Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday? Not at my house

It's Good Friday yet the children here are not being GOOD. So far S woke us up with his high pitched voice yelling as he does when anyone dares to try to sleep in- the nerve of us. Can't seem to break him of this issue- sigh.

Then as they all grumped their way downstairs, Chloe didn't want to watch Dora and S did. So she stomped to her room. Then after she came back down, Kat had put a CD on in the kids' room and Chloe wanted to watch TV. So Chloe, big boss that she is, went over and shut CD off, which started Kat whining.

I tried a small experiment. I said to Kat " She is not the boss, mother is and I say you can listen to that if you want." I figured the only thing Chloe would get out of that was "mother". WELL...........a certain girl understood quite bit more than just mother 'cause when Kat turned it back on she did not go turn it off and yell " Kat STOP" like she usually does, she started STOMPING up the steps to her room. I called to her and said " Chloe stop that" and she did. Hummmmmmm.... me thinks she just acted like a teenager:)

I was actually GLAD she did that. It gives me the knowledge she is catching on very easily, it shows her where she belongs in the family- she is not the boss here and can not be, and it shows a maturing emotional level and that she did respect me.

The kids are all off school today and that's not always fun, they take some time getting used to each other being home all day and Kat and Chloe accepting that their turf has been overrun by boys:)

I've gotten more "mom's" from our Chloe girl and an unprompted kiss on the cheek even for letting her watch TV in bed after Kat's bed time. Chloe is learning love:) She was watching me post about Tristan and when she saw a tear fall she wiped my eyes before I could reach for a tissue. She's a true joy to me, I am so glad to be her mom. She doesn't quite understand how Tristan is "our baby" but he had another mom. She is seeing that blood isn't a requirement to LOVE here.

Kat has been quite the ornery girl, as Chloe is working so hard to learn English we have a big alphabet book with pictures in it. Chloe knows almost all the pictures for each letter. But when she brought it to me this week and asked what the alligator was, she said something after I told her like " goobidygoo" and Kat.
WELL, I come to figure out little Miss Kitty Kat thought it was funny to tease sister who doesn't-know-English-as-well-as-her, and tell her wrong things when asked what a picture was in English. I recognized this nonsense word from the darling daughter, Kat who likes to make up words like calling her blanket " Po-wee sha" and other silly things.

Big sis had figured out alligator had to start with some type of "A" sound and goobidgoo" was NOT sounding like any "A" word she had heard before. SMART GIRL:) MEAN little sis.

It's cute too, when Chloe comes to the flower in our book she says "ME" since she knows Chloe means "blooming" like a flower. Not so funny when she point to the lion and his mane and says "you" meaning my HAIR, funny Chloe, real, funny. Good thing she got a mom with a sense of humor, huh?
Notice the green sweater Kat has on, from her wonderful Po Po, handmade with tons of love that she gave Kat when we visited them in China. Kat LOVES her Po Po and Gong Gong (grandma and grandpa) sooooo much and this sweater is her favorite thing to wear...... we sure love our China family and miss them so much.
BTW, Chloe's all better now from her pouting, a simple "yes" to Ramen No*dles for a snack and she is back to her happy self. Gotta love Ramen No*dles:)

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