Tuesday, April 21, 2009

School anyone?

Off we went to kindergarten registration today. Is Kat ready for school?? I believe so. Her teacher may have to tape her lips shut to TEACH her anything- ha ha! She went to the "play area" so they could see how well she interacts with other children. This is what I hear- "Hi, my name is Kat, what's yours? I brushed my teeth today, did you?" Oh dear.

Then we got into the issue of school for Chloe. I asked about a meeting to set up getting her enrolled for the fall. WELL- our good 'ol school here has NO Asian children at all, their ESL (English as second language) help is for Spanish speaking students and they are "have concerns" that we wish to keep Chloe in Elementary school at her age. So I informed them that our concern was her education (imagine that) NOT the issue of her AGE. We want her to get a good base to build her education on, if she is placed too high she will get frustrated and will not succeed. Her age is just a number. She also is going to be severely socially delayed for some time to come. She is very physically small for her age, so it's not as if she stands out as a 13 year old in size.

So we will be having a meeting for the school to invite everyone who they think is necessary to see that she gets placed appropriately. Got a fight on their hands if they think they will be placing her higher than we wish for her own good. I can't imagine how they can say they know what is best for our child in this situation. WE know her best.
Also sending her into the Middle School here puts her in a school building with NONE of her siblings. I do not think that is a good thing either. If she needs someone or even feels scared she KNOWS the lower school is also the boys' and soon to be Kat's school as well. I'll let everyone know how it goes since they assured me that they would place her where we wanted BEFORE we brought her home, now they are singing a different tune. I will continue to home school her longer if needed, whatever will get her up to speed fastest.

Monday we spent some time scrap booking. Chloe did not understand what her book was for. I did the same as Kat and placed a baby doll picture for their first "birth" page and then went from there. She laughed at that picture and said "Kat?" I said "no." She said "Tristan?" I laughed and said "Tristan no China baby, and told her it was baby doll picture, that I have no baby picture of her." She laughed then really got into the pictures, she said "COOL" her new word of late:)

She did not understand I can add pages and I got to the China trip and was left with one page and she insisted we do the page of pictures of her and her friend Lily so we did it. I was able to get her to look at it and understand later that I can make the book bigger. She loves the book though, she has about 4 pages of her friends and children from the orphanage.
She enjoys looking through her book and the other kids' as well. Just makes her able to see her life story- albeit a lot of missing years of photos- but makes her see she is as important to me as the others who I have made books for- which is all of them at home now:) I think it also makes her see we care about where she came from and want to keep that for her.
That's our week so far..... wonder what else we can get into before the week is up- hard to tell with us-HUH?


Lori said...

Oh my gosh...now I feel so guilty that I haven't started Lucy's scrap book yet (we've only been home 10 months!)...Ok, I'll get on it.

You seem so organized!!!

Can't wait to hear how the meeting at school goes.

Chad and Kristy said...

I will be praying about your school situation. Been there, done that and it can really be stressful. I hope she is able to get in the appropriate grade for her. 6th grade is way to overwhelming for Anna Li.