Sunday, May 31, 2009

Girl news

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Here's a post all about the girls:)

Gosh, these girls are so much fun. Chloe is learning like a sponge. Taking it all in. Just amazing how quickly she picks up on things, she has some wonderful phrases now, "You got it?" I got it" Comm'on" all said like a true teenager:) She also tells me " you vary, vary funny," as we tend to joke around a lot and find fun in trying to teach her new things.

Chloe's still quite bossy if allowed to be. Poor Kat said Chloe wouldn't allow her to get anything in her room out to play, she had to keep everything cleaned up. She's used to messing and mom helps her get the room back in order. Mom reminds her "Chloe no BOSS- you no parent." Chloe's also doing great with learning "gentle."

Dad is getting some more loving. He shaved off the scruffy goatee, as Miss Chloe is not used to hairy men and doesn't like it. Too sweet, that Baba, shaving just for her:) She was actually holding his hand and comparing it to hers yesterday. It's taken her some time to warm up to Baba so this is a wonderful thing to see. She will freely talk to him now:) Momma must admit she loves seeing that dimple of Baba's that's been hidden in the scruff for some time.

Just like Kat, Chloe adores her big brothers here, no problems getting along with them, as well as my niece, whom she insists is mine as well. Not that I don't agree, she's like one of my own. She will say hello and goodbye to all of them as they stop in.

Chloe's so much more comfortable with touching, hugging, kisses, she will come to me and kiss me, she will ask for kisses from me. She is doing great with "gentle." It's very clear she is getting the whole " parents forever" means US and she is happy about it, that she likes us. Good thing 'cause we're it:)

Some people have asked "do we think it has helped her that she knows you want her brothers?" I'd have to say "YES"- first it shows her how much we care about her, second- it shows we keep our promises, we said we would do whatever we could, and we are. Thirdly she sees how important she is to us, as one of a group of many children in the orphanage, coming to a large family resembles a "group" to her. Clearly she now knows this "group" cares about the children, that she is special to us, that we are a FAMILY, not just caring for kids 'cause it's our job. She gets this, which is a HUGE step in her bonding with all of us. She understands we love her as our child.

She seems very content, it's hard for her with missing her brothers, they were never apart until now but we talk of them every day so she is understanding we are working to bring them home. Speaking of, we had to change "Cole" to "Chase" she says COOL and COLD ( to see if it's too cold to wear her beloved shorts) and both sound just like COLE. I thought it best we know what she is talking about, as we have had miscommunication due to this already. So thankfully we have the option to change it now:)

Yesterday we played at the park, then did some yard work. Chloe was fascinated with the baby birds we found in a bush I trimmed, they pop their heads up, beaks open for food when we peaked at them. Then she asked what a plant was, we managed to communicate like this- round, red, eat, grow big- she got- fruit, tomato- she did not get, but she figured it out:) We manage quite well.

We enrolled Chloe in school for the fall. Compromised with 6th grade. She will be in the first year of middle school with all the other "first year" kids. We think she will do okay there socially, where it's more of an issue for her than the actual learning. She is very behind socially, although our large and diverse family does give her a "leg up" in some social issues.

Chloe's maturity level is much older than when she first came home, she is closer to Cam's age *8-9 now than the 5 or so she was when she came. She still gets along with Kat great, but even playing yesterday she was clearly bored, and when she first came home she was more than happy to play at the same park.

Kat continues to grow in language and height, still a skinny little 30 pounds girl:) Wearing size 4 for length mostly, she can still wear size 24 month waist. Tiny bug. She is just adorable, so loving, she is always first to the door when Baba comes for lunch with a kiss and "I love you." She is such a blessing, we are so thankful that she opened the door for us to consider Chloe, thus giving us the boys as well. If we had not enjoyed this child so much, I know we would not have decided to go back to China to adopt again. She is tickled that her sister and her are both from China.

Kat is sooo ready for school, it's hard for momma to see her last little one to go. She is writing her name, Chloe's, mom, dad, Chance, Chase, Cam's and many more. Another cool sister thing, Chloe has Kat eating PB &J. Never thought I'd see that day- the girl still eats almost NO bread, no dairy. But it's no longer corn dogs for breakfast, once in a GREAT while she will even eat cereal! Seems odd that Kat was in China for only 3 years but still eats mainly Chinese foods, Chloe, home almost 3 months now, she eats a HUGE variety of foods, she loves bread. She doesn't like dairy either though. Chloe is holding steady at the 10 pounds she initially gained, 85 skinny pounds on her. Still 10-12 girls clothes.

Both of the girls' hair is getting amazingly long, although Chloe's is a ton thicker than Kat's. Chloe is even wearing hers down some, at first she did not at all, and she was very uncomfortable with any compliments on her hair, or self, now she accepts easily that we call her "beautiful" and knows we mean it. 'Cause she is. Inside and out, just a beautiful girl... our year of Chloe.. 2009 it's going GREAT..........

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Joy said...

I enjoyed reading your post. We adopted our third daughter in January and she turned 14 while we were in China. I can relate to everything you have said. :-)