Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mom's Day Out

Not too often mom gets some time away from "the girls." "The girls" were driving mom nuts. All the "noodles" the "climbing up my back", the following mom everywhere- ahhhhh. I love 'em, boy, do I love 'em, but I needed to pee alone.

So as I am NOT the typical gal that goes for the day our to a spa and gets the royal treatment, nahhh... I took oldest son out to buy clothes for himself, a task he will NOT do without encouragement and we had lunch. I got Chloe some shorts, since it is finally getting warm here and I was able to buy 3 pairs without her along throwing everything in the cart as if there no limit to the bank rolls of said parents. Sorry chick, it's Ronald as your Baba, not DONALD Tr*mp.

I was able to leisurely shop (minus son's groaning which I am really good at ignoring:) We had lunch at a Chinese buffet, I told big bro he would be in BIG trouble if " the girls" got wind of that. Eating Chinese without them----oh no.

We've had a few issues of squabbles between the kids, a nasty game of Sco*by Doo I bought on trip out and a puzzle they fought over last night, Miss Chloe was not liking being told to share, went off in a huff, I stopped her from going to room and pouting, she stood in my room and refused to go apologize for about 10 minutes then Cam came up and I told them they had to be "good di di and good jie jie" so they apologized to each other and hugged. It's a learning process for Chloe to know how to be a part of a family. She spent MUCH less time pouting than last time she got upset and she was asking for noodles in about 5 minutes after the hug:) Oh and next trip out, mom buys SELF something not puzzle and game children will give mom grief over. Shame on them.

Next on the agenda, we were off to get the glasses adjusted, I really wish I had ordered her frames that had the molded frame instead of pads for at her nose, she hates them and was telling the woman trying to adjust them "cutta off"- yeah, cut them off. Pretty easy to get that. Not so easy to do! She readjusted them and she is complaining already they hurt behind her ears but they were totally out of whack from her messing with them, this does not help the matter of the soreness from misplacement on her face.

Then mom had a super conversation with Lily's mom, it's just incredible to have someone who has been there with blending an older child into the family, even to say " I know this is normal but it's driving me nuts" and have them understand. Thanks a mil Sally for your support. We love Chloe so much, it's very hard to hit bumps in the road and not question if we are doing enough to help her adjust.

Odd things Chloe does-

Pulls mom's toes till they pop, euhhh- I asked why not fingers and she looked at me like "what" then popped her knuckles herself as if to show me, come on MOM do that yourself. Okay then, you just get my toes:)

Ham slices in the noodles??

Hot sauce on every food imaginable and some not imaginable-yuck

Does not like to be too warm, the opposite of Kat, she is cold in 80 degrees, Chloe is trying to wear shorts in 40 degrees- brrr girl!

Can draw amazingly well, really gifted:) Not funny when girls draw mother- Kat starts out picture- mom is skinny with 2 lines above eyes "cause you old and have lines there" and sister takes it, adds a layer of fluffy, 3 more lines to forehead- mean, mean girls- no more noodle for them- ha!

Thank goodness some of Chloe's "halley potter" books have come, she was so excited she didn't understand why they took so long to come. I had asked her what "Halley Potter" called in China, well another "duh" look for me and "Halley Potter" from her. Okay then, I get it:) As you can see from the pictures, the "girls" must have own things to do or they will annoy anyone who dares to read aka ignore them:)

What we learned this week- everyone here has that same last name, you know the one Chloe said "no" to. Yeah!! Not so bad now:) She can sign it too- with help.

Chloe is official, we got her Certificate of Citizenship, after getting a letter saying she was over 14 and needed to have an appointment to be sworn in- mailed back her passport copy and a letter stating she was NOT yet 14 and could they send the certificate PLEASE- and it came in the mail :) YEAH!! She understands she is an American now.
She used to look at me and if I was looking at her she would say " what?" I would say "nothing" so now I get that "nuffin" right back at me, with a giggle when I look at her.

Mama and Baba who dated YEARS and YEARS ago had a special song that is now, sadly enough, used in MOP commercial that 5 children are now traipsing around house singing "Don't you want me baby, don't you want me OHHHH!" in voices to OUTDO one another, until mother hates song and never wishes to hear said song again. Imagine them in the store (they did this) and all 5 of them singing this as we grocery shop. I told them all they were wanted all right, probably by the police for breaking the noise ordinance:)


Chad and Kristy said...

Wow Vickie! You are doing a great job with teaching Chloe the roles of a family. If it makes you feel better, I got Anna Li the molded frames and we have the same complaints as you. I was thinking about next time getting the ones with the pads but sounds like we will be out of luck with them too! Oakley has sunglasses made for the Asian face.... now someone needs to invent everyday glasses for the Asian face:)

Hope all is well.


angelchica said...

God bless you for all that you are doing with all these kids! God bless you even more for being willing to bring home Chloe's brothers!

Btw, ham slices in noodles is normal. It's the type of food they eat in quick Chinese cafes. So they might put ham in noodles or a fried egg in noodles. It's not necessarily Chinese food but Chinese food with a western twist. This is done both in China and in some Chinese places in the United States (in quick Chinese food cafes). Hot sauce on everything is also normal. Lee Kum Kee chili garlic sauce is quite popular.