Thursday, April 30, 2009

The BIG news

We have some amazing news to share!

I'll start at the beginning. God led us to a precious 13+ year old girl to become our daughter. We hang on through mounds of paperwork, being the first family to travel with our agency under the new Hague Rules. We wait an agonizing 10 months to meet our daughter. We were sure we were done with China:) But was China done with us??

Fast forward to Feb 2009 in China. I meet our girl. She is shy, she is sweet. We are signing paperwork for her adoption and I am handed a translated police report for her. I start to read and my head is spinning. "She was found with 2 other children" HUH???? I ask- "who are these other children?" This makes no sense to me, children are not routinely found in GROUPS.

As the confusion mounts the guide asks our daughter. The guide looks at me with disbelief. My heart sinks. "MY brothers" was her answer.
What do we do?? I personally was devastated. How, why, when, who did this? How did this fail to be in her report, why were we not told, when did everyone else come to know this, what do we do NOW?
I Skyped Baba in tears- what should we do? How do we tear these children apart? Honestly I was heartbroken for Chloe. I couldn't sleep, I was so upset.
What do we decide? WE WANT THE BROTHERS. It's the only "right" thing to do.

Here's what we have done. We immediately asked about the boys. The answers we were given-
They were all at the same orphanage for many years together, both boys are still there.
They are bio siblings.
Everyone at the orphanage knew these 3 as siblings but they were not reported as siblings.
One brother with her did have a file for adoption with an agency in the USA.
So from there we attempted to have younger brother given to us while I was still in China to adopt Chloe. This could NOT be accomplished so I came home. We did know where his file was. Our agency for Chloe has since refused to help with funding for him so we are staying with the agency that has his file, they are helping us to go back for brothers, reducing fees where they can, giving us grant information, helping with other brother's paperwork needs.

What do we need- SADLY $$$$$$ is our ONLY roadblock. We do not lack funds or love to raise them, just funds to go back yet again- and sooo soon! We look at our girl and see a package deal. She is a sibling. We can not forget the boys. We did not expect to be parents to 10+ children. But God showed us this girl, led us to adopt her, for a reason.

We do not ask for one cent more than what we HAVE TO HAVE to get our dossier off to China for the brothers.
I've added a chip in on the top right so PLEASE, please HELP us bring Chloe's brother home. We can not post pictures of him from his file BUT there is a picture with this post, of Chloe and "friends" at the orphanage before she left, one of her own pictures and her brothers are not BLOND. Hint Hint.
As for other brother, he is NOT forgotten or lost. We are asking about paperwork for him, we want to bring home BOTH of these boys. No child is lost, every one is God's and deserves a chance. We will do all we can for him. We call him "Chase" as an American name. Chloe wishes younger brother to have name with "Ch" like her, we chose "Chance"as his name.
Chloe has known since we were in China that we were going to do everything we can for "the brothers." I don't think she believed it at the time, but she does now and she is THRILLED she has not lost them. I did not know at the time but when we visited the orphanage the last child we saw was hanging out the doorway yelling " bye, bye, bye" as loud as he could- IT WAS HER YOUNGER BROTHER! And when asked to buy anything she wanted in the store in China she bought gifts for her brothers.
I do not know how these children came to accept that they were to be taken from each other, and as far as they knew for forever, yet Chloe came to us sweet, willing, and wanting to be a part of our family. I am in awe of them. We cannot sit back and say "We don't have the money." I can't let it be the only reason we are not able to bring these brothers home.
If you feel like we do, that we have to go back for the brothers, please consider helping us, lift us up in prayer, help if you can financially, spread the word, we need all the help we can get. We invite you to share our story. Every dollar counts, every prayer is needed! YOU can be a part of the sibs story and change 3 childrens lives FOREVER- imagine what this means to THEM!
We will give them a loving family, they will be wanted, cherished and cared for by all of us, just as we wanted Chloe, they will not lack for LOVE. We will embrace them as our sons.
Most of all we ask- what would YOU do? Could you look in your new daughter's eyes and tell her "no, we can't go back for your brothers you love?"
We can't, we have to go back. It's like we left a part of her there.

We thank you for your support, for the hope you have given to our family that we can- indeed- keep these children together as a part of our family.


M Morris said...

Oh my goodness, if I were able, I would empty my checking account for you! Bless you guys! We will be praying for you as you go forward, and hope that we can do something in the future!

Mary (oneblessedfamily on RQ)

Mission To Macie said...

Wow! Congrats!

Your family is awesome!

Mike and Barb said...

What an amazing story!! I have chills!
I'd love to help out - let me talk to my hubby first :-)) I'll be back!

Love for Lilly Yin said...

Your story is amazing! You will get the money. God knew you did not have the money when he picked you to be called to this adoption, and he will provide it.

We travel in 6 days to get our 5 years old daughter. We had a Christian concert at our church with a love offering and it did very well. Also the GOLD partys are working well now and you get 10-20 % of the earnings. I will be praying for your awesome family!

Deb & Dwayne said...

Do not let the $$ stop you! Go to your family, church, bank, sell candy bars, whatever it takes. Maybe many more random people like me will see your blog and give $10 also. Keep the FAITH!


Tony and Rett said...

Hope it's ok to put your link on our blog! You said to spread the word, so I am! (I'm praying too)

Bring little brother home!

rubythread said...

Wow! I have been checking on your family for a couple of years just to see how things are going but I have never commented until now.
Yes, what you are doing is so very RIGHT! I know how crazy something like this can seem but He loves these children and He wants to bring them home!
We are also waiting for our three precious babies from Haiti and I know how overwhelming and exciting it is. Of course, we only have two at home right now so I can't relate exactly :) I am praying for your family and we are donating as much as we can and my husband is linking your blog to his. God Bless!

