Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I decided to give the girls bangs after looking at old pics of Kat and liking her with bangs better and Chloe pulls her hair up every day so she might as well not have it long in the front. Chloe has a natural curl to her hair, she is pushing them over to the side but even so she looks adorable with bangs. I am not sure Chloe's are straight, they are shorter than I wanted to go but the girl can't sit still when nervous and mom with scissors= nervous Chloe :)

The girls have been doing lessons on writing simple words and learning to write their last name. Ours is not an easy one, a nice long Polish name. Chloe said "no" when I told her that was her new name. Well, yeah, it is. Sorry 'bout that.

Chloe is speaking so much more, her language has just taken off. She has the cutest way of saying " I dunno know" with the shrug of shoulders. We went to the bank yesterday and she says "go shopping" and I laughed and said "no, no shopping" but we did get Chinese take out for our lunch.

I have noticed Chloe is slowing down on the constant eating now, she is realizing food is here all the time, and when we get low we go buy more. She loves the spicy hot stuff, the hotter the better, wow, don't know how she stands it. She also puts hot sauce on everything still. She LOVES corn dogs just like Kat, although hers is eaten with hot sauce, not ranch dressing.

She is speaking about 100+words, starting to form some sentences. She is much more gentle than at first, she is very good with Kat, she will help her in and out of her car seat, get her dressed, do her hair. Chloe is also a talented artist, she can really draw well. She drew a picture from a color book of a girl holding a cat, she wrote Chloe for the girl, and Kat as the cat:) It was fantastic and not traced.

Chloe has also gotten many things about family life, TV shows must be appropriate for little ones or it can not be watched. We do not say " shut up" we prefer " be quiet." That she can ask super nicely and mom may let her watch TV in bed for the hour difference of her and Kat's bedtime:) She doesn't want to go downstairs to watch TV in the family room, so we compromise.

Kat and Chloe are quite the goofballs, they enjoy many giggles during their time alone during the day and into the evening with the rest of the crew. Ornery girls, is what they are. Beware, she has a lovely pretend vomit, she has never really vomited. It's her teen opinion of anything she doesn't like. Drama queen #2 in the making? I'd say so.
Check out the video clip and see the fun these girls bring us:) Thye were like wild children tonight, too much candy in them and Easter isn't even here yet!


Lori Lynn said...

I look forward to each post as you share with us a little bit more about Chloe and how she changes a little every day. It is so sweet.

I loved the video....blaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.


Donna said...

Sounds like the girls are getting closer and closer. Wonderful!

I'm going to have to search through some old emails and remind myself of what your last name is. How funny that Chloe said "no" when you first told her. Ha! Too late now! ;)

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