ton of pictures and played with her sibs. Her and Cam keep getting into trouble for rough housing, they like to carry on and here it is "outside play only" for that. Knock yourselves out, just do it OUTSIDE!!

Speaking of yard, Kat told the neighbor who was tending HER tomato plants "thanks for taking care of my tomatoes," we all laughed 'cause Kat steals the neighbor's cherry tomatoes as they turn red and eats them like candy. Guess she thinks they are planted there just for her.
Another story from this week, Cam was looking through Chloe's life book I made her. He saw pics of the orphanage play area, a ball pit. As only a child can think, he says " Hey, no fair, she got to play in a ball pit every day?" I looked at him, Chloe looked at him, I said " Cam, (holding up my hands palms up to compare) play every day in ball pit, or have family> explaining many of the children there would NEVER know the love of a family. Chloe pipes up quickly with "FAMILY" then says quietly " and play everyday?" We all laughed. She is so happy here, I am so glad she is full of smiles, she knows she is wanted and loved.
Her new phrases of the week? "I win". Applying to everything, she is competitive with Cam and using some of his left over workbooks to do school work, she always says " I got it," does the work then, "I win". Another new one- " Ahhh, comm'on." Yeah, when something isn't going her way :)
She is also saying "thank you MOM" I've encouraged it - she slacked off of calling me mom for a bit and I think she needs to say it to be comfortable with it. It also is showing her to respect me as her mom, not just some woman here taking care of her.
I also have called her "daughter" in Chinese, she tells me " no Chinese, English". Not sure if that's from my severe butchering of Chinese that she can't take it or she just prefers to hear it in English. Either language, I'm happy to tell her, she's my girl.
See how great her and Cam are getting along? She is dressed in a pirate top, they were dressing up before they decided to wrestle in my room- think the plaque behind them is right?? It says " Live well, Laugh often, Love much." I think she " got it".

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You're grounded!

Yep, she did it. Got herself grounded. Miss Chloe decided she did not wish to listen to momma and momma blew. Hey I don't have red hair for nothing. She would not get out of her bed to go to a dentist appointment, and combined with some blatant ignoring of mom the previous evening, mother was NOT going to let this go. Hard to remember sometimes with her so small in size that she is still a teenager in that little frame.

So after she finally got her teenage tushie out to my van and to the appointment just a little late, we got the BAD news about her teeth and came home. She immediately went to her room and turned on the TV. Mom went to room, said "Chloe you no good for momma, you must be good for momma. No TV today, no TV tomorrow." She pouted but complied.

Later when Baba and I were about to call her down from her room and try to explain to her, her friend Lily called and saved our butts- oops I mean, helped out:) I told her Chloe would not listen to me and she needed to tell me she was sorry.

So in her wonderful, almost magical way, Lily told Chloe something and within minutes, Chloe was telling me "sorry" and gave me a hug and kiss. I told Chloe I loved her, cause I do no matter if she flares my red haired temper. I still love her and it hurt that she was pushing me by not listening. But then we all got over it.

BTW, there's obviously more than ONE redhead with attitude in this house, just see picture:) Guess I have to take the heat for that one as well- ha ha.

She's testing the waters, where does she fit in, what is her place. I totally understand this. So I showed her she will not tell me she isn't going to do things I need her to do. Learning to be a daughter- it's tough sometimes but she is seeing that we love her no matter what. We are here for the long haul:)No scaring us away girl- no way, no how.

The bad dental news? WELL- she "apparently fell hard" when she was 8 or 9 and hit all 3 of her front teeth. One needs a root canal done, it's completely calcified and root is closed off. The other 2 need to have the canals treated for infection, packed with some type of antibiotic stuff for months to try to heal them into a normal root that adheres normally to the gums. If not root canals will need to be done on them as well. It will be a process of treatment for about a year to try to save these 3 front teeth. Of course we have no dental insurance, but this is necessary for her to have any chance to save her teeth.

In other news, our wonderful bloggy friends are going to China soon for their daughter, Shu Li, a gorgeous, almost 14 year old girl. We are sooooo happy for them, but they also need help with their roadblock, the funds to get to their girl. Lori is having a raffle of handmade items- I am totally jealous as I can't sew except to mend a seam:( Sewing machines and I have never gotten along.http://joyunspeakableandfullofglory.blogspot.com/ But go on over, check her out and help if you can. Every dollar counts, we learned that well:)