Wanda said...

Oh my, how do we donate to you? I'll check back later for an answer or e-mail me.


ronvic7 said...

You can use the chip in at the right top of the blog, just click on the bar that says Chip In.

It takes you to paypal. If you have any issue or trouble with using paypal I can send you the address for our special bank account for the adoption. Just let me know.
and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris and Sarah said...

Wow, you story is a true miracle. Let me tell you first hand though that I know how God can provide. We also weren't planning on adopting our son, had no money but trusted God. God provided all but the travel expenses in 1 week of us saying yes. This may seem like a huge amount to you but it so little when you have God on your side.

I also posted on my blog for you.

Chad and Kristy said...

God is pouring His blessings on you! I am going to be loging on to your blog ALL day just to see how you are doing. I am so excited to Him moving mountains! I sent your blog to everyone I know:)

Lots of love and prayers to you!

Jean said...

Oh My Goodness- wow! You gotta get those boys! Thank you for sharing your story- it is incredible and deserves a "thank you Jesus" !

I will be following along!! Count me in to help!

Blessings to you!

Ruth Marie said...

WOW God is good I got to meet both Chloe and her brother while in China what a blessing you are

Lori said...

Why is it that I'm so surprised? But I am! The quick outpouring of generosity is amazing! But God had it all orchestrated long ago. Oh I have chills. He is so incredible...He never ceases to amaze me.

Thank you Jesus!

Yoli said...

I would be doing exactly as you are doing. I would be stunned and hysterical and doing all I can to unite these siblings. What an amazing little girl and how much in pain she must be. Don't worry, it will somehow happen for you. It will.

Livin' out loud said...

We do not have the funds to help-I hope it is ok if I have placed the widget on our blog though...He will see you through!

Debby said...

I donated a small amount, wish I could have give you guys more!
But I am thrilled to read your story and hope that Chance can come home soon

Edwin, Debby, Finn and Yuna(from Jiangsu) Sanders
From the Netherlands!

Amy in Arizona said...

I am so glad I came across your blog!! Unfortunately my husband has been laid off, but I can offer lots of prayers and pass your blog along!! Your family is beautiful and I can't wait to follow you back to China!!

Chrissy said...

This an amazing story. I will continue to follow along. We are waiting to bring our daughter home from Bishan, Chongqing. How awesome that God brought this precious little family to you.

Chrissy (CHI family)

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for sharing your family's amazing story! Have your looked into the services of GRANT ME A CHANCE yet? If not, here's their website:

I hope they are able to offer you some help.

MKBookWorks said...

Funny - my kids are Chloe & Chance!! What are the chances of that! Good Luck...

Kay Bratt said...

I spotlighted your story on my blog. I hope it brings more assistance, good luck in your journey.


Shelley said...

Vickie, I am addicted to your blog. I keep coming back to see what your chip-in is up to. I've got you linked on my blog, as well.
Still praying for you all.

Lori Smith said...

We have donated to others with adoption needs by giving directly to an agency and it has been a tax
deductable gift. I'm not sure how the agencies have made this possible since sometimes it works and other times the agencies won't allow it. Would your adoption agency allow a gift in your name that would be tax ductible? If so, give a name and phone number for us. Thank you.

Carmi said...

I would feel exactly the same way, God has led you to these children and I'll be praying for you. We just came home with our 13 year old boy in March. Our blog address is God bless!

bytheriver said...

Have you contacted Shoshannah's Hope?

ronvic7 said...

Yes, thank you, we have had a few people get with us about grants, Shoshanna's Hope was one place we contacted first, they said 4 months till we know:( Also looked to state for grant- none there, but PLEASE anyone who knows of grants we are willing to apply for any!!

Carrie said...

I will be praying for your family!

BabyMama said...

I put up a link to your blog from mine. I hope you get the funds quickly. Good luck!


Barry Rizk said...

I just put your chip and a link to your blog on ours, and will spread the word through Facebook as well. Good luck, I am sure you will be able to do it, and we will keep you in our prayers.

Given the same circumstances, if we found out our daughter (Shaanxi Province, home on 08-09-07) had brothers, we would be doing the same thing.


wingepr said...

OH my goodness, I am speechless. May God bless you and provide you every thing that you need to bring her brothers home.

Beth said...

Vickie and family,
I am a Tastefully Simple consultant. Our family is adopting and 10 year old boy from China. I felt led this year to offered adoption fundraisers to whomever wants to do one through my TS business. If you want to do one to raise money for your adoption, email me and I will get you the particulars.

God bless you.

Shelley said...

AHHH! What happened to the chip-in counter? I came online for my regular check and it is missing! I can't go a day without checking it! : )

Bangs said...

Amazing!! You are doing the right thing bringing the boys "home". I can't even imagine your anguish when first learning about them and then having to leave them behind. I have been reading your blog for a while now but really feel moved by these latest developments. I will definitely chip in.

Livin' out loud said...

Oh wow!! I have been away for a couple of days and I LOVE seeing that the needle has jumped SO much!! What a blessing!

Kim said...

I've added your chip in to my blog and I'll figure out how to stick it on my facebook too. Best of luck to you!

Shelley said...

WooHoo! You are past the halfway mark. I'm so excited for you!
You are still posted on my blog...I hope people are stopping by to read your story.

Louanne said...

What a story. I pray that everything will work out. God is faithful!

Christine said...

Oh my, what an incredible story! We can't help finacially right now because we are in a bind ourself for our adoption, but what we can do is spread the word...which we will. God bless you and your children!!