Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter's over

Ahhh, the bunny is gone:) Rotten bunny hid baskets in some really tough spots, the microwave, behind coats. S did NOT take well to having to HUNT for his basket so he said "throw it away", and when I went to do just that he yelled "NO"! Funny kid.

Chloe did not know what to think of the hunting either, although she got into it when she realized what they were hunting for. She did need help to find hers.

Cam did really well with not getting the Leg* set he thought the bunny would bring. We really do not wish to encourage the commercial part of our Holiest holiday as Christians. So it's candy only and each got a color book.
Funny story about our dinner, Chloe took a look at the mashed potatoes, turned up her nose, I had her try one bite with gravy, she shook her head "no." I got our translation dictionary and pointed to "mashed potatoes" and she says -"oh, no ice- ahh ceeam", sorry doll, not ice cream potatoes:)

Today we are off to the park to wear out children who -

#1 are all off school
#2 have eaten their weight in candy,and need to burn some of it off
#3 are all off school
#4 are all off school
Picture of Kat I messed with my photo program and just loved how sweet she looks, don't let it fool you, she was a sugared wild child yesterday.
Picture of my super bro, Roy, and my sole living grandparent- my grandma. She is 94 and her sister is my aunt that recently passed away. My bro gave a fantastic tribute to Aunt Stella at her funeral, saying all of what we, her family were feeling. Good job bro. Love you tons.

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