Friday, April 17, 2009

Bunk Beds

I finally did it. I broke down and got a THIRD set of bunk beds. I knew this was coming, as Kat is NOT the easiest person to sleep with. But when she continued to aggravate Chloe every night, then Chloe poked her in the eye with her finger, I knew it was time.

The girls LOVE them, their own bed, they are sturdy, they do not wobble, so Kat can climb all over them and they can take it. It's worked out so much better and I do not care that we are probably the only family anywhere with 3 sets of bunk beds and other beds to boot. Oh well, everyone has a bed.

I was able to sell the double bed Kat and Chloe got so recently and not go " in the hole" for the cost of the bunk beds:) Made me feel better that the bed didn't last any longer than it did for them.

We went to the park this week, Cam exclaimed it was " the most fun ever" even though we had been there before but hey, I'm glad he has a ball. They slept well that night. Then we had 3 days of rain, making me really glad I had gotten them out while I could.

S was really funny when he placed himself in the corner after going back to school finally on Wed, a full day after the other kiddos. He was NOT happy to have a long break, he never is, it throws him way off and upsets his routine. He did NOT behave the first day back, which is typical of him,. but it was toooo funny when I went to read his teacher's note that he said " I want to go to corner", and off he went. He is talking a ton more lately, doing really great.

Chloe is continuing to learn new words and is learning to count money as well. She has some of the sweetest sayings and faces. She says something like " pish" and sticks up her snoot when she doesn't like something or smells funny to her. She is going through an entire BIG bottle of Louisiana Hot Sauce per month. WOW, she likes the spicy and hot temperature wise. She ate quite a bit of candy, but does the whole "pish" thing to my favorite all time Cabu*y Eggs, ohhh yummy. She's gained 10 pounds. But still in 10-12 girls clothes.

She also "pish-ed" the doctor when we had a check up and he was treating her like she was deaf and dumb, telling her he was 57 years old. He started holding up fingers and she said in a very annoyed tone " I know-ahh, I know-ahh!" Way to go Chloe, you are no dummy.

The kids just love how she says " sank you" as she has trouble with "r" sounds and "t's". It is awful cute. She read a book Donobin had from our trip to Kat, we brought it home for him since he liked those books at the time. She asked for more so I got on

You can get Chinese versions of many books. YEAH! I asked about buying books while in China but she just shook her head "no" every time. Bet she regrets that now, I love to read and she often takes my current book and says " no book" to me. It was hard to explain they would come by mail, not immediately delivered via computer, but she finally got it.
I'm off to collect my kids, I dumped- oops, I mean took them to our oldest child's place (next door 'cause you can't move far from mom) which I have avoided taking Chloe there so far, but she now knows where video game central is and may never come back. Ha Ha!
Poor Big brother just called for help, Cam and Chloe are fighting over taking turns, Chloe will not give up a turn and she scratched him- this is something we are working on with her, she scratches when mad. NOT acceptable behavior. So now she is upset she got in trouble and crying. Hard to have any of my babies cry but sometimes necessary to release frustration:(
Gonna go sob myself now..................... I made her cry...wahhhhhhhhhh............................


Lori Lynn said...

I am still loving your posts. Chloe sounds like she is really adapting quickly.

She and Kat definitely need their own beds.


Chad and Kristy said...

Chloe looks really good in her glasses:)

Speaking of sobbing babies I hear mine right now!

Hope all is well:)