Saturday, April 4, 2009

Egg Hunting

Is there anything much more fun than an Easter egg hunt? Our foster agency holds one for the kids every year. 777 eggs for about 40 kids! No worries that anyone will miss out!

We got a ton of candy, won a basketball, PB eggs, bubbles, 2 kites, 3 lip glosses, a sand bucket, a bat and ball set, cotton candy. Also got gift bags for all the kids. I had to be the meanie mom and put back a huge portion of the candy, as to not have sick children and spare the recent dental work for the foster boys. They have some pretty extensive work and have certain candy they can not have.

Chloe figured out the deal quickly, grab eggs, place in basket. She was fast, but smart momma that I am, gave her and Cam the smaller baskets so they could only get so many. Really, no need to be hogging all the stuff:)

They did sack races and we ate, painted faces before the hunt and finished the day decorating Easter cookies. It was at a park the kids could also play at, so that made it a total blast for them.

They turned our Kat into a Bunny:)

It was really cold and windy, but sunny and warmer in the sun. We lost a few plates of food and 3 drinks to the wind. But it was worth it. The kiddos are tired and all tucked in for the night.

Chloe got her glasses this week, as the doctor warned, she is having trouble adjusting to them, she does not have a bridge to her nose so they annoy her. She keeps trying to pinch up her nose like she is trying to make a bridge and she points to my nose, I tell her " I know," she wants to borrow my bridge:) I'd give it to her if I could but then she'd have to have my hips too and we aren't gonna go there.

She is wearing the glasses longer each day, at first she tried to pull the " me sleep" and take them off as much as possible to pretend she was sleeping- ha ha girl, gotta give you credit for trying.
Chloe's English is getting better and better. She is talking much more. I am happy for her we are able to communicate better, it makes it less frustrating for us both.
She is more comfortable with the hugs, although she still needs to be prompted to hug Baba, she dislikes his whiskers, she motioned to him:) She is also learning "gentle." This has been a huge help with the rough play she was doing and she learning this well.
She finally called me "mom" HUGE GRIN HERE!!!! I have been oh, so patient (NOT) waiting for her to call me mom, unprompted. AND SHE DID!!! Usually she just comes to me and pulls me wherever she needs me, but she was in her room and called for me "MOM" then laughed. I could have hugged the pooh out of her but cool mom that I am I just said " yes Chloe?" and we both laughed together.
Kat and Cam just adore Chloe so I tell her she is example, she must be good Jie Jie so they behave. This helps to give her self confidence that she is teaching younger ones to do well, she was used to this at the orphanage so she is comfortable in this role.
It's not a picnic in the park, but we fully feel blessed by this child and her incredible story, we are not sugar coating anything but being totally honest so that others can see some of the issues we deal with and if they are led to adopt an older child to be as prepared as possible.
It's different, it's tough, but it's VERY much worth it- we don't have ANY regrets. We love her and are honored to be her parents:)


Lori said...

Another great post Vickie! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your honesty and transparency...I am learning lots and know that your experience is helping prepare us for when it's finally our turn to get our girl! :)

Thank you!!

Chad and Kristy said...

Anna Li has the same problem with her glasses. I have searched the net looking for some new found gadget to help keep her glasses up but I haven't found it yet:)

Happy Easter!!


Jean said...

So glad to hear everything is going well! It is amazing all the changes these sweet kids go through- what a different life they lead now! It is wonderful to give them the love that they so deserve!!
I love the sense of humor that you can have with an older child! You don't even need that much language! Happy to hear you are MOM now!!

There is a big difference between Chloe and our Sarah- our daughter would not only pick out her shoes, she would tell us which shoes we should get- with complete certainty! She has been telling me how to drive for the last 4 months!!
Sarah has thick hair, too and Anna's is thinner- just like Kat and Chloe!

Blessings to all of you!