Sunday, April 26, 2009

Off to School

It's been quite the busy week for us so far. After all the yard work was done we have been covering service appointments for the foster boys as they all come due at once. They both have aides at school and educational plans we have to update every 6 months. Then we the aide hours to be justified and although they have made tremendous strides in behaviors there is still educational concerns.

S is speaking in full sentences, when he came he screamed and spoke one understandable word at a time, not easy to figure out what was wrong when he was screaming. Now that he is TALKING we can figure out what he wants, needs, is upset about and get him under control sooo much easier. He is very funny too, he dances, he put on his brother's pants and when I told him he said " my bad" and laughed. He's such a sweetie.

H is having a rough week. A teacher is leaving, he really likes her and he doesn't do well with people he cares about leaving his life. He craves stability and has it here but he needs it in all parts of his life. Otherwise he is making great strides, learning to get along with other children has been amazing to see him progress, learning to read:) He's such a sensitive little guy.

The "girls" and I went to lunch with S at his school today. He was thrilled to show us his "best friend" another child's aide named Matt. He just adores Matt. He was being a goof and bowed down like I was a queen and kissed my hand when we went to leave. His aide is amazing with him, it's super there are people love these guys when they need it most. H's aide, as well, is a fantastic person whom he looks up to.

The girls weren't too thrilled with lunch (sorry girls, this is what you will be eating in the fall at SCHOOL) so they came home and ate noodles, of course. They had fun seeing S and meeting everyone.

We went for shots for Chloe, we had to have to get her enrolled in school. She didn't need too many but she knew what was coming and didn't want to get out of the van:( I told her 4, it was 2 so she was happy it was just 2.

I think she is doing well, she pushes issues in public, she has told me "NO" when I tell her something, I have a request in to her friend again ( hope poor Lily is not sick of us) to remind big girl we do not do this to mother. Lily is such a help and we Thank God for her. She is able to be a "long distance big sister" to Chloe and help her wade the waters of this new life. It's mainly Chloe pushing to see who is in charge, guess what, it's MOM:) She's such a teenager:)

Otherwise our week is halfway over and we have accomplished much. Bed time now, time to thank God for all these blessing:) Night night all.

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Chad and Kristy said...

Bethany and Anna Li have the same peace shirts! I can't wait to hear how school goes. If she is anything like Anna Li she will LOVE it!!