Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dossier pics

Why does it seem so incredibly hard to get a picture of my crew? WHY? I have tried about 4 times now, tonight will be #5, IF I am up to trying yet again, to get some pics to have printed for the "representation of our family."
AKA- do not look like a bunch of goofballs.

Donovan always looks miserable, hey he is teen after all, his usual response. Kat either looks at Chloe, Chloe looks at Kat, so one of two are not looking at the CAMERA. I will say my "hair do" has had a trim and is acceptable for pics now, if you followed along on our journey to Chloe everyone learned how vain I was about the hair. I can a least LOOK at it now.

Mal looks pretty always, she's such a quiet but wonderful child/ young lady. Camden is usually either laughing or pouting, the joys of being a redhead :) No picture with Baba in it turned out at all:(

The one picture that does look pretty good, I didn't take down enough towels off the clothes line and they are in the picture- oh well, guess what China, mom is hardworking- I've hung my 4th load of wash out for the day today:)

I've started a new Chip In, folks you have just blown us away with the donations and help. We feel so blessed, and thankful that you believe in getting these boys home. We will be starting a raffle as soon as I can get it organized and others still wish to donate so I made it open ended for travel and China adoption costs.

If you know anything about adoption, it's typically hurry up and WAIT- we are not sure of a timeline yet, so I made the end date for the Chip In- my birthday:) I'd love my B-day gift to be approval to travel from CHINA??

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Cinda said...

So glad to hear things are moving along to bring little brother home. You are all in our prayers.