Sunday, May 17, 2009

YOU did it!

Yeah, we are giving credit where credit is due. All you super people out there got us right to 100%. WOW. Are we ever thankful for each and every one of you.

We can now look to getting dossier off to China, feel secure knowing Chance IS going to be coming home! We hope to work on Chase's way here too. We are just stunned at the outpouring of help, we know these 3 children are God's chosen kiddos, the orphans, and He wants them to be together.

Our honor is being the parents He chose. Our faith is in His plan as there is NO WAY we could afford to do this alone. Then along came all of YOU- putting to work the plan made long ago.

We have had quite a few people help us with grant information, fundraising information, etc. We are going to focus on getting everything together. We are looking at possibly doing a raffle first, so come on back and stay tuned, we need to come up with travel money next. We obviously want to get these guys home asap.

For now we say again, thank YOU, on behalf of three children whose lives will be forever changed thanks to you- please pat yourself on the back, hug someone and tell them you did a GOOD thing- because you DID!! I'm leaving that counter there for a bit so we can all enjoy seeing that 100%- yeah!!!!!!!!!!


Party of Seven said...

Just found your blog! What an amazing story, look forward to continue to follow your journey! And help you with your next fundraiser. Your have an incredible family.

RamblingMother said...

I am so glad. Can't wait to see them all re-united.

Shelley said...

WOOOO HOOOO!!! Go get your boy!!
I can't tell you how excited I am!

Holly said...

Wow...SO amazing...such a GOD thing!!

Couchkat said...

What an amazing story!

Hope you get to hold your boys very soon!