Thursday, April 2, 2009

Every day news

My brother Roy, who is my favorite (shh don't tell him that his head will swell) has informed me he checks the blog every day for news. Okay and I am superwoman who clicks her fingers and dinner is served, kids are bathed and in bed, homework is completed and English taught.

Oops, guess my name is NOT Samantha and hubby is not Darwood. Ha Ha. I can't possibly blog every day Bro. Just not that good. Glad to see my bro, even for the reason of a funeral. Saddened that like all families, we do not get together as much, nor do we have a family without a troublemaker. And NO it's not ME!

Pictures are self photos of Chloe and Kat in her jammies we got in GuangZhou, at the shop that benefits orphans. She looks like a proper little China girl, huh? Too cute how she loves to pose and felt her hair had to be in a ponytail for her to look right. Child has yet to figure out she's got a funky squared head that a ponytail does not flatter. Such is why momma doesn't put her hair that way:)
Don't worry though, she's perfect to us. Funky head, extra toenail and all. Couldn't love her more.

Anyway, we did the viewing thing last night, I took Chloe and Cam since she wanted to go and she actually had met Aunt Stella a few days before she passed. Someone in the family I obviously do NOT visit enough, thought Chloe was Kat. Years not going by THAT fast.

My older boys came in to stay so hubby could go along, it was a big help to have them here to do that. Hubby enjoyed the fact hat no one seemed to recognize me, now really, I have not changed that much, but he thinks it's the HAIR- yeah, back to that- which I'm still trying to forget and not HATE the hair.

I'm trying to explain Easter to Chloe, I don't think she is getting it at all. She understood the "Jesus" from our translation book. She does not understand the whole cross thing and how the Easter Bunny comes into it all. Can ya blame her? How did we even GET an Easter Bunny for our biggest celebration of Christian faith? I'm not really sure. But we do hide baskets and give candy, not to dishonor the holiday but to add to it, an element of fun for the kids.

I have finally convinced Chloe to let her hair down twice, I did a small trim on it when everyone else was getting their free mom haircuts, I had her sit and evened out her choppy hair some. She has such thick and gorgeous hair, wow. I am jealous. She is sooo pretty. Kat has thin hair, longer but very thin and not quite as black as Chloe's. Both just adorable in their own manner:)

Chloe made a HUGE leap of learning this week. One thing that orphanage children do NOT have- a say in anything. So whenever faced with a choice, she turns to mom and says "whatever mom wants". Food wise she has learned she may pick, but beyond that she would make NO choice about anything. So we picked up some sneakers for her and she picked 2 pairs, I said "no, just one" and she immediately wanted me to pick which one. I said "No. For YOU, not momma's" and pointed to her feet. So she HAD to pick. She went back after 2 times and picked the first pair she liked, a pink pair, she had originally got the blue so I was sooo happy to she her really put some thought into this. Small steps, but huge gains for her.

I'm off to get ready for the funeral. Saying goodbye, so hard but remembering the good, the wonderful memories out Great Aunt Stella gave us and we have now forever. Thank you Aunt Stella for those precious childhood memories. You made them great.

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