Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who has jet lag?

I thought I was the one who traveled with these girls but look who is sleeping in the chair? Ha ha, it's tough having us home.

We ventured out to Walm*rt and Chinese buffet today, I wanted Chloe to EAT, but this was not so good of an idea. Should have done take out. We walked in to the 2 choices we have in tiny town, and she walked back out. Ouch. Being able to say " you okay?" and not much more to her wasn't cutting it. I felt terrible.

She finally agreed to go back in, I wasn't going to make her, I offered to take her to the store next door instead, but she said "no" by nodding, and we went back in. I asked the waitress to talk to her and see if she was okay and all she would say was she had a headache from the car- a 4 minute ride, I didn't believe it, I KNOW her enough by now to see she was upset and nervous. She ate a little, then we went to the store where she did MUCH better.

I got yogurt, she likes that, sunflower seeds, she loves those, beef jerky, little sausages, bananas. All things I know she will eat. We'll have to work on that cute little Chinese squat, she does it everywhere, but especially in stores, looking at everything, and no one is expecting her to be at that level, she's gonna get run over. Too cute for that to happen.

She has been asleep now for the rest of the evening. Made an eye appointment for tomorrow, she needs glasses badly, so I didn't want to wait. Hope it goes okay, I hate to overwhelm her but her eyesight is very poor. It may help us to use our translation dictionary if she can read it!

Trip update, Nintendo DS gone, camera fried, 2 memory cards for camera FRIED- AHHHH- but pics on Kelly's computer saved, which is most all of what I took there till camera fried.

Gonna use translation site to write her a note, telling her I am so proud of her that she is so brave, and I know this is hard for her. Give her a little loving, make up for the error of eating out :( Hope she understands I am learning as well and we love her so much, it's hard when we goof up. We are hanging in there together though:) That's what being a family is all about.
We also Skyped today with her friend and former room mate of 5 years, already adopted to here, I think it made her feel good to see her friend happy and obviously loved by her terrific family. They have graciously offered to be available for Chloe whenever she needs to talk, hopefully I can get her over the fear she seems to have of the video calls.


Lori Lynn said...

I am sure this must be the hardest part now for everyone, adjusting to family life together. Your patience with Chloe is commendable. She will find a new "comfort zone" eventually.

Congratulations again!

Lori W

Holly said...

Poor thing. It must be so hard for her right now. (And hard for you!) But you are doing a great job! I know it won't be long til she feels right at home.

Thanks for sharing your story. Many of us are very interested in knowing how older child adoptions go. I would love to do that someday, and you give us courage!

Tamara said...

Sorry she is having a hard time adjusting. As happy as she is to have a family-she is also missing what was.
You are an amazingly patient lady and you will help her through this adjustment.
I would love to adopt an older child- and reading your story really makes me wish my husband would be on board (he will never go for it)